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Strategy to play Blackjack include card counting and betting systems. They all require a player to act in very specific ways. They can work if a person understands them and uses the correctly, but there are several things that can happen that will impact the ability of a person to win at the blackjack tables. Instead of concentrating on what a system or strategy tells you to do, it may be better to learn what not to do at the blackjack table.

Many visitors to casinos consider blackjack to be a great test of their skill. The blackjack players have to make important decisions that can decide whether they are the big winner or if they walk away a loser. The luck of the cards plays a role in how well a person does at the blackjack table, but a player who understands the game and pays attention to what is happening around them has a better chance of succeeding at the blackjack tables.

Blackjack – Things to avoid

Blackjack has been played for a long time. There are plenty of systems that can help a person decide what they need to do at any point in the game. When speaking of Strategy to play Blackjack this list contains 11 things that should be avoided when playing blackjack.


  1. Drink – You need to make the right decisions to win at blackjack. Alcohol impairs your ability to do this. Stay away from drinking to keep your mind clear.
  2. Bet more than you should – When you start to play, have an amount that you are willing to gamble. If you lose all of that, step away from the table. You can always come back another day.
  3. Play other’s games – Blackjack pits the player against the dealer. Don’t copy the moves of the dealer or other players. Make your own decisions.
  4. Deviate from your system – No matter what you strategy or system is, you will lose some hands. The best way to use a system is to use it every time. In the end if your system is good, you will be a winner.
  5. Be afraid to walk away – It is okay to take a break if you feel your luck has turned sour. A short break can refresh your mind and change your luck.
  6. Play without knowing the rules – There are different versions of blackjack. Make sure you know what the rules are for a specific table.
  7. Buy insurance – This is the bet in blackjack that has the lowest odds. Stay away from it.
  8. Split tens – Getting a 200 is usually a winning hand. Don’t give up a winning hand to turn it into two losing hands.
  9. Forget about surrendering – This strategy allows to limit the amount they can lose, but must be used properly. If you don’t know how to do it, take the time to learn when it is appropriate.
  10. Gamble your winnings – When you win at the blackjack tables, put the money in your pocket. That allows you to walk away a winner every time.
  11. Forget to have fun – Unless you are a professional blackjack player, the game is supposed to be for fun. Enjoy the time at the table whether you win or lose.

Best Strategy To Play European Blackjack

Strategy To Play Blackjack
European Blackjack

Since Blackjack is not only a game of chance but also one which heavily relies on strategy too, it’s always wiser to use basic strategy to play Blackjack rather to just wing it and see what comes out of the game.

In European blackjack, players have to be more conservative in their double down and split attempts, especially, when the dealer’s face up card is an Ace or a 10-value card.

The house edge for European Blackjack using between 4 and 8 decks is at around 0.42%. The change in rule requires an adjustment in the strategy to adopt for this variant of blackjack. Players will tend to play in a more conservative fashion.

  • This becomes true especially when the dealer’s first card is an Ace or 10-value card.
  • The player will have no way of knowing until his hand is complete what the dealer’s hand is.
  • That makes moves like splitting or doubling down risky, especially given that the dealer’s blackjack beats the player’s hand of 21.

Doubling down is also reduced because of the following 2 rules:

Doubling down only for hands of 9 to 11.

No doubling on 11 against a dealer’s 10.

Splitting is also reduced because of the rule related to splitting: no splitting of 4s, 5s, or 10-value cards that are not alike.

Best Strategy To Play High Limit Blackjack

High limit European Blackjack
High limit European Blackjack

The best strategy to play high limit Blackjack will help reduce the house edge from 5% to a minimal 0.5%. If you are playing high stakes, the chances are that you know some strategy, but still some strategies or tips to remember are important.  Most players use basic strategy chart as a stepping stone to understanding high-limit blackjack strategy. The basic strategy chart shows you how to play your first 2 cards based on the dealer’s “face-up” card.

Like if your first 2 cards are 3 and 5, you have a total of 8. The chart will instruct you to hit. You draw a 3 which totals 11. The chart then tells you to double on 11, but you are allowed to double on only your first 2 cards. Therefore, you must hit. The chart translation uses the word “otherwise.” So, if you had to translate this example it would say, “If you have 11 – double otherwise hit.”

Strategy To Play Blackjack

Classic Blackjack game
Classic Blackjack game

When you play any Blackjack game you need to blend strategy with effective bankroll management. Also, you should first play free blackjack games before playing real money blackjack. Be aware of the different odds that are on offer with different blackjack variants. You should also be fully familiar with all of the basic rules and basic premises when it comes to playing blackjack.

While hand charts are great for complete beginners, these are not to be relied upon if you are trying to get a bit more serious with your blackjack game. You want to be constantly improving your skill base and taking on board feedback from your previous performances with the aim of taking your game to the next level.

Note that a lot of online casinos will offer you the chance to surrender. You are only able to surrender one of the first two cards you have been dealt. Therefore, it is something to consider straight away.

When it comes to splitting your hands doubling your bet can be a useful way to boost your winnings. Also, you need to know when you should or when to stand with certain hands and scenarios. The insurance bet option usually is offered when the upcard of the dealer is an ace. Even if you have a good hand you should avoid paying insurance, as the payoff is going to be less than the odds are that the dealer is going to have a blackjack.

One of the common rules when splitting hole cards is to always split 8s and Aces. These two sets of pairs should always be split no matter what cards the dealer may have. This strategy will help you cut your losses or win more in the long run. You should also avoid splitting tens or a pair of 5s. Keeping the 10s together is a better strategy in the long run than taking the chance with splitting.

Some online blackjack players like to take a more conservative approach. There is no point when you are starting out with blackjack to go out and blow all of your chips by betting too big. You should take a more muted approach and try to play hands with the goal of improving and learning the ropes than necessarily only focusing on winning.

Many players only increase their bets when they win a hand while others just like grinding it out with the same bet size all of the time. Whatever the case may be, a more conservative approach can help develop your skills in an effective manner.

Finally, there are different strategies to play online blackjack. The Martingale strategy is popular among gamblers as a way to have some sort of structure to your betting. This effectively sees you doubling your bet every time you lose a hand. Once you have gotten back your original bankroll, you should then revert back to the original bet. Otherwise, the stakes will get out of hand quickly and you could be out of pocket by a significant amount. The 1-3-2-6 blackjack system is another basic strategy. This sees you following the sequence every time that you win. For example, if your initial bet is $10 and it is a winner, you will then bet $30 on the next hand and if this wins you will bet $20 on the next hand.

You need to but remember that there is no one system or strategy that is going to be guaranteed to make you money when playing online blackjack with real money.

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