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Wanna Cuppa Coffee at Jozi

Want to have a hot cup of coffee at Johannesburg? Also known as Jozi or Jo’burg it is the city of vibrant heart in South Africa.  The cultural districts of Newtown and Braamfontein, with their theatres, restaurants, cafes and museums, teem with creativity and energy. And a home to a number of well known coffee shops nestled in and among the high rises.  Here are few of many favourite coffee houses that are cherished by the locals as well as the visitors.

Father Coffee, Braamfontein

Father Coffee

With the Scandinavian feel of trendy interior this young Father Coffee house serve coffee roasted in-house, and sourced from Central America and Africa. Father is a brand of coffee, and the shop, also called Father is located in the inner city suburb of Braamfontein, which have visitors of businessmen, students and creative sparks from the area. Father Coffee only uses the best of everything. All the ingredients are top class. This is a Joburg favourite for a quick takeaway on way to work or during a lunch break.

Doubleshot Coffee & Tea, Braamfontein

Double shot coffee

Located on the corner of Juta Street and Melle Street, Doubleshot Coffee & Tea is the ideal spot to grab a cup of coffee or tea amidst the highrises and busyness of Joburg’s city.  Doubleshot Coffee & Tea have their say- “grow, process, roast, blend, brew and source exceptional quality coffee and tea”. This coffee shop is full of coffee beans and other paraphernalia, and the bar counter seating looks out onto the streets of Joburg They source their coffee from all regions and are focussed on quality and ethical credentials of their sources. Their love for coffee and tea help in producing superb blends and brews for their clients. Last year they started serving High Tea in the afternoon adding one more feather to their cap. Select a great spot to sit back and absorb the back and forth of inner city life while enjoying the aroma of roasting coffee and relish the great baked treats.

Bean There Coffee, Milpark

Bean Three

Bean There Coffee is South Africa’s first roaster of Certified Fairtrade coffee, ensuring reasonable interaction and trading between coffee farmers, the middlemen, and coffee roasters. It provides single origin, unblended coffee beans from one country and region. Their coffee is rich in flavour and their shop at 44 Stanley is a relaxed space where you can take some well earned time out. The coffee beans are roasted  in small batches blending the aroma, body, acidity and flavour. The coffee taste and experience emanates class, distinction, extravagance, and passion. Every cup of Bean There coffee creates an adventure and the taste of Africa’s coffee heritage.

Origin Coffee Roasting, Maboneng

Origin Coffee

Origin Coffee serves a number of different blends, including their winter blend which is a combination of Indian and Brazilian beans. The Origin Coffee store in the Maboneng Precinct is a trendy, restful hide with friendly staff and superb coffee. They also have place orders be it a birthday party, wedding, corporate function or simple get together. Origin Coffee also offers mobile tea and coffee solutions to ensure that the Origin experience is tailored for each event.

Jozi Blue, Glenhazel

jozi blue

Located in Glenhazel, Jozi Blue at 9 Northfield Avenue, with modest interior serves an outstanding coffee. Run by barista, Shmuel Montrose, a passionate and incredibly well informed coffee lover Jozi Blue serve two options of espresso beans daily, one single origin African bean and a single origin Central American bean. Also one can choose from a range of Bean There, Doubleshot or Union coffShmuel’s. The coffee bean categories that they offer are three types: economy class: Uganda. Guatemala, Indonesia, Isabela blend, Union blend, business class: Bolivia, Panama Los La Jones, Panama Honey Catura, Brazil, El Salvador, Guatemala Injerto and first class: Colombia La Esperanza (Geisha), Queen Panama (Geisha), Colombia La Pradera, Panama Finca Don-K. The flavour incredible!

Vintage Coffee, Centurion

Vintage Coffee

Vintage Coffee also known as the ‘Green Beans’, has all staff at work on a volunteer basis. The profit goes to one of three registered non-profit organisations (NPOs) every month. When buying a coffee (a robust roast of blended Brazilian and Tanzanian beans), customers are handed a vintage two-cent coin, which they drop into the NPO box of their choosing. Tokens are tallied at the end of the month and the organisation with the most votes receives the profits. Coffee is served as an espresso, americano, latte, cappuccino and a creamy cold brew. Also on offer are assorted teas, cold drinks (including a guarana boost) and a small selection of pastries, sandwiches, cupcakes and muffins.

Afric Black, Northriding

Afric Black

Home to Stil Coffee’s Roastery, Afric Black is all about the caffeine. They buy their coffee from Rainforest Alliance Farms, an organisation that helps protect both farmers, as well as the environment, through the coffee process. Choose from the espresso of the day, or a simple Pour Over, equally full of flavour. Afric Black sell bags of single origin beans or blends, and one can sign up for one of the many courses they offer, as well as free coffee cuppings on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Motherland, Rosebank


Motherland Coffee offers premium African coffee and all their products are sourced from various African regions under direct Fair Trade principles. Using a blend of Bean There coffee, Motherland is an upbeat coffee shop which caters to the on the go lifestyle of Joburg. Motherland are committed to serving high quality espresso based drinks and have stayed true to their African roots, serving African coffee beans full of both fruity and chocolate flavours.

4th Avenue Coffee Roasters, Parkhurst

Fourth Avnue

In Parkhurst, Johannesburg, 4th Avenue Coffee Roastery, offers a great cup of coffee, and delicious sweet things to go with it. Roasting their own coffee, the aromas in this coffee shop tempts to order aplenty. A great coffee shop where one can  buy freshly roasted or packaged  too.

The Whippet, Linden


The trendy Linden coffee shop is more close to nature and animals. They have named this coffee house after a breed of dog, The Whippet. For the year 2015 they have pledged to become a cleaner and greener business, and also for the country as a whole. At the start they are using energy saving light bulbs which have cut their electricity consumption by nearly 56%, and are  recycling all used carton and paper based products They also have started their own own herb and vegetable garden. They’re also striving to change the coffee shop industry by creating a love for neighbours’ goods, and incorporating local bakers and coffee roasters into one space. Their coffee is strong and their baked goods are heavenly. A place to visit at Johannesburg.

Any other Coffee Shops at Johannesburg?