7 Amazing Things to Do in South Africa

Just a holiday or something more than that? That is a question for all those inquisitive minds out there who want to know more and more about South Africa. You can spend an amazing time in South Africa not only because of the diverse wildlife and habitat but also for the amazing food that comes with it.

Amazing Things to Do in South Africa

There are many different restaurants showing their ostentatious way of catering. All in all below are some of the most amazing things to do when visiting South Africa.

1. Tee Off at a Top Golf Course

Amazing Things to Do in South Africa

A pretentious site to admire in South Africa are the golf courses as well. Gary Player and Ernie Els were the first two professionals that earned their titles over here, and as a matter of fact, built a lot many golf courses as well. The two most important courses are The Links at the hotel Fancourt and Leopard Creek near the Kruger National park.

With a breathtaking sight to see, the former was designed by Gary Player alongside the Outeniqua Mountains. The latter, however, has an African touch to it where you can observe giraffes rummaging around and hippos cleaning themselves. Some of the golf courses in South Africa, also have luxurious spas for the non-golfers to relax.

2. Discover World-Class Surfing

Discover World Class Surfing

With a nautical range of about 1600 miles, the South African coastline stretches from the Atlantic to the Indian Ocean. Surfing is one of the most basic attractions in the South African beaches. The most famous surf spot is held in Cape Town. You should also visit the Muizenberg for the beginner waves or Bog Beach near Blouberg Beach.

Jeffrey’s Bay is actually the surfing capital of South Africa where stars like Kelly Slater and Jordy Smith like to chill. Durban is another spot for pros as well as the beginners.

3. Realize Your Safari Fantasies

safari fantacies 1

One of the primary reasons to visit South Africa is Safari. Most people travel here just to get a knack of it. The Kruger National Park is the country’s most famous wildlife sanctuary. Here you can also observe the Big Five, and there are also luxury lodges and accommodations made to your desire and comfort. Walking safaris and horseback safaris are also available.

There is also an off the track safari as well in the Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park, where you can sightsee the Botswana border and the renowned black-maned lions over there. They also offer self-drive safaris as well in the Mkhuze Game Reserve or Addo Elephant National Park.

4. Hike Amidst Stunning Scenery

Hike Amidst Stunning

South Africa is also known for its alluring beautiful nature. You can take many long-distance hiking trails along the soothing coast. Some trails take you to the country’s hidden secrets. It certainly could make you feel like Indiana Jones. Some of the most famous trails are the Fanie Botha trail in Mpumalanga and the Rim of Africa which helps you to cross the Western Cape Mountains.

You can also visit the Wild Coast in the Drakensberg Mountains for a more redacted experience. It is situated in the beauty of the Eastern Cape where you can also learn a lot about the Xhosa culture. The Drakensberg is the highest mountain range in South Africa.

5. Go Swimming With Sharks

Go Swimming With Sharks

A rare sight to see is to watch the great white sharks come really near to the coast in search of their favorite prey the Cape fur seals. So if you are man enough to take upon the challenge to swim with these voracious beasts, it could be the opportunity of a lifetime to swim with the world’s most dangerous apex predator. Your safety, however, isn’t compromised by companies like Gansbaai, Mossel, etc., that offer you caged-diving tours.

For a more perilous way, you can go further up north to the Aliwal Shoal where you can get really close to the different species of these sharks and without any cages where you can free dive with the tiger sharks, blacktip sharks, and others. Some sand tiger sharks also accumulate on the reef to mate. These sharks, however, are protected in a total underwater sanctuary and thus safety isn’t compromised.

6. Photograph a Wildflower Bloom


As a benchmark for one of the most amazing flora, it is also an enticing place for botanists to visit. Cape Floral is home to more than 9500 plant species out of which 70 percent are impossible to find anywhere else on the Earth. The region is renowned for its world-famous fynbos species.

During a certain period of time in the year the wildflower blooms in the Northern Cape. They usurp the flowers in the Western Cape which really stretches far and wide and is a truly magnificent sight for admiration and adulation.

7. Explore South Africa’s History

Explore South Africas History

South Africa also has a plethora of history. Two monuments stand as a proof of war between the Zulu people and the Dutch Voortrekkers at the Blood River. Events like the Rorke’s Drift and Isandlwana are commemorated in the memories of the soldiers in the Anglo-Zulu War. Its modern history, however, was foreshadowed due to the apartheid and racial injustice.

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