South African Casino Near You To Visit

South African Casino Near You
Find Your Nearest Casino in South Africa

South African casino near you? Want to find out then keep on reading below. Why to visit South African casino near you? Well, online casinos in South Africa continue to grow in popularity. Their easy access and ease of use appeal to many, but sometimes nothing can replace the feel of being in a real casino.


Walking through the local land casino doors holds all the excitement and anticipation that only a land-based casino can offer. Drink in hand, sitting at a slot machine or playing your cards at poker, is just what you might need to destress and have fun once in a while.

South African casino near you are one of the largest gambling markets in the world, and we boast some of the best casinos in South Africa. Luckily, no matter where in South Africa you are, you are sure to have a quality casino near you. Whether you prefer playing slot or sitting at a table against the croupier – find the nearest casino near you here:

Find South African Casino Near You

Here below are the provinces to find South African casino near you.

1. Gauteng

If you are residing in Gauteng and want to find South African casino near you then get the list.


1. Time Square Casino

Set in Menlyn Maine Eco-district, you can experience world-class dining and entertainment here. There are over  2000 slot machines on offer, as well as 60 live table games.

2. Carnival City Casino

Found in Brakpan, you can find fun and entertainment for the whole family at Carnival City. One of the top-rated casinos in the world, it has over 1750 slot machines and 60 tables games, including baccarat, blackjack and roulette.

3. Gold Reef City Casino

In a very accessible location for all in Johannesburg to enjoy. Gold Reef City is one of the best resorts and casinos in the world. Full family entertainment is on offer, including a theme park and theatres. It has 1600 slot machines and over 50 table games.

4. Montecasino

30 minutes away from Johannesburg International Airport, you will find world-class dining, nightlife and entertainment at Montecasino. The casino hosts 1700 slot machines and over 60 tables to choose from.

5. Silver Star Casino

Located in Krugersdorp, there is full-on entertainment 24/7 at Silver Star. It has over 600 slot machines and a large number of table games to choose from.

6. Emerald Resort and Casino

Enjoy a night away an hour outside of Johannesburg and take advantage of the best slot machines and table games, including poker, blackjack, baccarat and Texas Hold ‘em.

2. Western Cape

Western Cape
Western Cape

1. Mykonos Casino

An hour outside of Cape Town, enjoy a world-class stay with a wide variety of entertainment, from water sports to site seeing. 320 slot machines and various table games are housed in the casino. This is one of the Casinos in South Africa.

2. Garden Route Casino

Enjoy the beautiful Cape coastline while playing among the 412 slot machines, or one of the 16 table games on offer at this luxury casino.

3. Golden Valley Casino

Set in a beautiful Cape Dutch home, this casino offers 220 slot machines and 6 table games.

4. Grand West Casino

Set near the centre of Cape Town, this is ideal for Capetonians. Over 2500 slot machines and 70 table games are available.

3. Kwazulu Natal

Kwazulu Natal -Casino in South Africa
Kwazulu Natal

1. Golden Horse Casino

Enjoy over 450 slot machines and 16 table games at this Pietermaritzburg casino. You will also find great dining facilities and a golf driving range at Golden Horse Casino.

2. Sibaya Casino

This African-themed casino on Kwazulu Natal’s north coast is a must-see for all visiting the province. It hosts 1000 slot machines and 24 touch bet roulette games.

3. Sun Coast Casino

Sun Coast casino sits proudly on Durban’s famous promenade. It homes 1600 slot machines and 67 table games. This is the ultimate location for fun and sun entertainment.

4. Limpopo


1. Khoroni Casino

Found in the Thohoyandou area, the Khoroni casino has 140 slot machines and 7 gaming tables. This casino and hotel is situated perfectly close to the Kruger National Park.

2. Meropa Casino

Based on a Moroccan theme, this casino has it all. 404 slot machines and 17 table games cater to all needs of its guests.

5. Mpumalanga


1. Emnotweni Casino

Next to the Riverside Mall, this is a prime location for visitors and locals in Mpumalanga. 425 slot machines and more than enough table games make sure that all guests are able to enjoy world-class facilities.

2. Graceland Casino

In a great location for locals to enjoy, Graceland has an old-colonial type style. The numerous slot machines and an array of table games fill the large casino and give its guests non-stop entertainment.

6. Northern Cape

Northern Cape
Northern Cape

1. Flamingo Casino

With 240 slot machines and table games, this beautiful casino set in Kimberly is the perfect getaway for those looking for an entertaining yet relaxing time away.

2. Desert Place Casino

Near the centre of Kimberly, this casino can offer you a great stay with just as great dining facilities. The casino has over 167 slot machines, as well as 7 tables to choose from.

7. North West Province

North West Province
North West Province

This is one of the more popular casinos in South Africa. Often hosting events and shows, the casino also has 700 slot machines and 20 gaming tables for its guests to enjoy.

2. Sun City Casino

Well-known all over, this world-class resort is perfect for locals and foreign visitors alike. It hosts 850 slot machines and a very large number of table games. It is regarded as one of the largest payout casinos in South Africa.

3. Rio Casino

Guests enjoy the Rio de Janeiro feel of this casino while choosing between 300 slot machines and 13 table games. Feel as though you have left South Africa in this unique and extravagant casino.

8. Free State

Free State
Free State

1. Goldfields Casino

Found in Welkom, this award-winning casino has around 225 slot machines and 9 table games on offer for its guests. It is found in Welkoms CBD, making it easily accessible for locals.

2. Naledi Sun Casino

One of the smaller casinos, Naledi Sun is found in the town of Thaba Nchu. It is a great getaway for guests and is home to superb dining. It has 160 slot machines and caters to every taste.

9. Eastern Cape

Eastern Cape
Eastern Cape

1. Hemingways Casino

This East London Casino has a prime hotel and some great shopping available for visitors. In the casino, you will find 500 slot machines and exclusive gaming areas.

2. Boardwalk Casino

This family resort in Port Elizabeth caters to everyone’s needs. Enjoy a family holiday away, and spend some time alone between the 900 slot machines and 24 gaming tables.

3. Wild Coast Sun Casino

Down the coast from Kwazulu Natal, this casino is one of the oldest in South Africa. It is a perfect family holiday getaway and boasts 438 slot machines and table games for all tastes.


Above listed are some of the most popular and widely visited casinos in South Africa for you to visit and have fun. Hopefully, you are able to find a great casino near you and take your mind off the stress of everyday life while enjoying the chance of winning a little extra money.


Q1. What is the legal age to visit the casinos near me?

You need to be 18 and above years of age to visit the casinos near you.

Q2. Are there specific dress codes for patrons at local land casinos?

Dress codes can vary among local land casinos. While some establishments may have a more relaxed policy, others may require patrons to adhere to smart-casual or formal attire, especially in designated gaming areas.

Q3. What types of games are typically available at South African land casinos?

Local land casinos in South Africa typically offer a variety of games, including slot machines, table games such as blackjack and roulette, poker rooms, electronic table games, and sometimes specialty games like bingo and keno.

Q4. Do South African casinos near me provide non-gaming amenities?

Yes, many land casinos in South Africa offer non-gaming amenities, including restaurants, bars, entertainment venues, and in some cases, hotels. These facilities contribute to a well-rounded experience beyond gaming.

Q5. Can I find accommodation at or near local land casinos?

Many land casinos in South Africa are integrated with hotels or have accommodations nearby. Visitors often have the option to stay on-site or at affiliated hotels for added convenience.

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