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5 fun things you can do when visiting Port Elizabeth

Port Elizabeth

When you visit Port Elizabeth you will find it has much to offer and have fun activities to do. Port Elizabeth, is one of South Africa’s largest cities and also known as The Bay, The Friendly City, The Windy City and The Ten Minute City.  Port Elizabeth’s cool oceanic climate makes everything done in Port Elizabeth a lot more fun.

The climate in Port Elizabeth is just awesome. The winters are cool but mild and the summers are warm. Summers in Port Elizabeth are substantially less humid than in most parts of South Africa. It maintains a moderate climate all through the year which means neither too hot, nor too cold and is perfect for all the things you can enjoy and do here. Here are the 5 fun things you can do when visiting this cool city.

1. Have fun with African animals at the Kragga Kamma Game Park

Kragga Kamma Game Park

The Kragga Kamma Game Park is one of the first places to visit at Port Elizabeth. The famous game park is famous for its vast variety of African animals. The grass land and coastal forest is home to Buffaloes, Cheetahs, White Rhinos, Zebras, Giraffes and many more species that would certainly pique your interest. What’s even more exciting is that these animals are allowed to roam freely in this natural and unrestricted environment. No disturbance of the animals is permitted. Hunting is forbidden here. However, because of the free roaming allowance, you’ll definitely get many opportunities to take photos of the animals and with the animals. There’s never been a better opportunity to see these animals up close; or at the very least, you can try your hand at amateur photography.

2. Reignite your love of pastries at Vovo Telo

Vovo Telo

If you have a sweet tooth, then Vovo Telo is a compulsory stop. With a delectable menu and expertly made variety of coffee, Vovo Telo is named after a village in Madagascar where the journey began. You will definitely not be short of choices when you see the sour dough, brioche, rye, coconut loaf and fresh ciabatta. The best part, you can drop by anytime be it breakfast, lunch, dinner, or tea. Located on Raleigh Street, this Bakery & Cafe definitely caters to the sweetest parts of you and definitely ensures your Port Elizabeth experience is worth it.

3. Go for the Donkin Heritage Trail

Donkin Heritage Trail

The Donkin Heritage trail was named after the Sir Rufane Donkin, the then acting governor of the Cape Colony. Walking the Heritage Trail gives you an opportunity to see Port Elizabeth in a manner you never expected, personally. The Trail, which is five kilometres, links at least 47 historical sites in the port Elizabeth as well as some national monuments. Even if historical tours are not your thing, the Donkin Heritage trail is still worth giving a shot. It’s definitely an interesting way to get you around Port Elizabeth and learn some fascinating facts about the city while you’re at it.

4. If you are book lover then visit the Mundy’s Book Exchange

Mundy's Book Exchange

The seemingly infinite collection of books which can be found at Mundy’s Book Exchange will definitely excite the hearts of book lovers all over the world. You will definitely find some literary gems in this well-stocked second-hand bookstore. Located at 73A Cape Rd, Parsons Hill, Eastern Cape, Mundy’s Book Exchange is worth the visit. You can even bring in your old books for exchange here.

5. Relax at Hobie Beach

Hobie Beach

Hobie Beach in port Elizabeth will definitely appeal to lovers of water sports. Here, you can find pretty much any water sport you want at any time of the year. If you’re not into water sports, there’s no need to worry. Hobie beach is also for those who are not into water sports. With the clear water, sunny beach and a warm, inviting atmosphere, you can always relax and unwind here. With an unlimited amount of things you can do on the beach, this popular Port Elizabeth spot is highly recommended if you wish to go for a swim, sunbath in peace or to ride awesome waves for those who love surfing. Sailing, jet skiing, kayaking are also on the itinerary here.

All these 5 fun filled activities you can enjoy at Port Elizabeth with cool weather and be with nature to relax your mind.