What To Do When Visiting The City of Durban

The City of Durban

Durban is a thriving, cultural city located within Kwa-Zula Natal, South Africa. The city of Durban is a melting-pot of different cultures, all coming together to create a vibrant city full of color, life, and experiences.

Durban is one of the best places to visit in South Africa. It is always warm and the city is welcoming to visitors from all over.

Visiting The City of Durban

Due to it being such a busy city, you need to know where you will be heading before you go to Durban. Here are some suggestions on what to do on your next visit to Durban. It is also a great guide for those already living in Durban who are stuck on what to do.

Must-Do In Durban

Visiting The City of Durban

Being home to the Zulu nation, it is a must that you immerse yourself in the culture. Just outside of busy Durban is the Phe Zulu safari park. It highlights the culture and history of the Zulu nation. The site offers an unforgettable experience with Zulu dancing and a cultural immersion. You can even get involved in a shield making session. Once you have made your shield and participated in a Zulu dance, you can pop into the curio shop to buy some locally handmade crafts.

Durban’s Best Feature


Without a doubt, the best part of Durban is the beachfront. The promenade in Durban has recently been revamped and upgraded. It is a six-kilometer stretch of activity and South African cuisine. Along the six-kilometer stretch, you will find attractions such as the renowned Sun Coast Casino, Battery Beach, Ushaka Marine World, the Skate Park, and Mini Town. You can also catch a ride in a rickshaw pulled along by a man in eccentric costume.

The beachfront really is our little piece of paradise in Durban. The beaches are beautiful and the stretch is clean and safe. You will often find joggers running along the promenade as the sun rises, or strolling along the beach at sun set.

Best Walk To Do In Durban

Umhlanga Lagoon

If you are wanting to keep fit in Durban, why not take a walk in Umhlanga? The Umhlanga Lagoon walk is suitable for runners and families, and can even be done with kids.

The terrain is incredibly diverse, it transforms between wetlands, forests and coastal environments, with sand dunes scattered along the way. It is home to many different plants and animals, thanks to its unique terrain and close proximity to the beach.

Once you have finished the walk, you will exit onto the serene Umhlanga beach. You can set up a blanket and enjoy the ocean views for a while, winding down from your hike.

Best Restaurants

Shisa Nyama

Durban has a wide range of different of restaurants and cuisines to enjoy, but to really enjoy Durban you have to try shisa nyama. It is a Durban local food which is braaied meat served with a side like pap and gravy, and enjoyed with local beers. There are certain restaurants that you have to visit to try authentic shisa nyama. There is Cafe Skyzer in Chesterville, The Joint Cafe in South Beach and Artizen Restaurant and Lounge in KwaMashu.

Be sure to get to know the places you are visiting. Some areas can be a bit dangerous after dark, but you will be fine if you travel with a tour guide or someone who knows the area well.

Best Music Festival

Mr Price Pro

If you are a lover of live music, the Ballito and Salt Rock Mr Price Pro is for you. It is a live concert held on the sandy beaches of Salt Rock every year, during the surf contest of the Mr Price Pro. The best local talent is featured on stage and it is a night to remember. Where else can you enjoy a live, rocking concert, right on the beach?

Nightlife in Durban

Umhlanga Village

For a festive night in Durban, you will want to travel to Umhlanga village. It is a square dedicated to trendy restaurants and hearty pubs, with some bars and clubs dotted along the way. It is fairly central for most people in Durban, and there is accessible private transport to make your way around. All the restaurants, bars and pubs are within walking distance in Umhlanga Village. This makes it the perfect spot to catch dinner, bar hop and end your night dancing at the club.

Where to Day Trip To

Midlands Meander

Only an hour outside of Durban is the Midlands Meander. It is rich in history and local curio shops. There are wedding venues, cafes and local crafts to be found along the way. You can stay the night at one of the amazing Bed and Breakfasts while you take extra time to explore the meander. Stop by Nottingham Road to enjoy a taste of the local brewery, and see the old hotel with a haunted room!

If you are lucky, you might even catch some light snow in winter. The Midlands Meander is a truly magical place, and you can get lost in the experience and everything it has to offer.


Suncoast Casino 1

Durban has two great casinos on offer. Sun Coast Casino, which is found along the beachfront, and Sibaya casino found north of Durban. Both are world class venues with great restaurants, great slot and table selections, and wonderful hotels.

What You Need To Know

The people of Durban are friendly and always willing to help. But just like when traveling elsewhere, you need to be aware of your surroundings and not fall into the usual tourists traps. Only travel with accredited tour groups and try not be on your own at night. Keep your valuables hidden and don’t take lifts from strangers!

Durban has so much to offer, you will find excitement around every corner. You just need to know the best places to visit and you are in for a treat!

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