Deposits and Withdraw Methods

Deposits and Withdraw Methods

Deposits and Withdraw methods at online casinos are an important feature as this is the mode using which you can fund your casino to play real money games and place your real bets. 

South African friendly online casinos offer the players to deposit and withdraw money in their own currency that is Rand or ZAR.

There are many deposit and withdrawal options to choose from at these online casinos and all the mobile payment modes or online transactions are safe and secure as the online casinos use special encryption methods so that none of the personal banking information can be stolen or tampered with.

Things to remember when choosing Deposits and Withdraw Methods

  • Always check that the casino in which you opt to play offer many kinds of deposit options and not one or two deposit and withdrawals so that you have an easy and convenient method to choose from.
  • Also, know the expenses of using any deposit and withdrawal mode so that you have hassle-free banking transactions.
  • Know the reliability of the banking process including whether the banking method is provided by a reputable body, and how user-friendly the method is.
  • The online casino or the real money casino app must be using the latest secure encryption technology and software so that all your banking transactions are safe and secure.
  • All payouts should also be regularly audited by independent third-party auditors to ensure fair play by the casino.
  • The casino should process your withdrawals on time.
  • The casino should also have 24/7 customer support to answer your banking queries.
  • Last but not least, do not forget to read the terms and conditions associated with deposits and withdrawals and playing games as well as payouts.

Types of Deposits and Withdraw Methods

The most popular deposit and withdrawal methods used in South African online casinos include:


  • This deposits and withdraw methods is one of the most reliable South African online casino payment options.
  • Using Master card or Visa Card at an online casino is the most reliable way of adding funds to your account and both Visa and MasterCard are known for their extremely high levels of security. It is fast and also has high deposit limits.
  • Also, as Visa is used globally, these cards are pretty fast and easy to use and in many casinos, you even don’t need to register an online account to use your visa.
  • The minimum deposit you can make with credit cards is normally R25 at most of the online casinos.


  • Many South African online casinos allow players using a Direct Bank Transfer which is a great way to fund your gaming account and this reliable South African online payment method can also be used to withdraw funds.
  • You can deposit funds to your online casino in the same way as you would send money to any of your personal bank accounts. It is secure and extremely effective online payment solution.
  • The thing that you need to remember when using this deposits and withdraw methods to send money to your favorite online casino is that your funds may not arrive instantly and often you may have to wait up to three days for the cash to clear.
  • The minimum deposit you can make with this mode is R25.



EasyEFT is yet another instant electronic funds transfer (EFT) deposits and withdraw methods that allows you to make secure online payments directly from your bank account for free. 

  • You do not need any credit card or registration to fund your casino account.
  • You simply have to opt for your bank and follow the steps prompted to process the EasyEFT deposit.
  • You need to complete the simple process to make an online payment through your bank.
  • Standard EFT fees from your bank may apply.
  • The minimum deposit you can make with Easy EFT is R25.



A Wire Transfer is slightly different from the Direct Bank Transfer or Easy EFT and is also often referred to as a SWIFT transfer.

  • In this process, you need to initiate the money transfer request first with your bank.
  • A Wire Transfer basically transfers money from a player’s account directly to his preferred online gaming account.
  • You can deposit and withdraw using a Wire Transfer and this effective online payment solution is really easy to use, plus it is relatively fast.
  • The minimum deposit you can make with this mode is R25 and a minimum withdrawal of R1500 and R200 fees is involved in this withdrawal method and takes up to 20 Business days to get back your winnings.



Skrill is a secure deposits and withdraw methods for South African players that allow you to deposit funds into your favorite online casino, plus you can also withdraw your funds. 

  • Deposits are done instantly whereas withdrawals may take up to 48 hours.
  • The only thing you need to do is register with Skrill and top up your Skrill account.
  • The minimum deposit you can make with Skrill is R25 and minimum withdrawal is R500 which takes up to 48-72 hours.



Neteller is also a safe eWallet for South African players. Neteller processes deposits in few seconds but withdrawals can take up to a maximum of 48 hours. NETELLER is highly secure.

  • You need to sign up to Neteller, which is free, and top up your Neteller eWallet account.
  • It is easy to use and minimum deposit you can make with Neteller is R25 and minimum withdrawal is R500 which takes 48-72 hour maximum time.



Bitcoin is also a popular payment option.

To make a deposit with Bitcoin (BTC), you need to obtain a Bitcoin wallet. After you have a wallet you need to purchase Bitcoins from a reputable seller.

  • Bitcoin is not associated with any bank and the currency is circulated from peer to peer that is from user to user with appropriate BTC addresses.
  • The deposit to a casino account is done immediately once it is confirmed by the blockchain which might require some time but only a few minutes.
  • Same way you can withdraw with Bitcoins. The cashing out process might take a bit longer than the deposit due to various checks and verification the casino is obligated to perform manually and you are free to keep BTC in your e-wallet.
  • Note that casinos have a minimum deposit of R100 in BTC and withdrawal time takes from 48- 72 hours in Rands.



EcoPayz is widely used by South African players as it is one of the safest and easiest ways to transfer funds to your account.

  • Just register with EcoPayz and open an account with them to use this mode, load your EcoPayz Account via Visa, Mastercard, Amex or JCB.
  • The minimum deposit by this mode is R25 and minimum withdrawal is R500 which take 48-72 hours.



Secure instant deposit is instant bank transfer where you can deposit instantly using your local South African bank account.

  • The payment is instantly debited from your account and the casino is immediately notified that the payment has occurred.
  • The minimum deposit you can make with this method is R25 and withdrawal takes place within 48-72 hours in Rands.


It is entirely your choice which deposits and withdrawal methods suit you the best. You can use any of the give payment options with which you feel satisfied and easy to use. What is best is to use local banking options for funding your casino account or for withdrawals.

Just have ample bank balance or money to play games, stick to your bankroll and play wisely.


Q1. What are the best deposit methods for South African punters?

South African punters can deposit with Instant EFT, Credit Cards, Ecopayz and Bitcoins.

Q2. What are the best withdrawal methods for South African punters?

South African punters can withdraw using EFT options, SID, Ecopayz and Bitcoins.

Q3. What is the minimum deposit?

The minimum deposit is R25 at online casinos.

Q4. What is the minimum withdrawal?

The minimum withdrawal generally is R100- R500 at online casinos.

Q5. Are there any formalities to make a deposit and withdraw?

Yes you need to verify your details with the casino to open your account as well as while making a withdrawal. This includes your valid ID proof as documents to verify with the online casino.