Instant EFT Casinos in South Africa

Instant EFT Casinos in South Africa

Instant EFT casinos in South Africa allows to make payment with EFT payment solutions and fund the casino account to play slots games with real Rand or Niara or ZAR.

These days EFT payments like PayFast and Ozow are gaining traction in the South African market. With Instant EFT we can make instant online payments without needing to reveal our banking details to the online casino.

Instant EFT online casinos also allow instant withdrawals.

Instant EFT Casinos in South Africa

1. Springbok Casino


Pay by Better EFT, EFT Pay and Instant EFT

Min. Deposit: R25 | Deposit Time: Instant | Currency: Rands

2. Yebo Casino

Yebo casino - EFT
Yebo casino

Uses the highly secure EFT methods (BetterEFT, EasyWire, EFTPay)

Min. Deposit: R100| Deposit Time: Instant | Currency: Rands

3. Punt Casino

Punt casino
Punt casino

Pay by Better EFT, EFT Pay, SID EFT, Easy Wire

Min. Deposit: R25 | Deposit Time: Instant | Currency: ZAR

4. PlayTsogo Casino

Playtsogo casino
Playtsogo casino

Direct EFT, Instant EFT by Call Pay

Min. Deposit: R50 | Deposit Time: Instant | Currency: ZAR

5. Silversands Casino

Silversands casino
Silversands casino

Direct EFT, Instant EFT by Call Pay

Min. Deposit: R50 | Deposit Time: Instant | Currency: ZAR

How to make Instant EFT at Online Casinos in South Africa?

To make Instant EFT at online casinos in South Africa is quite easy process.

Simply login to Instant EFT Casinos in South Africa. I made the payment within minutes at my favoruite online casino Springbok Casino.

It was simple process and even can be done with mobile app like SnapScan, Zapper or Samsung Pay.

Once I logged in to Springbok casino I went to the cashier located at the right hand top corner of the homepage.

There were three Instant EFT options to choose from:

  1. Better EFT
  2. EFT Pay
  3. Instant EFT

All are same when it comes to process your funds. Only that Capitec bank has issues when you try to deposit with Instant EFT and EFT Pay on your Desktop or PC.

I selected Instant EFT to fund my casino account.

EFT payments - Springbok
EFT payments – Springbok

Entered the amount to deposit for example 100 Rands or ZAR

Deposit with Instant EFT
Deposit with Instant EFT

Clicked Next following the prompts as given on screen.

Deposit process of EFT at casino
Deposit process of EFT at casino

The deposit process started directing to the banking page

Deposit With EFT - Continue to your bank page
Deposit With EFT – Continue to your bank page

Next Clicked to continue

Banks supporting EFT
Banks supporting EFT

The page will lead to the supported banks for Instant EFT deposits

Select your bank. I selected Tyme Bank.

Eft with bank
Eft with bank

Login with your bank details and proceed

Within seconds your deposit to the casino is successful.

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Advantages of Instant EFT Casinos In South Africa

⦁ Allows you to make secure online casino payments directly from your bank account for free.
⦁ No credit card nor registration are required.
⦁ As the name suggests, Instant EFT payments provide quick and almost immediate transfer of funds. This allows players to deposit money into their casino accounts and start playing without significant delays.
⦁ EFT payments are secure because they involve direct transfers between banks. The use of encryption and secure banking protocols adds an extra layer of protection.

Disadvantages of Instant EFT

Instant EFT is directly linked to a user’s bank account. If there are issues with the bank, such as downtime or technical problems, it could impact the ability to make transactions.
⦁ Using Instant EFT requires providing bank details, which may raise privacy concerns for some users. While EFT transactions are generally secure, users should be cautious about sharing sensitive information.
⦁ Rogue entities might pose as third parties offering instant EFT services on fake ecommerce sites to capture consumers’ access credentials for their bank’s Internet banking websites.
⦁ Instant EFT transactions are not as anonymous as some other payment methods. The direct link to a bank account means that transactions can be traced back to the user.
⦁ Compared to credit cards, EFT transactions may have limited or no chargeback options. In the case of disputes or unauthorized transactions, the resolution process may be more challenging.


Instant EFT casinos in South Africa present a convenient and efficient payment option for players seeking quick and secure transactions directly from their bank accounts.

Before choosing Instant EFT or any payment method, one should carefully review the terms and conditions of both the payment service and the online casino. Additionally, it’s essential to be aware of any potential risks and take appropriate precautions to ensure a secure and positive gaming experience.


Q1. What is EFT?

Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) is a popular method for online payments. You can transfer funds directly from your bank accounts to any merchant online.. To use EFT payments, make sure to display your bank details clearly and provide an automated system for order verification.

Q2. What is Instant EFT?

An Instant EFT payment, or Instant Electronic Funds Transfer, is a bank to bank transfer. Instant EFTs are facilitated through a Third Party Payments Provider (TPPP) in South Africa that enables funds to be sent from a consumer’s bank account to a merchant’s bank account.

Q3. Are Instant EFT transactions available at all South African online casinos?

No, the availability of Instant EFT as a payment option can vary among online casinos. Players should check the payment methods section on the casino’s website to see if Instant EFT is supported.

Q4. Are there any fees associated with Instant EFT transactions?

Standard EFT fees from your bank may apply. Users should check with their bank to understand any associated costs.

Q5. Can I make withdrawals using Instant EFT?

Yes, many online casinos that support Instant EFT for deposits also allow withdrawals using the same method. However, withdrawal processing times may vary.

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