Playing free casino slot games on your cell phone is fun and convenient. It is very handy to play your favourite slots, table games, scratch cards and other games with ease anytime and anywhere when you wish to play.

Most of the free casino slot games offered by mobile casinos are in the form of apps that you can download to play free or just tap on the game icon at the online/mobile casino and play instantly with your smartphone.

You can enjoy free casino slot games like Thunderstruck, Gold Rally, Spring Break, The Dark Knight, Tomb Raider, Immortal Romance and many others.  To play these slot games you should also know how they work so that it becomes a lot easier for you to play and win.

Progressive Jackpot Slots

Best Progressive Jackpot Slots To Play In South Africa

Progressive Jackpot slots can be played at both online and real land casinos of South Africa. Playing progressive jackpot slots and winning a huge sum of money is what punters look forward to. These slots differ from regular slot machines and they are called progressive and carry a Jackpot Prize In these slot machines the ... Read more

Instant EFT Casinos in South Africa

Instant EFT Casinos in South Africa

Instant EFT casinos in South Africa are fantastic online sites where you can make deposit with EFT payments within seconds of time.

Blackjack in South Africa

Blackjack In South Africa – Online & Offline

Blackjack in South Africa is available to play at Real Casinos, Online Casinos and with Games apps. You can find so many game variations to play to beat the dealer in this game of 21.

Instant Scratchies to play online

Best Instant Scratch Cards To Play Online

The diversity in instant scratchies themes, graphics, and potential prize amounts provides players with a wide range of options, catering to different preferences. Whether played for fun in demo mode or for real money, online scratch cards deliver instant gratification, making them a convenient and entertaining choice for those seeking a break from traditional casino games.

When to play high stakes tables

When To Play High Stakes Tables

Play high stakes tables at online casinos is one of the most challenging things a player feels about. High stakes tables means you play those table games or slots that offer huge bets. That’s why players have this question in mind as when to play high stakes tables at online casinos before taking the money ... Read more

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Happy Spring Winnings- Win This Season Exciting Adventures

Spring is here, and what a beautiful, promising time of the year it is! There is so much “newness” that comes with spring. Flowers are blooming, baby animals are everywhere and you are in a good mood. Along with spring comes something we could all use more of – a little bit of extra luck! ... Read more

Desert Nights Casino South Africa

Desert Nights Casino South Africa

Desert Nights Casino offers a unique gaming experience with a wide selection of slots and table games. Catering to South African players, it combines generous bonuses, secure banking options, and mobile compatibility. This year, Desert Nights Casino continues to be a top choice for engaging and secure online play.

Midmar Dam

South Africa’s Best 7 Dams

There is something so special about a day spent outdoors in the African sun. No matter the time of year, you can catch some beautiful weather and bask in the glory of the scenery we get to call home. Here are South Africa’s Best Dams. Read also – Most Beautiful Natural Destinations In South Africa ... Read more

Stardust brief

Unleash Your Luck with Stardust Slots: A Stellar Gaming Experience

Stardust slots is the product of Microgaming Company that invites you on an intergalactic mission where you have to find and win the most amazing and big wins across five reels. This Stardust slots takes you to the world of outer space filled with burning stars and many exciting free spins. It is a game of a ... Read more

The Best 10 Places to Spend New Year’s Eve in South Africa

Best 10 Places to Spend New Year’s Eve in South Africa

With every new year the last year comes to an end and the new year starts with bright hopes and aspirations for each one of us. Many of you might be looking forward to spending new year’s eve with parties, festivals, feasts and all the fun. Let’s find out the Places to Spend New Years ... Read more

Slots Mobile Presents Virtual Reality Casinos To Party At Home

Virtual Reality Casinos in South Africa

Have you ever thought at some point in your life you would be able to go to the casino that too without visiting the casino? Here is the concept of Virtual Reality Casinos! Yes, it is possible. “Visiting without going” is a thing you can do now it is all because of Virtual Reality. To ... Read more

Games at Real Casinos In South Africa

Your Guide to Play Games at Real Casinos In South Africa

Real casinos in South Africa offer a diverse and exciting gaming experience for both locals and international visitors.

featuer image

An Overview of Pragmatic Play Live Casino Offerings in South Africa

Pragmatic Play, one of the leading providers of online casino games in the world, has established a strong presence in the South African market with its diverse portfolio of high-quality games. Among its offerings, Pragmatic Play’s live casino games have become increasingly popular with players in South Africa. Introduction This innovative and immersive gaming experience ... Read more

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How People Pick Lotto Numbers

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What Is Esports

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SA Soccer

6 South African Soccer Stadiums – World-Class Venues

There is no denying it – South Africans love soccer. It is an obsession that has taken root in the country for a very long time, and the fandom is only growing. We live it, breathe it and consider ourselves experts. It is no wonder then that we have some of the most incredible stadiums ... Read more

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What Is SkillOnNet Casino Gaming Software

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Top 8 Tourist Destinations to Visit in Durban

Durban is a vibrant city on the east coast of South Africa, known for its beautiful beaches, warm weather, and diverse cultural heritage. The city has a range of tourist attractions that are sure to appeal to visitors of all interests, from nature lovers to history buffs to sports fans. Here, we will explore the ... Read more

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6 Top Places to Visit in Cape Town

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High Roller Benefits at Casinos

High Roller Benefits at Casinos

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Things to do at Sun City

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Before spinning these casino-free slot games you should understand whether it is a classic slot having three reels or a video slot with five reels.  Most of the video slots have up to forty pay lines and have more bonuses offered in these games.

