9 Smart Ways to Visit Cape Town on a Shoestring Budget

When you plan holidays you also need to limit your budget as it often go overboard. Your holidays should be within your budget so that it should not pinch your pocket. Do you know there are several ways to save money and still have the best of your trip?

Visit Cape Town on a Shoestring Budget

When you plan to visit the city of Cape Town, you can easily get by on a budget.

1. Save Money While Ticket Bookings

Visit Cape Town on a Shoestring Budget

Whenever you are booking for attractions and events in Cape Town, most of the time there are discounts available on online bookings. City Sightseeing is a great site offering discounts for booking tickets online where you do not have to stand in a queue. You can also benefit from the online booking of most live music venues as it offers discounts for tickets purchased online in advance.

Cape Town is known for its great outdoor attractions where you could spend hours sunbathing, hiking, swimming, or be a part of sports activities. Let’s have a closer look at those tips that you can follow to stay within your budget while visiting this popular city Cape Town of South Africa!

2. Book Flights in Advance and Look for Special Deals

Book Flights in Advance and Look for Special Deals

Cost of flights are often the biggest expenses when going on holiday, but you can find a cheaper way out. You can keep a regular check for flight sales, chances are you would find cheap deals. It’s great to book your flights in as advance as possible, so if you’re planning to visit Cape Town, start planning weeks ago and do not wait! Book your flights now.

3. Book Hotels Wisely

Book Hotels Wisely

Of course, being a peak season you will find the accommodation little pricier, so you should book your trip for shoulder season i.e. March, April, September, or October for lower rates. You may also visit the place in the winter to take the benefits of the many special deals on accommodation also. You can try Airbnb for reasonable self-catering and plan to stay in more affordable places.

4. Do not forget to get an iVenture Card

Do not forget to get an iVenture Card

iVenture Card is a great way to roam around the city wisely and affordably. This card can take you to all the sights Cape Town has to offer. It’s quite worth having which delivers fantastic discounts and free entry to many of the popular sight-seeing places and some of the other city’s top attractions.

Get your iVenture card now

5. Utilize the Discount Vouchers

Utilize the Discount Vouchers

Buses are the most affordable and popular way to see the city. You can board City Sightseeing buses for this purpose. There are various routes leading you to the city’s biggest attractions, and also it is quite an affordable way to get around the city if you plan to stay here for some days. Do not throw away your tickets, as it contains discount vouchers for tours, meals, attractions, and curiosities. You can also avail the benefits of more than R2,000 worth of discounts inside the Love Cape Town Visitor’s Guide, which you can have from any of the Visitor Information Centres in and around Cape Town.

6. Enjoy Free or Affordable Activities

Enjoy Free or Affordable Activities

What about not at all spending money? Cape Town is a city full of free activities. With endless adventures to be on mountain, forest, and sea, you could easily enjoy your holiday without spending much in fact. Check out some of the spectacular hiking trails, hit the beaches, go chasing waterfalls, or spend a day exploring the parks and gardens spread all over the city.

7. Check out for the Weekly Restaurant Specials

Check out for the Weekly Restaurant Specials

You can dine for a fraction of the normal price every day in Cape Town. There are two-for-one specials, happy hours, and several other types of specials that will enable you to eat like a king spending very little.

8. Go Wine-tasting

Go Wine tasting

Yes, Cape Town’s vineyards are popular which produce world-famous wine, and it’s also a great way to spend a day without spending a fortune. There are several wine estates that offer free tastings, and others charge a nominal fee (usually under R50). It’s also the most cost-effective way to get your hands on high-quality wine at such a lower price than the liquor stores.

9. Hit the Beach

Hit the Beach

You can also hit some of the beaches as Cape Town has several popular beaches to welcome you for a day of fun without having to spend a dime. You can pack your own picnic lunch, a towel, and a stock of sunblock. Spend the day sunbathing, swimming, snacking, and meeting locals in their own natural environment.


These are the fun and most affordable ways to enjoy your holiday at Cape Town without spending a fortune. Hiking, sunbathing, snacking, and loads of recreation that too at a reasonable price! So, next time when you plan holiday at Cape Town do not forget to check out the above tips!

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