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Can Buying Multiple Lottery Tickets Increase your Chance of Winning? Tips to Improve your Odds of Winning?

Most of us would have tried out our lucks buying lottery tickets at some point in time in our lives! This is just most favored for those who like to fantasize. Could you win too sometimes? What would you do if you won? How will it change your life? We all know the chances of ... Read more

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The Best Online Slots This Easter

It is time to start gearing up for Easter, and what better way to spend some spare time than by dabbling with some online slots? As there are so many different online casinos to choose from, not to mention the thousands of different games, we thought we would make life a little bit easier and ... Read more

7 Skills you can Improve with Gambling

7 Skills you can Improve with Gambling

Gambling may have negative impacts, but it may also add new avenues to your overall personality traits. It also often adds invisible benefits to a person, including improving numerous brain activities. Here are seven attributes in you that gambling can sharpen. 1. Increases Concentration As per a study, frequent gambling helps you improve your levels ... Read more

best xbox one games

The Best Xbox One Games

Best Xbox one games are popular among gamers. From its beginnings in 2013, Xbox One has come a long way. The platform and popularity have only grown, as so has the range of games to play. For many of us, Xbox is a way to escape reality for a little while. To live in a ... Read more

5 Startling Facts about Craps

5 Startling Facts about Craps

Craps is one of the world’s most popular dice gameplay that is available at every land/based casino and online. This is a game of pure chance and is loved by everyone all over the world. Let’s find out some interesting and amazing facts about the game of crap! Facts about Craps Game 1. It has ... Read more

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Top 9 Free Online Slots by Themes

Free online slots by themes mean more variety and fun. You must have played free online slots at some point in time in your life have you been a slots lover? It is the best way to get to know about the games and their features without having to deposit any real money. If you’re ... Read more

Moya Messenger App

Moya Messenger #datafree – New Messaging App

In July 2018 a new messenger app was launched known as Moya Messenger which is a mobile messaging app that allows users to communicate without incurring data costs. This app developed in South Africa by biNu provides #datafree text messaging that works when a mobile user has no airtime or data balance on their smartphone ... Read more

Helpful Casino Strategies To Try

Casino strategies to try are useful tips you can follow at the casino you visit. There are drinks, bright lights, great food, and the chance of winning big. Many people visit a casino for a good time, and for the opportunity to fatten their wallets. However, if you are spending time at a casino to ... Read more

Best Casinos Worldwide

The Best Casinos Worldwide

We could not be luckier with the amount of choice we have when it comes to gambling. We can pop to our favourite casino near us, we can play the Lotto or we can simply log onto our favourite online casino and try our luck there. However, when it comes to land-based casinos, there are ... Read more

Wheels N Reels Slot Machine

A Gift by Playtech ‘Wheels N Reels’ Slot Machine

Wheels N Reels is a great slot released by Playtech this February 2019, which any player would be excited to play. It’s not going to pay that frequently, or too many people, but when you get lucky enough to reach that slot of best rewards you will find it enjoyable. Packed with 5 reels and ... Read more

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The Best Casino Cruise Ships

Sometimes a little bit of luxury while gambling is what you need, and what better way to experience this than gambling while on a luxury cruise liner! Most large cruise ships now have a fully decked out casino for guests to enjoy. Make the most of your holiday at sea by spending some time in ... Read more

Desert Cats Slot Machine 2

Desert Cats Slot Machine

Desert Cats slot machine released in January 2019, Desert Cats slot machine is inspired by cat goddess of Ancient Egypt – named as Bastet. Several times you will see the instances of God in multiple representations. You will also see a gorgeous woman on the reels representing the goddess who has come to life. Released ... Read more

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How To Keep Your House Smelling Great

There can be some pretty miserable smells found during the summer heat. Keeping your house clean is one thing, but how do you keep your house smelling summer fresh? As autumn fast approaches, you want to savour all the warm, inviting scents that come with it. Instead of spraying air freshener ten times a day, ... Read more

Slots Garden Casino Bonus offers

Slots Garden –The New Online Casino to play in Rand

Slots garden is new online casino that accepts players from South Africa and offers great bonuses in Rands. Powered by Real time gaming software this casino offers over 150 slot machines and various other games to enjoy with your mobile, PC or tablet. It’s your choice to play for free and have fun or make ... Read more


How To Survive The Summer Heat

Survive the summer heat is not forgiving. The heat is unrelenting and just getting through the day can seem impossible sometimes! Yes, summer has its upsides and not like winters – trips to the beach, weekends spent in the pool and amazing sunset walks on the promenade, but the heat and the sun can be ... Read more

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9 Popular Theme Based Free Casino Slots

Slots and casinos have been inseparable since the inception of mankind. Playing online slots for free can ideally be the most amazing and best way to practice the games and learn the know-how of the games without investing or depositing any real money. In case you are in search of some awesome free casino slots ... Read more

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Christmas Meals Anyone Can Nail!

