4 Myths About Slot Games to Ignore

If you‘re a regular player of slots, you must have come with terms with the myths of this game. For many reasons, these games have been attached to several myths, and the majority of them are baseless. We will discuss here those myths about slot games as believing in some of these myths may impact your enjoyment of the games. Here are the 4 Myths About Slot Games that you should avoid to enjoy your game.

Myths About Slot Games to Ignore

Myth #1: Machines near heavy-traffic areas of the casino floor has the best odds

Myths About Slot Games to Ignore
Machines near heavy-traffic areas of the casino floor has the best odds

Many people who believe in the myths still believe it is true. The base and origin of this myth are not known but the experience proves that in modern casinos there is no relation between casino traffic and machine odds.

You’ll often find video poker machines in ignored corners, away from the traffic, and (relatively) clean air. It is true that not all video poker games have spectacular odds, the game gives the house a smaller advantage than slot games.

The fact is some slot games are tight, in comparison to the industry standard. You can find such type of slot anywhere like a bar or in the Las Vegas airport, which is likely to play host to an incredibly-tight slot game or two. It’s up to you to decide if you need to trust the myth of not.

Myth #2: Machines are “hot” and “cold”

Machines are “hot” and “cold”
Machines are “hot” and “cold”

Skill games include a variety of machine games that don’t display the actual playing style of slot or video poker machines. Some people will not realize slots as skill games. However, the casino will consider them as the same type of game, as they get place on the casino floor or in online casino categories.

You get a reward for your skills in a skill game. Like a video game in which you play a hunter shooting animated ducks. The more ducks you can shoot, the more you will earn. These games also include most of the luck element out of machine gaming, and much like video poker, reward you for being good at something. These games are catching on, as a younger and more tech-savvy audience enters the casino. As most of the time, it is your luck to determine if you win or not. There are no slot machines that pay frequently (hot machines) and that pay less frequently (Cold Machines).

Myth #3: Machines can be tightened or loosened remotely

Machines can be tightened or loosened remotely
Machines can be tightened or loosened remotely

This is a bonehead myth and one of the 4 Myths About Slot Games that you should avoid enjoying your game. You will find lots of people who believe this to be true. As per this theory, the casino has employees whose job is to monitor slots on the floor, then remotely alter their payout percentage or other features to achieve the aforementioned “balance.” Usually, this line of thinking ends with something like you should tip the casino staff well as often as possible, or else they’ll use their special remote control to wipe out your profits.

The truth behind this myth is more complicated than it may seem. Although it is not true that casinos “balance” their machines using a remote control, venting out their anger on player’s bankrolls, it is true that some new-fangled slots can be altered remotely. But, this is an experimental practice that you’ll find in a handful of casinos, and it is heavily-regulated.

A per a law a machine cannot be altered by remote unless they’ve been fully non-functional at least four minutes. On this event, the game’s display indicates that it is being serviced. It means the game can’t change in the middle of your playing session, without a long idle period and big flashing message.

This does not support this myth that every slot on the casino floor is accessible by remote. The fact is, these machines are taken away to be altered. If a casino has to change a machine’s odds, it has to send staff to physically crack the game open and bring out a computer chip. This is not possible without alerting the casino. So this myth is dumb.

Myth #4: Using slot club card Machines pay less

Using slot club card Machines pay less
Using slot club card Machines pay less

This thinking behind this one is quite obvious. Since casinos give away free stuff to slot club members, many believe these recognize club members and reward them with less frequent wins. But, this is patently ridiculous.

Casinos make a mint on slots players. Slot profits are so huge, giving away a hot dog or a complimentary room here and there makes no difference to their bottom line. The casino is probably a major revenue generator. They would never like to penalize the players that put them in the black every month? Your odds remain the same if you use your club card or not.


Gambling machines are major revenue generators of any casino. Without games like poker, slots, and video poker, very few casinos would be able to run. It’s time to stop for a moment and appreciate these funny little games.

Of course, some slot machines have decent return percentages. Besides, they’re fun to play.  In modern casinos, you can play games like Wheel of Fortune, listen to Elvis croon in a high-end digital display while you play, or tap along to the plots of your favorite Marvel superhero film. You can play slot machines with pennies or wagers up into the hundreds of dollars per spin.

Slots have earned the place among classic games like blackjack, poker, and roulette. These machines are a big part of our gambling heritage, underappreciated entertainment gadgets. But unfortunately has these myths as a rip-off. Hopefully, these facts will clear all the myths from your mind that you may harbor about slots games. These are the 4 Myths About Slot Games that you should avoid enjoying your game.

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