The Best South African Sports Betting Sites

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Sports betting, who doesn’t love to wager a buck here and there? South Africans love their sports. There is such a wide variety to choose from, soccer to horse racing, cricket to rugby.

Gone are the days of visiting your favorite bookie to place a bet, filling in your odds, and making sure you have enough money on you to conduct the deal. We have come a long way since then. Here I have rounded up Best SA Sports Betting Sites for you.

Now you can pick one of many online sports betting sites. There are so many out there that it can sometimes be difficult to choose which one is best for you.

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It is also difficult finding a site that caters to your needs. Some considerations to think of before choosing your site are:


You want to be able to change it up a bit now and again. While you might have one favorite sport to bet on, a world cup or a league might start-up and you want to try your luck there.

Subscribe to one site, as they will have everything you need. This saves you switching between accounts to place bets.

Good Customer Support

Dealing with money online can be stressful. Knowing you have good customer care at your disposal gives you some peace of mind.

Make sure that the site you are looking to join has effective customer support that readily answers and deals with problems. One that is 24/7 is a bonus.

Safe-deposit and Withdrawal Methods

Safe deposit and Withdrawal Methods
Safe-deposit and Withdrawal Methods

If you are betting with money, you want to keep that money. Making sure that your chosen site has safe deposit and withdrawal options will go a long way in protecting your money, reducing banking charges, and aiding quicker withdrawals. You don’t want to have to wait an eternity to receive your winnings.

Legitimate Site

You also want to make sure that the money you are putting down on a bet isn’t going straight to some scammer sitting in his mom’s basement.

Checking that the site is regulated by legal authorities helps you make sure you are betting safely, betting by the rules and that you have an organization to approach should there be any problems.

If you don’t recognize the regulatory body, search it online and you will be able to check its legitimacy and the rules it adheres to.

Now that you know what to look out for, you can start exploring sites for yourself. But seeing as though us South Africans are so passionate about our sports and betting on it, wouldn’t you want to sign up and use a proudly South African site?

Nobody else out there will understand your unique love for sports, and be patriotic about it as well.

South African Sports Betting Sites

Here are some of the best SA Sporting Sites out there:

1. BetWay South Africa

South African Sports Betting Sites
BetWay South Africa – Bet Now

It is a particularly popular site because of their deposit options. BetWay has partnered up with major South African banks to ensure that customers can easily deposit and withdraw money on the site.

Punters can use Credit Card, Instant EFT, and Direct Deposits through South African banks such as ABSA, FNB, Standard Bank, and Nedbank. Using trusted South African banks helps players feel much safer when dealing with money online.

BetWay offers weekly promotions that have prizes ranging from cash to smartphones. Now and again they host grand draws where players could win holidays or new cars. Minimum bets start at R5, so there is no reason not to.

2. Sunbet

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A more sophisticated site with variety to keep anyone interested. Sunbet has a wide range of sports to bet on, and their variety is what keeps so many of its members loyal. Sunbet has a card that allows for easy login to the website, perfect for those who aren’t so tech-savvy.

They offer great promotions and even give new members a sign-up bonus of 100% match bonus on first deposits up to R500. What makes the site even more trustworthy is that it is run by Sun International. You know you will be getting quality and safe play.

3. World Sports Betting

Now, this is where it gets interesting, World Sports Betting offers members R100 to bet with, or to cash out, for every person you refer to the site.

If you love to talk and can sell ice to an Eskimo, then you can make some really good money on this site – or place some decent bets without having to spend a cent. The site started in 2002, making it one of the older sites in the industry and they boast over 250 000 pre-match betting events every month.

As well as sporting bets, you can keep up with the Lotto draw and other gambling news. Customers can rest assured that the 24-hour customer care center will readily solve any issues or answer any queries when they arise.

4. Sportingbet South Africa

Sportingbet South Africa is one of the Best SA Sports Betting Sites best known and oldest betting sites out there, and it is proudly South Africa. Beginning way back in 1998, they have grown a great repertoire when it comes to online sports betting.

The easy to use and the entertaining site keeps loyal members coming back, and entices new members to try it out as well. The live chat feature helps members solve problems with the help of friendly customer care.

Sportingbet South Africa also gives new members an R831 welcome bonus and a specially developed app that helps you cash out your money easily.

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If you are passionate about your sports and consider yourself in the know when it comes to who is going to win, when they are going to win, and by how much, sports betting is for you.

Pick your sport (or sports) from these Best SA Sports Betting Sites and find a decent site to conduct business on. There are more than enough proudly South African sites for you to choose from, so you can easily keep things local.

How amazing that you can combine your love for sports with your love for winning some money – Click to bet today.

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