Helpful Casino Strategies To Try


Casino strategies to try are useful tips you can follow at the casino you visit. There are drinks, bright lights, great food, and the chance of winning big. Many people visit a casino for a good time, and for the opportunity to fatten their wallets.

However, if you are spending time at a casino to earn some extra cash, but have no game plan, you won’t be very successful.

The casino will always have the upper hand when it comes to gambling, but there are strategies you can practice to try and give yourself a bit of an advantage. Luck, however, is possibly the biggest winner of all.

Here are some casino strategies to try

Counting Cards

Casino Strategies To Try

Card counting is always seen in a bad light, but a little bit of card counting here and there won’t hurt anyone.

Counting cards is the strategy where the player keeps a careful track of the cards that have been dealt by the dealer. Each card is assigned a commercial amount when they become visible. The players have an advantage once they know the cards are in their favour. If done right, counting cards can give the player a 2% advantage over the casino.

Some card counters do their job so well that they have actually been banned from gambling at casinos all over the world.

Video Poker vs Slots

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Slots are completely random. There is no way for you to beat the system on a slot machine, which is why it is better to play video poker rather than slots.

Video poker involves some strategy, and once you have seen the cards that have been dealt to you, you can make an informed decision on what play to make. This way you can gain an advantage over the house that you wouldn’t just by playing slots.

The video poker machines might not be as attractive as some of the glitz and glam slot machines, but they do give you better odds at winning if you have some strategy to follow.

Play Advertised Slots

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Every now and then a casino will advertise slots with a high payout percentage. A guaranteed higher payout percentage is an opportunity you should not miss. Why wouldn’t you want to play on the machine that gives you a better chance of winning?

Be sure to check the wording of the advertisment though, anything that says ” up to” or “loose slots” aren’t definite and don’t promise anything.

Table Games All Night

roulette table

Slots are bright, exciting and full of colour, but they also have a tendency to drain your money much faster than table games. They are also completely random which means you can’t use any strategy to win.

Blackjack Strategy

Blackjack 2

Blackjack is one of the easiest games to beat by using basic strategy. By spending some time learning basic tricks and strategies for Blackjack, you are able to lower the house advantage by 0.5 to 1%.

Pick Your Odds

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It would make sense for you to gamble at a casino – either online or land based – that offers the best bonuses and odds, but many people don’t actually do this.

Many online casinos allow you to set notifications that let you know when they have a promotion running, or special bonuses available to new or loyal players. Utilize these to earn more points, win more money or gain some credit.

Slots Club

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Many casinos offer players the opportunity to join a slots club. This is usually in the form of a card and is free to join. The card is used every time you play and monitors how much you spend, win or lose. Sometimes the casino even rewards you with meals and hotel stays, often as a way to repay you for your losses.

If you are playing at the casino and it is a free service, it makes sense to join. You can wait for any freebies if they come along.

Don’t Hold On To Superstitions


While superstitions run deep and most people swear by them inside a casino, forget they ever existed. There is absolutely no reason why superstition should work.

The random number generator doesn’t know what day your great grandmothers dog was born on, and it doesn’t care much either.

Here are some superstitions that are common in casinos:

  • Slot cards are favoured by the casino, therefore using a slot card in a machine increases your chance of winning.
  • Hot coins help you win.
  • A machine which isn’t paying out will pay out soon, as it is due for a payout.
  • Using the lever on the machine gives you better odds at winning than pushing a button.
  • Days of the weeks are given different return percentages by the casino.

Plan Ahead

raininng money

Never spend more than what you can afford at a casino. This can be so incredibly hard to follow when you think the next bet will help you win your money back.

Instead, put money aside each week that you can afford to spare. Use however much has accumulated at the end of the month to visit the casino. Only use this money and don’t dip into any other accounts. If you happen to win a little bit of cash, you could always use it towards your savings next month. Or splash out on something special for yourself!

Responsible gambling is the most important mindset to keep. Winning when you have no money to spend isn’t winning at all. Keeping to a budget and spending only what you can afford to is the best way to ensure you can really enjoy any bonuses or jackpots you might win.

Just Have Fun

You could practice a thousand strategies and count cards all night at the casino; but it is really pointless if you aren’t having fun.

Yes, gambling gives you the chance to win some big money jackpots. It is there to be enjoyed, to have fun and to relax. Don’t over stress yourself. Have a game plan in place, but make sure plan A is to have fun.

Once the fun in gambling has disappeared, it is time to call it quits.

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