In progressive slot games, as in video-free casino slot games, there are features such as wild symbols, scatter symbols, free spins and multipliers that add to rewards. Also, there is excitement about the big progressive jackpots that are offered in many video slot games.

What you must know about Slots and Video Slots

Pay Lines in slot games

Pay lines are lines on which the right combination of icons has to appear for a player to win rewards. A pay line can be defined as the line that runs through the reels, intersecting with a symbol on each reel. Different games have different numbers of pay lines – when a particular slot game is described, one of the first things mentioned is how many pay lines it has. Pay lines can vary in number from one onwards – most have less than ten, some less than fifty, and a few less than a hundred.

Early slot machines all had horizontal pay lines but modern slot games can have pay lines that are zig-zag or diagonal as well as horizontal. Some free casino slot games even have combinations of different types of pay lines, such as those with three horizontal pay lines and two diagonal ones.

The number of pay lines in a particular slot machine game is related to the number of coins that are accepted.

Scatter Symbols

Free casino slot games feature various symbols, and the scatter symbol is one of the most important of these. These symbols are found only in video-free casino slot games. Scatter symbols can add considerably to a player’s winnings since they can be rewarding in many ways. Generally, scatter symbols carry rewards when they appear on the reels, and the more scatter symbols there are on the reels, the greater the rewards.

A scatter symbol can also act as a multiplier. In addition, scatter symbols often activate a bonus round in the game. This could be a free spin round, where players can spin the reels without spending any of their own money, or a special bonus game with big reward opportunities.

When more scatter symbols appear while a player is spinning for free, more free spins can be triggered. The scatter symbol is usually the only symbol in a video slot game that cannot be replaced by a wild symbol to form winning combinations.

Coin Size

The coins used to bet in free casino slot games are an important aspect of gameplay. They are the currency used to place wagers, and they are used as a point of reference when slots players refer to how much a bet costs in a particular slot game. The term coin size is used to refer to the denomination of the coin on which the player is betting. The coin size is talked about a particular pay line – thus, you will hear players say that a slot game has a coin size of 1 cent or 1 dollar.

The coin size is the amount a player bets on a spin and is an indication of how many coins may be wagered on a spin. Game descriptions usually mention the minimum and maximum coin sizes accepted in that game. The minimum coin size is usually one cent.

Wild Symbols

Wild symbols are another type of symbol found in free casino slot games that can be very rewarding for a player. These symbols are featured in reel slots and video slots games. The basic function of a wild symbol in slot games is to stand in for other symbols (except the scatter symbol) to complete successful combinations. A wild symbol often also has a multiplier function in slot games. So, when a wild multiplier symbol completes a winning set of symbols, the rewards from that spin are multiplied by the value of the multipliers.

Wild multipliers often double, triple and quadruple the rewards that a player gets on a single spin, and in some games, the multiplier can be as high as twenty-five times. So a wild symbol is an excellent symbol to see on your slot games screen. Also, note that wild symbols sometimes trigger bonus game features.


A multiplier is a feature found on free casino slot games where rewards earned by a player are multiplied by a specific value, resulting in enhanced winnings. Like, if a particular set of symbols results in a 50-coin reward, a 2 times multiplier will make the reward 100 coins. Multipliers may be applied to the amount of money earned, or to the number of free spins earned. So your winnings could be doubled or quadrupled by a multiplier, and you could earn several times the number of free spins you originally won, giving you more and more opportunities to win.

Multipliers are often part of a bonus round other than a free spin round and add considerably to winnings made there. Multipliers have different values, starting from multipliers that increase winnings by 2 times, 3 times or 5 times and even up to 25 times.

Free Games

Many modern free casino slot games offer free games or also bonus games. These are special games that are “unlocked” during gameplay by various combinations that you hit on the reels. Like the slot game of Wheel of  Fortune and some games have simpler bonus games, like where you select one of five treasure chests on the screen, each of which has a dollar amount behind it.

Bonus games or free games add more excitement to slot gameplay.

Some bonus features include a skill element, while others are entirely random. Of course, triggering the bonus game is all about luck and has no skill element.


Jackpots are offered mainly in progressive slot games where a tiny percentage of each wager “fuels” the top jackpot. These games offer tougher odds than a fixed jackpot machine, but the jackpots are tremendous. The Mega Jackpot is one of the most famous progressive jackpot games, and it starts at $10 million and grows from there.

Some of these progressive jackpots are networked across multiple machines within a single casino, while others are networked via multiple casinos.

Wide area jackpot games are casino network jackpots in which several casinos participate and send money into the jackpot pool.  Some of the largest jackpots in a wide area gaming network are the Microgaming Jackpots.

Stand-alone jackpot slot machines are jackpots that are slot machine specific.  This type of jackpot is oftentimes divided into three jackpot sizes mini, medium and large depending on the software company that developed the game.  These are the jackpots that you can win the most often and typically stay very low because of that fact.

Microgaming offers many mobile progressive slot games like The Dark Knight which offers four progressive jackpots within the game.  Jackpots are triggered with a bonus wheel. Then there is Mega Moolah with many progressive variations and also table games like Roulette Royale, Poker Ride and Caribbean Draw Poker.

Here you will find such wonderful free casino slot games to enjoy with your mobile or at mobile casinos and if you choose to play with real money then grab the bonuses offered with these games.