How Do Slot Machines Work?

How Slot Machines Work
How Slot Machines Work

The most popular game at the casino is undeniably the slot machines. They never seem to get old and are the chosen casino game among newcomers and old-timers.

There is nothing quite like sitting back and paying the slots with a drink in hand and the feeling of a potential jackpot right around the corner. Let’s find out How Slot Machines Work.

How do slot machines work?

However, most players do not know how slot machines work. Understanding how the machines work can go a long way in helping you enjoy the game more.

Slot machines work using a Random Number Generator (RNG)

How Do Slot Machines Work?
How Do Slot Machines Work?

Slot machines work using a Random Number Generator (RNG) that treats each spin as a new, individual spin. This ensures that every spin has a random chance of winning a jackpot or losing the spin.

There are countless tips and tricks that people swear by when it comes to playing slots, but these machines are very heavily regulated and very hard, almost impossible, to tailor with or predict.

All slot machines are regulated and run by a specific software that is only accessible by the manufacturers of the machine, or developers. This means that the casino cannot by any means tamper with the results, or playouts or change how often the machines hit a jackpot.

Many of us believe that casinos have some sort of way to ensure the machines pay out more at certain times, and less when they do not want to lose money.

Most casinos have hundreds of slot machines, all of different makes, games and payouts. Because of this variety, it is difficult to understand why the myths, tips and tricks would apply to so many different machines.

There are probably so many myths surrounding slot machines because people don’t know how to crack them, or even understand how they work.  

The die-hards will still stay true to their methods, but here are some of the common myths that aren’t true.

Slot Machine Myths

Slot Machine Myths
Slot Machine Myths

1. Slot machines have hot and cold periods

Some people think that slot machines are luckier at certain times of the day than others. Some people believe that playing slots early in the morning, around 3-5 am increases your chances of winning a payout as this is when machines are at their “hottest”. This is true.

Slot machines are run by regulated software that can’t be tampered with. Each spin is completely random. This means that you could win two jackpots in one sitting, or not win one your whole life sitting at the same machine. It is pure random luck.

2. A machine will payout soon if it hasn’t paid out in a while

Once again, this is a myth. A machine could pay out at any point, or not pay out at all for a long period This reinforces the point that all spins are random. It is impossible to predict when a machine will pay out.

3. A machine that has just paid a jackpot will not pay another one out for a long period

A machine that has just paid a jackpot will not pay another one out for a long period

If your lucky stars are looking down on you, you could win two jackpots in a row. Whether a machine has just paid out a jackpot or not does not affect your chances of winning one.

Each spin holds the same possibility of winning as the last, the next, or the tenth spin from now.

The software in the slot machines ensures that all play, 24/7, is completely random and is not influenced by the previous payouts of the day.

4. You have more chance of winning by pulling the handle instead of pushing a button

This seems to be a myth pushed by die-hard slot players. They believe that you have more chance of winning if you pull the handle of the slot machine instead of pushing the button to spin.

Each method of playing is regulated and run by the same software, ensuring that each spin, regardless of method is fair and completely random.

5. You have more chance of winning during slow periods at the casino

Yet again another myth that is simply not true. No matter if you are one of the thousands on the casino floor or all on your own, your chances of winning are the same.

Although you might miss out sitting at your favourite machine, the time you go play does playing affect your chances.

6. The machines that are hidden away pay out more

The machines that are hidden away pay out more
The machines that are hidden away pay out more

One can see how people who don’t understand slot machines might think the casino hides away all its paying machines. But, by knowing that each machine’s payouts are completely random, you can be assured that this isn’t true. You would only need to sit in the corner if you want more privacy.

So now you understand the untrue myths surrounding slot machines and casinos. You can base your playing times and methods on what you enjoy and what suits you. Don’t fall into the trap of believing all the myths and tricks you hear from others or what read online.

Rest assured there is no conspiracy to steal your money, and your chances are just as good as the next guy when playing the slots.


For more insight, into how slots work, watch the below video. Understanding the mechanics and software will open your eyes to how the real slot game is run.

This should help you reassure yourself when you’re on a losing streak, that it is nothing that you have done. Just sit back and wait for Lady Luck to arrive!

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