iPhone Casinos

Many online casinos have now made themselves accessible on iPhone devices, to match the increase of users of these phones. If you are a loyal Apple fan, or have just stepped into the world of iPhones, make sure you have all the information you need before taking the step of signing up to an online casino. So, we have provided you with all you need to know about iPhone casinos, and our top recommended games to play on your iPhone.

Things to consider before signing up to an online casino

  • Secure play – Make sure that the online casino you choose, or the casino app that you download is as safe and secure as possible. You can either check up on the safety features on the site itself, or do an internet search to find any issues other users may have had.
  • Game variety and quality game play – Choose an online casino that offers a wide variety of games for you to play. The more games, the longer you will enjoy the site. Make sure as well that the site or app you choose has good graphics and easy game play, otherwise you will spend your time being frustrated and not enjoying your gaming experience at all.
  • Easy payment options – It is really important to ensure that the online casino you choose has a few withdrawal or deposit methods that suit you. Having these options compatible with your iPhone is also a great consideration.
  • Customer support – If anything goes wrong, or if you need help at any point you don’t want to have to beg and plead with a lousy customer support. You can always check reviews and recommendations online to see if other players have had issues with a certain sites customer support.

Why iPhone casinos are increasing in popularity

Apple users tend to be very loyal, and Apple keeps them loyal by forever improving their technology and devices. This ensures that their users are always kept happy with the latest software and optimal game play. iPhones also boast great graphics, this means that the casino games are always being played on the best quality when using an iPhone. To top it off, your iPhone goes everywhere with you. Having this follow you around means that you will always have access to your memberships for online casinos and should never miss any updates or bonuses – something you can’t do with a PC!

What you need for iPhone casinos

In order to enjoy the best gaming experience on your iPhone, you will need to ensure your software is up to date and you are using the correct programs to play these games.

  1. Use the safari browser on your iPhone to access the casino games
  2. Have a good internet connection, whether it be data or home WiFi
  3. If you are downloading casino games, make sure that you have enough space on your phone and that your iPhone has all the software needed for the best game play.

Some iPhone Casino FAQ’s

Before you get started on your iPhone casino, you will probably have a few questions that need answering. Here are some of the most common and useful FAQ’s to help you on your iPhone casino journey.

Will I get a welcome bonus on my iPhone?

Yes you should. Most of the casinos available to iPhones offer great sign-up bonuses, and these are sometimes exclusively available for mobile phone users. Get familiar with your choice of casinos sign-up bonuses to make sure you make the most of them.

How can I play online casino games on my iPhone?

Once yo have made sure that you have the correct software and a good internet connection, you can access online casinos off your iPhone. If you prefer, you can even download mobile casino game apps straight to your phone, to have ready to play at any time.

Can I play the same games on my Mac, iPad and iPhone?

Yes. Most of the online casinos that available on your iPhone will be available to play on your iPad and Mac. Just make sure to be logged into the same account so that you play on your membership each time, and hopefully reap some loyalty rewards.

Are my payments safe and secure?

If you use a legitimate online casino that offers reputable withdrawal and deposit options, you shouldn’t have a problem. Just make sure to always be wary and don’t ever click or agree to anything you are unsure of – rather do a bit of research or contact support to make sure it is legit.

Are there lots of games available to play on iPhone?

Definitely. Most online casinos offer their services to iPhone devices, so you should never battle to find games to play.

To find out more about the legality of online casinos in South Africa, click here.

Best iPhone Casinos

Now you need to decide which online casino is best for you – or try your luck with them all. Use all the above information to make sure you choose a casino that is safe and suited for you.

We have listed our top picks for iPhone casinos here:

1. Rich Casino

Rich casino

25 Spins at Rich Casino South Africa

Rich Casino is a diverse casino platform that is accessible off of mobile phones. Licensed and regulated through Curacao eGaming, you as a player know that you are playing safely and legally. Not only does the site contain many different casino games, but often hosts tournaments as well. You do not have to download any application, but can simply log on to the web page. You are sure to enjoy quality, real-time gaming experience with this site, which is why it has become so popular among players since its creation in 2009.

New member bonuses and long-time player rewards

The site also offers great sign-up bonuses to new members, and rewards long-time players. You will also receive 25 free spins when you open your account.

Here is how they break down the welcome bonus rewards:

  • On your 1st deposit you get 200% no limit match bonus
  • Then on 2nd deposit you get 100% no limit match bonus
  • On your 3rd deposit you get 100% no limit match bonus
  • On making a 4th deposit you get 100% no limit match bonus
  • Finally on 5th deposit you get 175% no limit match bonus

2. Bet365

Click to visit Bet365

Although primarily a sports betting site, Bet365 is now one of the leading online casinos in the world. Its ease of use, great games and worthwhile membership rewards make this a favourite among online players.

Three playing options

Players have three options on how to use Bet365, and any of the 250 games they offer:

  • Online – direct play
  • Download – install software on device to play the games
  • Mobile – you can play these games on your iPhone

Players can switch between playing at home on a computer or keeping up to date while out and about on their mobile phone.

With a welcome bonus of 100% of your first deposit, players can expect great returns and rewards for sticking. Furthermore, there are exclusive bonuses available to users who access and play on the site using a mobile phone.


Choose iPhone casinos today

Using your iPhone for online casinos is a great choice. You have ease of access wherever you are and can enjoy great graphics. Follow the trend and choose your favourite online casino today. It is safe and secure and these sites offer quality gameplay that is difficult to find.