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The Amazon Echo Show – Why You Should Order One Today

The Amazon Echo Show

Amazon Echo Show

As with most things, South Africa is slow to pick up on new technology. The average Joe usually gets wind of new tech once the rest of the world has had time to thoroughly investigate and explore it. However by the means of the internet and social media, we are catching up.

Amazon presented us with the Amazon Echo Show in May this year. This is an upgraded version of the previous Amazon Echo. Those who initially purchase the Amazon Echo, regret not waiting for the new Amazon Echo Show, as it now has a fully functioning and interactive touchscreen.

So, what is it?

Basically, run by the Alexa voice service, the Echo Show is a talented home-entertainment system. By simple voice command, you can request any action or information that Alexa is programmed for. This saves you sitting in front of a computer screen or using your mobile phone to perform a multitude of different actions. Many home run businesses are now using Alexa as a personal assistant, and successfully so. The range of her commands and abilities are constantly being updated and her repertoire continues to grow.

In order to make the most out of your Echo Show (which will put you back around R5000), you will need to have the corresponding accounts and apps already installed on your PC or mobile phone.

Alexa can follow many demands as a middle man, and order your Uber or Lyft, get you a pizza, or even order your Amazon shopping. Granted you need to have all of this set up and ready to use on the Alexa app that needs to be installed on your PC or phone, but this is easy enough to do.

One of the best features of the Echo Show is that you can directly link your Amazon Prime music accounts, and make use of the room-filling speakers. As this is what the original Echo was initially intended for, it is one of her greatest assets.

What does it do?

In order to get a full scope of what the Echo Show can offer you, and how easily she can fit into your life – you will need to play around with her yourself.

Echo Show

At home

Here are some of the more common uses of the Amazon Echo Show around the house:

  • Get traffic updates before leaving home – save yourself the hassle of 2 hour commutes by getting up-to-date traffic reports.
  • Weather forecasts readily available and updated – plan your outfits, days and weekends in advance with a simple question to Alexa.
  • Catch up on the latest news from your favourite channel – you can program the Echo Show to give you updates on the latest headlines when you need them, from a channel of your choice.
  • Place orders on – you will obviously need an existing Amazon account for this, but you can scroll through and place all your orders (and even track delivery).
  • Feeling lazy? You can order take out from your closest delivery place.
  • Watch tutorials on just about anything (try out some cooking tutorials while in the kitchen)
  • Connect your SmartHome devices (this is proving a favourite). You can connect all your SmartHome devices to your Echo Show and use it as a hub to control all the rooms and tech in your house. Having this readily available has been a breakthrough for those with disabilities who battle to reach switches or even get around the house easily.
  • Create to-do and shopping lists. Instead of finding pieces of paper to write down your notes, simply call them out to Alexa and tell her which list to add it to.
  • Create multiple accounts – each person in the family can have their own Alexa account with their preferences and music. If you have an elderly parent, you can even set up an Echo Show at their house and keep up to date with their shopping list – and even make video calls.
  • Wikipedia info – ask Alexa and she will read out whatever information it is that you are looking for.
  • eBook reader. If you battle to fall asleep,  download an eBook and have Alexa read it to you as you fall asleep. You can even program her to stop reading after a certain amount of time. This is also really handy for reading out recipes in the kitchen.

At the office

Alexa is also a great personal assistant for small business.

  • Sync your Google calendar to the Echo Show and schedule new appointments and meetings through Alexa
  • Handle some online banking with the Echo Show – it is safe and secure and only accessible by the registered party
  • Order office supplies from Amazon – never run out of paper again!
  • Video call allows you to have meetings wherever you are.

Have some fun

To add a little bit of fun, Amazon have also programmed some Easter Eggs into Alexa’s make up , so ask her some of the below questions and find her quirky responses:

  • Who you gonna call?
  • You talkin’ to me?
  • Do you want to build a snowman?
  • Do you know the muffin man?

Echo Show

It is pretty obvious how much easier Alexa and the Amazon Echo Show can make day to day life.  You can expect to constantly find new updates and features with Amazon adding to Alexa’s ability. The Echo Show will grow with your needs and meet every single one of them.

Keep the device in an area where their commands can be heard clearly while the Echo Show remains stationary.

Some might argue that they can do without this device. However, it is quite a nifty little gadget and can really benefit certain people daily.