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Top 6 Online Casino Games in 2021

Top 6 Online Casino Games
Top 6 Online Casino Games

Online casinos are great for many reasons. You can gamble on the go, win money on the go, and pretty much always have access to your favourite casino site using your mobile phone, tablet or PC.

The online casino scene is only growing, and the competition within the market means that each site continuously tries to better the rest. How this benefits you is that they come up with the most amazing games to play. These games are colourful, fun and entertaining, and you can win real money while playing them!

There are so many different online casino games to choose from. When playing new games, consider the following

  • Is the game free?
  • Is the game regulated?
  • What are the possible winnings?
  • Are the graphics good?
  • Can it be downloaded?
  • Can you play on your smartphone, tablet and/or PC?

Once you have established these – get choosing on your game. Because there are so many different games out there, we have taken the time to review and play enough to make a list of the top 6 games to play.

Why not keep things fun and play all of them? You will never figure out your favourite if you don’t try them all!

1. The Dark Knight

Everybody loves Batman, and everybody loves winning money. This is why it is a no-brainer that The Dark Knight online game is a winner. Enter Gotham City and take a chance on the Batman themed slots. Microgaming have taken the worlds most prominent hero and given us a game that cannot be missed. There are 243 different combinations that players could win off of with each spin, and the game is tied to the Mega Moolah jackpot which sits at $1,000,000.

If superheroes are your thing – this is definitely the game to try.

2. Gold Rally

Something a little different to the classic slot machine. The slot is made up of 9 reels and is an 8 pay line machine. Mining is the theme of the game, and you will definitely feel like you are a gold miner with the jackpots they have on offer. Jump on board a rail cart and race through with a pixaxe to the Gold Rally jackpot which is sitting at $215,090. Diagonal and horizontal combinations are there to make for creative paylines. Featured in the Old Cowboy West, get used to the horseshoes, cowboy hats and crazy dynamites, because this game will keep you coming back for more.

3. Thunderstruck

Microgaming hit the jackpot with this game. Thunderstruck is one of the best games on offer for South Africans. Available on many online casinos, the game is easily accessible. This game in particular has over 10 years under its belt, so you know it is pure quality. Thor, the god of thunder is headliner in this slot game and he fights away his enemies using his famous hammer and lightning. The game reflects true on Norse mythology and will be a treat for those with an interest in all things myth-based. The game allows you to test it out without real money to see if it is for you or not, before betting any real money.

4. Spring Break

Another Microgaming mastermind, this is a game for the Android lovers. The game can be found in many online casinos accessible to South Africans.

Based on the famous Spring Break, you can be thrown into a vacay of beaches, parties and beer. The 5 slot reel has 9 paylines, so it is a worthwhile play. The game lets you bet as little as a penny and up to $2. The max amount of coins is 45 and the jackpot can pay up to 10,000 coins. Enjoy some fun in  the sun all from your phone, while winning some real money.

5. Wanted Slots

Another trip down to the Wild Wild West, Wanted Slots is set in old cowboy city and is a child of Playtech. The graphics are extraordinary and the theme is really well played out.

Watch the sheriff chase away bandits as gold nuggets fly around. Poker is the main feature of the game, where you can feel fully immersed in the time period, playing cards in the saloon. With 5 reels and 25 lines, the slots side has a lot to offer. The biggest jackpot sits at $100,000 and there is a progressive jackpot that can also be played.

The graphics, drawings and pictures are the real draw to the game and have been fully detailed with great creativity.

6. Desert Treasure

Based on the beautiful deserts of Africa, Playtech has very tastefully crafted this game. Desert Treasures is exactly what it claims to be – full of hidden treasures and gems. The awesome graphics and colours bring your full attention in, only to be awoken by winning one of the many combinations the game has to play.

Reminisce on Arabian Nights with cobras, hawkers and dancing snake charmers. The game has some rewards on offer as well, such as free spins and bonus games.

Take a step into the hot, dry unknown and emerge as a rich sultan with some extra money in your purse.

There are games galore for you to choose from online. This might seem amazing – but it can also be overwhelming. Over shopping with games can see you giving up and then just playing the everyday, run of the mill games that really don’t have much to offer.

You want to fully immerse yourself in a game, to enjoy the graphics, the colours, the stories and the themes. If you are betting real money,  you want to be betting it on games that are worth your money and worth your time.

These top 6 listed games are sure to tickle your fancy, fulfill your online casino needs and keep you coming back for more. They are all created by very reputable and successful game creators who offer the best graphics and gameplay there is.

While exploring these games you should have a look at what similar games the creators have on offer. If you enjoy one, chances are you will enjoy more of their games.