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How To Win The Lotto

How To Win The Lotto

With the next Lotto Jackpot sitting at an estimated R22,000,000, we thought it may be a good time to investigate if there are any sure-fire ways to enhance your chances of winning.

While the Lotto is a random draw, some people believe that through studying its patterns and tracking the results, you can better your chances at winning the Jackpot, or at least a portion of it.

Most of us aren’t willing to spend the time figuring out probabilities and patterns and we understand that not everyone is mathematically minded, so we have found the best tips and tricks to try and increase your chances of choosing the right numbers on your next Lotto ticket.

1) Spread the numbers

Spread the numbers

More often than not, the winning numbers are spread across the entire number range. Very rarely (approximately 3% of the time) are the numbers either all in the lower range or all in the higher range. Experts advise that the best ratios to follow when picking your numbers are the below:

2/4 – two high and four low numbers

4/2 – four low and two high numbers

3/3 – three low and three high numbers

Spreading your numbers across the field will give you more of a chance of having some of the winning numbers.

2) Odds and Evens

Odds and Evens

Once again there is only a 3% chance of either all even numbers or all odd numbers being drawn. Splitting your picks between odds and evens gives you a better chance of choosing the numbers that may be drawn. The same ratios of 2/4, 4/2 and 3/3 can also be applied here. Stats show that there is an 81% chance of one of these 3 patterns occurring.

3) Sum up your numbers

Sum Up Your Numbers

70% of all Lotto Jackpots won have had a sum of 115-185, this is the total of all 6 numbers picked. Adding up all your picks and checking they fall within this range will ensure that the numbers you have picked are not too concentrated in the higher or lower range.

4) Avoid Quick-Picks

Avoid Quick-Picks

Rather take the time and use the above methods to choose your own Lotto numbers. The random generation of numbers from the Quick Pick may cut out the above criteria and leave you with dismal chances of winning the weeks Jackpot.

5) Consistency and Budget

If you are a serious about bettering your Lotto odds, make sure to play consistently. Not only will this increase your chances of eventually having a winning ticket, but you will also become familiar with recurring winning numbers and numbers that aren’t chosen often. This can help in choosing your numbers for the next week. Remember to stick to your budget – although buying more tickets increases your chances of winning, you could buy 200 tickets and still not have any luck. Be sure to be spending only what you can afford to lose, and not dipping into rent or grocery money.

Whether you prefer Lotto, Lotto PLUS, PowerBall, PowerBall Plus or even SPORTSTAKE, it is worthwhile to take a look at any tips and tricks that may help enhance your winning chances in any way – if you don’t try you’ll never win.

Here are the latest Lotto results (27 May 2017)

Good luck!