Casinos Accepting SID Payments in South Africa

Casinos Accepting SID Payments in South Africa
Casinos Accepting SID Payments in South Africa

Casinos Accepting SID Payments are those that allow you to make instant deposit. SID or Secure Instant Deposit is a speedy way to fund your casino to play real money slots.

SID actually is an assisted EFT (electronic funds transfer) that allows you to make payments directly to online casinos using your existing online or net banking account.

You can simply pick up any of your gaming devices be it mobile, PC or laptop, and use SID as it is compatible with all browsers including Firefox, Chrome, Safari & Opera including Windows and non-Windows users with Linux or Macintosh operating systems. 

There are many casinos accepting SID payments in SA.

Besides using SID for playing real money games at casinos, it can also be used to shop online if you don’t have a credit card or prefer not to use one. 

The great thing about SID is everything is done within the security of your online banking account and you never expose your personal banking information to the casinos or SID.

How Does SID Work?

How Does SID Work?
How Does SID Work?

It’s simple to work. All you need is an online casino or shopping site that has a SID payment option. SID works instantly on any browser as said above OR you can even download the SID app and use it.

Select your bank and follow the prompts to install the SID application. SID will guide you through the Once-Off payment process of your existing online banking facility.

If you do not wish to or have any problems downloading the application you can select to use the browser version.

There is a small charge that will be charged by your bank for making a SID payment, the same as your bank may apply fees for electronic funds transfers. But online casinos do not charge anything when using SID.

Anyone who has access to online or net banking from banks ABSA, First National Bank, Nedbank and Standard Bank can use SID.

SID uses the “Once-off Payment” facility of online banking, so you must have this facility activated with enough money in your bank account to cover the payments you intend to make.

The payment amount must also be less than any “Once-off Payment” limits enforced by your banking facility.

Online Casinos Accepting SID Payments

1. Springbok Casino

Springbok casino - Deposit with Bitcoin
Springbok casino

At Springbok Casino, this casinos accepting SID payments you can make a deposit with SID to play real money slots.

The minimum deposit is R25 and the deposit time is instant.

If you withdraw your winnings using SID then the withdrawal time is 48-72 hours.

2. Yebo Casino

Yebo Casino - Bitcoin casino
Yebo Casino

This casinos accepting SID payments allows SID Deposits to fund your casino account to play real money slots.

Easy EFT, EFT and other EFT payments come under SID payments too.

The minimum deposit is R25 and instantly your online casino is funded and you are ready to play slots. There is no withdrawal allowed here with SID. But you can contact the casino’s customer support online for more details on this.

4. Punt Casino

Punt casino - Bitcoin casino
Punt casino

This casinos accepting SID payments allows SID instant EFT transfers directly into your casino account.

The minimum deposit is R25 which is instantly deposited to play real money slots.

Withdrawal with SID takes about 3-7 days and the minimum payout is R500.

5. Thunderbolt Casino

Thunderbolt casino - Bitcoin casino
Thunderbolt casino

This casinos accepting SID payments entertains South African punters and is one of the best casinos to play slots because of its popular free cash every month.

The minimum deposit with SID is R25 and the minimum withdrawal with SID is R1500.

6. Omni Casino

Omni Casino - Bitcoin
Omni Casino

This casino also allows SID payments to play real money casino games. You can also encash your winnings with SID.

The Minimum deposit is R200 and the minimum withdrawal is R500.

Getting started with casinos accepting SID payments

Deposit with SID
Getting started with SID
  • Getting started with SID is easy. Simply visit
  • Create your account with SID
  • You have the option to either download the SID app or start instantly with your web or mobile browser on any device.
  • You should have an open bank account. Players can only use SID if they have available funds in their bank account.
  • On online casinos go to deposits or banking or cashier page and select SID to make payments for real money slots.
  • Enter an amount you want to send to the casino and click the Next button.
  • Simply now select your bank as prompted on the screen, fill in the required information and enter the special one-off code received from the bank. You will see a reference number once the transaction is complete.
  • All you have to do to cash out with this method is to select SID as a withdrawal method at the Cashier’s under the Withdraw tab and follow the required steps.

Now visit the online casinos of your choice and use SID payments to fund your casino account to play real money slots.

You can also use various other deposits and withdrawals at South African online casinos and play awesome slot games with RAND or ZAR instantly.

Advantages & Disadvantages of SID Payments

SID payments offer a convenient way for South African players to make transactions without the need for a credit card. You can make payments directly from your bank accounts, streamlining the process.SID payments are dependent on the user’s bank. If a player encounters issues with their bank, it may affect their ability to make SID payments and engage in online casino activities.
SID payments often come with robust security measures, ensuring the safety of users’ financial information.Some online casinos may have restrictions on withdrawals made through SID.
Are Instantly processed.Depending on the online casino and the user’s bank, there might be transaction fees associated with SID payments.
Is local payment mode so widely used at South African online casinosFor mobile payments you need to download SID App.


Casinos accepting SID payments in South Africa are online gaming sites that allows instant deposits through SID to play real money games.

SID is a web-based payment service that allows South Africa residents to pay an online merchant directly from their bank account via their Internet banking facility.

You don’t need a credit card but simply process your payment through your bank account.

Payment is instantly debited from their account and the merchant is immediately notified that the payment has occurred.


Q1. What is SID?

SID Secure EFT (Electronic Fund Transfer) has been one of South Africa’s most trusted online payment methods since 2007. SID allows South Africans to do mobile payments directly from their bank accounts.

Q2. Which banks does SID partner with?

Standard Bank, Nedbank, Capitec, Tyme Bank, FNB, African Bank, ABSA, Bidvest and Investec

Q3. Is SID secure?

SiD uses the most advanced security features available on the Internet and although SiD invokes your Internet Banking service, it does not access or store your Internet Banking identifier or password. These are entered directly into your Internet Banking log on screen using the usual security provided by your bank.

Q4. What are the minimum deposits with SID at casinos?

R25 is the minimum deposits with SID.

Q5. What is the minimum withdrawal with SID at casinos?

The minimum withdrawal with SID is R100.

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