So Christmas is here – can you believe it!It is a time for family, friends, and food! Some of us though have no idea what we are doing in the kitchen and land up cooking up a disaster instead of a Christmas feast. Christmas cooking can be stressful – there is so much to think ... Read more

6 Offbeat Things to do in South Africa

6 Offbeat Things to do in South Africa

Let’s find out and enjoy the out-of-the-way spaces and places i.e., non-touristy things in South Africa that haven’t yet discussed by anyone.  Although every place is gifted with such things, in South Africa, there’s so much to explore and see that you won’t have to share with others. Offbeat Things to do in South Africa ... Read more

Namola App

The three must to have apps for women to use in emergency in South Africa

Recently the #MeToo sent shockwaves across the countries as more women came forward boldly with their stories of sexual abuse. Women are easily targeted when she is travelling alone, in at male-dominated office environment, or even when they are just at home with their relations It is not just the sexual assault but criminal mindset ... Read more

work from home

How To Earn Money From Home

Isn’t the idea of being able to stay at home and earn a living so delicious to all of us? Yes, there are the few that love being out and about, but the majority of us would love to be able to stay at home and supplement an income. You would be your own boss ... Read more


Iconic South African Meals

We have such a vibrant country. Our people live and work together as one, but between us, all are different cultures, religions, and views. We all have unique histories dating back centuries. Our histories, cultures, and personalities come together to create some of the most delicious and proudly South African meals. Some meals are South ... Read more

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Skill On Net slots games provider is a unique and well-known software provider that earned a niche for itself after starting by creating software for online backgammon. Founded in 2005 this company, consistently impressed with innovative casino software, soon built up a reputation as one of the most innovative firms for classic casino games like ... Read more


Trick Or Treat Time in South Africa

It is that time of year again – Halloween is upon us! Get out all your witch’s hats and carved pumpkins for this spooky evening! Halloween falls on 31 October every year and is known by a few different names: Halloween, Hallows Evening, Allhalloween, All Hallows Eve or All Saints Eve. It is the eve ... Read more

Google Go App- Download free

Google Go App South Africa – Gives you Search Results Quickly

If you are searching for the best online casino to play slots in Rand but your mobile doesn’t show you the quick results there here is now a solution. Simply download the Google Go app which was launched in South Africa to address the concern of those with weak data connectivity and high data costs. ... Read more

Take a Trip to Las Vegas

No matter who you are, every person has a desire – hidden or not – to travel to the famous Las Vegas. The lights, the money, the glitz and the glam – what isn’t on offer? It is the go-to dream destination for anyone who loves gambling or living a high life. However, for most ... Read more

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Tips for Travelling to South Africa

Travelling to South Africa means adventures, fun and the wild. South Africa is undeniably one of the top holiday destinations in the world. You can go from the Drakensberg mountains to the Karoo, the Kruger National Park to the vibrant east coast, all with minimal travel. The locations are welcoming, the people are friendly and ... Read more

Things to do at Carnival City Casino

8 Things to do at Carnival City Casino

There are so many things that you can do at Carnival City Casino and Entertainment World if you are planning to visit Gauteng, South Africa. It is a world-class entertainment and casino complex located in Ekurhuleni in the eastern part of Gauteng. Carnival City – The Festivity all year round It has been themed as a ... Read more


Busted 5 Myths on Slot Machines

Myths on slot machines are rumors spread by players and casinos about the games. Being an avid slot machine player, you might have encountered endless myths about slots machines which have the potential to change financial destinies. Although there some slots tips and tricks which are true, there are also several myths on slot machines ... Read more


Everything Gin in South Africa

Gin in South Africa has taken South Africa by storm. Restaurants, pubs and even your mate at a braai – craft gin is everywhere. If you are a little behind the craze, can’t understand why it is so popular, or just want to know a little more about gin, here is a short run-through of ... Read more

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Best Beaches in South Africa

The weather is definitely warming up, and we could not be more excited to throw on our baggies and head down to the beach. Best Beaches in South Africa Whether you are a surfer, one who likes to cycle the promenade, or simply spend the morning lounging on a towel in the warm, summer sun ... Read more