The 9 Best South African Reality Shows

South African reality shows are favourite among many Some of us are real suckers for reality shows. They allow us to relax back on the couch, judging other people involved in some ridiculous scenarios or contests. Reality shows give us a bit of an escape from reality, without having to concentrate too hard on storylines.

It can be hard not to become too invested in some reality shows, especially the really juicy ones. While there are an endless amount of reality shows to choose from, some with crazy concepts, we don’t have to look too far from home for some great content.

There are some really amazing South African reality shows for us to enjoy. They give us a taste of home, but still, let us laze back and watch others work their way through a competition or on their way to find love.

South African Reality Shows That Are Still Popular

Get your binge-watching pj’s ready, fill up your popcorn bowl and get stuck into one (or more) of these great reality programs, all locally made!

Boer Soek ‘n Vrou

South African Reality Shows

Who doesn’t love watching others find love, and some failing miserably along the way? Boer Soek ‘n Vrou is primarily an Afrikaans show. It follows the story of one man, usually a farmer, who seeks out a wife. There are female contestants who all try to win his heart, and in the end, hopefully, have a happy, romantic wedding.

Being Bonang

Being Bonang

Most South African households are familiar with Miss Bonang. She is a well-known South African celeb who has worked hard to earn her place in the elite. Her reality show follows her throughout many different scenarios and situations, from extensive shopping sprees to business decisions. You can dive into her unique world, learn some more of her own vocabulary, and see the real Bonang, the perfectionist, the beautiful businesswoman, and the multi-talented wonder.

Living the Dream with Somizi

Living the Dream with Somizi

Most of us have a love-hate relationship with Somizi. Yes, he is completely over the top and controversial at times, but he is such a lovable character, it is hard to stay away for long. His reality show showcases some of the luxurious parties he hosts at home, the parties he attends, and his bromance with friend TT. It is a world many of us would love to live in, but for now we will have to settle living it through the eyes of Somizi.

Becoming Mrs. Jones

This reality show is refreshing at best. It follows Minnie Dlamini along her journey to marry Quinton Jones. The show brings out the true romance in marraige. Minnie narrates the series really well, and even dives into some of their more intimate and personal relationship details.

My Perfect Proposal

My Perfect Proposal

In this series, different South African couples take on the task of pulling off the perfect proposal for their significant other and soon to be spouse. Locations range from the beach to an expensive restaurant. It is heartwarming and nerve-wracking all at the same time. Will they pull off the perfect proposal? Will their loved one say yes?

Dineo’s Diary

Dineos Diary

Dineo Ranaka is a well-known South African radio personality. She is blunt and she speaks her mind, always fiercely cutting through BS. Her show doesn’t dwell and show off her lavish side, instead it shows her down-to-earth personality. Don’t let this fool you though, it is packed with drama and comedy. She is a really entertaining character to follow.

Rich Kids

Rich Kids

Follow the lives of the richest kids in South Africa. They don’t look at price tags, and mommy and daddy are always there offering more. Their designer clothes and luxurious cars will have you envious, even though most of them haven’t earned any of what they have. Surprisingly though, many of them are down to earth and relatable (minus all the money). It will open your eyes to how the other half, and their kids, live.

The Batchelor South Africa

Deep down, this show has its flaws with several women all dating one man at the same time, while they wait for him to pick his favorite. But as archaic as this is, it makes for an incredibly entertaining show. Follow the ladies on their journey to find love and the one man that holds all the power. Each week, the bachelor gives roses to his ‘favorite’ women, while the others are sent packing. At the end of it all, he is given the opportunity to propose to his chosen date. Each episode sees one of the ladies on an exclusive date, a couple of them on a group date, and the ever-exciting rose ceremony.

The Voice South Africa

The Voice South Africa

We are all familiar with American singing competitions such as American Idols or the Voice. We are lucky enough now to have our own Voice SA which is a few seasons in the making. On the show, amazing talents are given a platform to sing and show their talents. For us watching, it shows us the incredible talent our country holds and allows us to vote for them to succeed. The panel of judges does change, but are all well-known names in the music industry.

Binge Watch Away

Binge watching can be therapeutic, and sometimes we just need to switch our brains off and enjoy some simple reality TV. Whatever your fancy, there are some really entertaining and drama-packed South Africa reality shows ready to keep you glued to your screen.

Having South African reality shows not only allows us to enjoy shows made in our own country, but it also gives the world a glimpse of what our side of the world is like and also allows us to showcase some amazing talent that might have gone unnoticed.

As the cold weather approaches, stock up on popcorn, Milo, warm blankets and some good seasons of reality shows. What better way to spend those cold winter nights indoors with the family? Give yourself the chance to unwind and get wrapped up in some juicy drama and romance!

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