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Top 7 Ice Cream Parlors in Cape Town

Cape Town is one of the most frequently visited and attractive destinations for tourists across the globe. It is also known for its variety of cuisines and especially its varieties in ice cream. If you happen to visit Cape Town, you cannot miss out visiting these ice creams parlors. I have collected the top seven ice cream spots in Cape Town.

1. De Villiers Chocolate

There are several reasons that can encourage you to visit the idyllic Franschhoek Valley. The delicious ice cream at De Villiers Chocolate focuses on ethically and sustainably sourced products which are sourced to prepare the most incredible truffles, confectionery, bars, chocolate thins, and of course, ice cream. You can find 15 flavors of ice cream and sorbet to select from and their own gluten-free cones that are made fresh every day. Their café is also equipped with ice cream and chocolate tasting which is hard to find anywhere else in the world. Here you cannot avoid trying ice cream, take a chocolate salami, dark chocolate pizza, or bag of spiced drinking chocolate beans to home with you.

2. Gelato Mania

If you are an ice cream lover, you will surely feel at home when you visit any of the five branches of this family-run gelateria in Hermanus, Cavendish Square, Camps Bay, the V&A Waterfront, and Green Point. They can offer the largest selection of traditional home-made Italian style ice cream in South Africa and you will be spoilt for choice. In addition, you can also relish the amazing waffles and pancakes along with the diabetic and banting-friendly gelato. You must also enjoy the fruity sorbets just great for hot summer days.

3. The Creamery

You can taste the splendid taste at one of the branches of Creamery in Cape Town. They have a range of trusty favorites like Rosetta Roastery Coffee, Peanut Butter, Sweet Cream, Sea Salt Caramel, and 65% Chocolate. Every month they offer a new flavor to tastes. You will always find an ice-cream covered treat on offers, like freshly baked cookies in Mouille Point or warm waffles in Newlands.

4. Ice Dream

Introduced in 1993 by sister and brother, this gelateria has won over many Capetonians and visitors to Hout Bay. At Ice Dream parlor you can enjoy a variety of ice creams without any preservatives, flavourings, colorants or added fats. At this parlor, the ice cream is made with only the freshest ingredients. This gelateria located in Hout Bay that offers classic flavors and you can also request like Amarula, Mascarpone, Roasted Pumpkin, and Almond and Beer. They make dairy free Sorbeto with seasonal fruits like litchi, sweet melon, lemon, strawberry, and pink grapefruit.

5. The Dairy Den

Located at Sea Point, this sweet spot has several delicious soft serves in black Oreo cones that will satiate your palate of a kid again. You cannot come out of the den without trying one of their gourmet doughnuts also. The unicorn swirl with its colors and sprinkles are highly recommended. Their pink Instagram-friendly parlor located on Main Road is just a few minutes away from the promenade.

6. Sinnfull

You can visit this Hout Bay Harbour behind the Snoekies and fall in love with handmade premium ice cream flavors Milo, Butter Pecan, Cookies & Cream, Aero, Saffron & Pistachio, and White Choc Poppy Seed. They also make freshly baked waffles, decadent hot chocolate, brownies, and double thick milkshakes that you cannot resist if you have a sweet tooth.

7. Venezia Ice Cream

This amazing spot on Sea Point Main Road offers delicious ice cream as well as Belgian waffles, chocolate covered Strawberry milkshakes, Bar One, pancakes, and hot drinks. They are one of the oldest ice cream parlors since 1954, so they know what they’re doing when it comes to creamy and dreamy delights. They have huge scoops, which means you get great value for money and you get to enjoy the journey of the dream just a little bit longer.


These are some of the most amazing and delicious ice cream parlors that you cannot miss out visiting and enjoying if you happen to stay close to Cape Town or planning to visit Cape Town during your vacation.