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2018 Winter Olympic

The 2018 Winter Olympic Games are well underway, and so far it has been fun, fast and exciting. Exceeding everyone’s expectations, South Korea have really placed themselves in the top league of host countries. Hosted in Pyeongchang, South Korea, it is the first time that the Winter Olympics have been […]

10 popular Android mobile apps in South Africa to download in 2018

Technology is changing fast in South Africa and now more than two thirds of people in five of Africa’s major mobile phone markets, namely South Africa, Nigeria, Kenya, Ghana and Uganda, own a mobile phone with internet to play slots and browse other utility apps. With a mobile phone growth […]

Host Your Own Poker Nights

Living in South Africa, we are very lucky to have the option to braai just about any night of the week. It is a favourite pastime of ours, as well as being one of the best ways to kick back and relax with some friends and a cold beer. However, […]

FIFA World Cup 2018 – Get Started Now!

Yep, it is that time again – get your vuvuzelas and soccer shirts ready, the 2018 FIFA World Cup is almost here! This year, the 21st FIFA World Cup will be hosted in European Russia. Held between 14 June to 15 July, it is setting up to be a cracker […]

All The Casino Lingo You Need

Get to Know Casino Lingo  Sometimes a trip to the casino can help you forget all your worries and woes. You can sit back, enjoy the familiar feeling of the slot machine lever, or take your chances with the dealer. While you may consider yourself quite the gambler, how well […]

How To Win Big Online – 2018

Online gambling is quickly growing in South Africa. Players have more access to their favourite games now that they can play on their mobile phones, tablets or computers. Because of this, they are able to play more often and therefore increase their chances of winning big! While gambling is a […]

Homio the new app launched to help South Africans in case of household emergencies

Home emergency can be of various kinds. You can face a burglary, burst geyser, flooding, leakage in water taps, electricity problem or even a snake on your bed. To deal with all these fearsome unknown disasters the Europ Assistance South Africa commonly known as EASA has launched its Homio App. […]

Online Casino Games on your Smartwatch

Win Real Money with your Smartwatch If you are part of the population that already owns a smartwatch, we have some great news for you. If you don’t, perhaps reading a little further will convince you to join the crowd. Did you know that you can now play your online casino […]

2018 – Your Year to Win Big Online

Welcome 2018 – and hopefully some lucky winning streaks along with it! The new year is already well underway. Whatever you are looking forward to this year, you can be sure that online casinos are really upping their game. Bigger bonuses, new games and even better game play are highlighting […]

The Best 10 places to spend New Year’s Eve in South Africa

2017 is now coming to an end bringing new 2018 soon with  bright hopes and aspirations of each one of us. Many of you might be looking forward to spend the new year eve with parties, festivals, feast and all the fun. Here are the 12 best places across south […]

Top 3 Online Casino Sites to Play and Win Real Money In South Africa

Win Real Money Online Christmas is just around the corner and there is some real magic in the air. If you are lucky, your year end leave will be starting soon and you are looking forward to sitting back at home, or on vacation somewhere, and just enjoying your time […]

Pink Apple Casino – The Perfect Getaway

With the Christmas season upon us, we have to start planning our travels. Many people love to go away for a few days to relax and prepare for the year ahead. If you haven’t booked your holiday away yet, why not consider traveling out of South Africa and visiting the […]

Best Solitaire Card Games for Mobile

Solitaire is game that grew in popularity when it was introduced as a game on computers. It was often used as a way to pass some time while sitting at a desk. Now, the game has grown even more with its introduction onto new platforms such as Android and iOS. […]

Casino Games on Kindle Fire HD

We are all familiar with Android and Apple devices. We know we can use these devices, mobile phones and tablets, to access and play our favourite casino games. But what if we wanted to use devices outside of these brands? Many people often forget that there is another big tablet […]

Hey Jude: Your personal assistant that will answer all your questions within seconds

Hey Jude, is a real human assistant that lives on your smartphone and assists you in almost every task you do in your day to day life. This South African startup Hey Jude connects users with tasks that need completing with real people – the Judes – to undertake them. […]

Mobile Casino Games for Blackberry

Blackberry went through an intensively popular stage a few years back, and while its popularity has since declined, there are many people still very loyal to this brand. When talking about mobile games and casinos, Blackberry sometimes gets hidden away among talk of Android and iPhones. This post is dedicated […]

Winner Casino – Play Online

If you are looking for a high-end, real money online casino – look no further. Winner casino is an amazing online platform for players to enjoy real money casino games, all from the comfort of sitting behind a laptop or using their phone. From the get go, you can enjoy […]

South African Blackjack Rules

Blackjack is a game that has been around for centuries. Whether enjoyed at a casino or on online casino sites, it is one of the most popular cards games in the world. Its popularity is probably due to its simple gameplay and easy to follow rules. Any first time player […]

Best Casino Games for iPhone 2017

As the end of the year approaches, we thought it would be worthwhile to look back and give recognition to the best casino games for iPhones in 2017. There have been some great new additions to the scene, and some outstanding upgrades to already popular sites. Players now have 24/7 […]

The best five Nigerian games to enjoy on your mobile phone

Last year the Nigerian gaming industry witnessed a great growth. Due to the growing penetration of smart phones across Nigeria and mobile broadband access that is cheaper and faster than it has been a few years earlier, developers have the opportunity to spread mobile games easily. The population of Nigeria is young, […]

How Do Slot Machines Work?

The most popular game at the casino is undeniably the slot machines. They never seem to get old and are the chosen casino game among new comers and old timers. There is nothing quite like sitting back and paying the slots with a drink in hand and the feeling of […]

Find Your Nearest Casino

Online casinos continue to grow in popularity. Their easy access and ease of use appeal to many, but sometimes nothing can replace the feel of being in a real casino. Walking through the casino doors hold all the excitement and anticipation that only a land based casino can offer. Drink […]

Smart TV – an online casino upgrade

The rise of online gambling is undeniable. Not only are there countless online casinos to choose from, but the devices that you can play these games on are increasing. Online casinos recently took the bold step to make their games accessible on smartphones or as mobile app downloads. This allowed […]

Online Casinos – Paying By Mobile

Many online casinos now offer the option of paying into your mobile casino account using methods on your mobile phone. This can either be done by accessing the online casino using your smartphone browser or downloading the mobile casino app if they have one. There are various methods to choose […]

Best 8 South African apps you should have at all times

If you are tech savvy guy or gal and wish to know about the best South African apps then you have come to the right place. Whether you are a native of South Africa or you’re a traveller to the place these apps will help you at all times. So […]

Mobile Roulette Games

Roulette is one of the favourite table games played at the casino. It is considered a good-odds games, making it so popular. However, now you don’t have to go into the casino to enjoy playing roulette. There are plenty of online casinos that offer the option of playing roulette on […]

Online Gambling in South Africa – What you need to know

If you are new to the world of gambling – either on land or online, there may be a few questions you need answered first. If you have been participating in gambling for a while, there still might be some information you do not have. There are certain questions that […]

Best Sports Betting Apps – South Africa 2017

Betting on horse racing and sports is an age old practice and is the favourite hobby of many people. After an event like the McGregor vs Mayweather fight this weekend and the hype surrounding it, we thought we would shed some light on the best betting apps available in South […]

South African Casinos – The Best Casinos On Offer

South Africans are lucky to live in one of the top gambling countries in the world. With around 40 casinos spread across the country, you can be sure that there is always one close by. Because of the rich diversity we have in our country, our casinos are uniquely South […]

Kosmos Mobile- The wonderful new smartphone brand from Nigeria

The brand smartphones from Apple, Samsung or Blackberry are charming and you speak a lot of them. But how about a smartphone designed by your own local countryman, well that is to be called superb..doing things out of the box or at least applaud. A young Nigerian entrepreneur named Chris […]

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