5 Best Scratch Card Apps To Play Free On Your Android Mobile

 Scratch Card Apps To Play Free

Scratch card apps are free instant scratchies to play online with your mobile smartphones. These apps are available at Google Play store for Android mobile and at iTunes store for iPhone mobile. These scratch card apps are for fun and you can play the scratchies games as long as you want. You are offered free virtual money to buy the scratchies to play and if you win again you win free virtual credits to play more.

Scratch Card Apps To Play Free

Here are the 5 best Scratch card apps for Android mobile to play free scratchies online.

1. Scratch Card: Scratchers Game

Scratch card app
Scratch card app

Scratch card scratchers game app by Shocktech offers 30 different scratch cards to play. You will find different theme scratchies here like Crossword,  Deluxe Cashword, Loose change multiplier, Vegas Slots, Neon 9’s, 7-11-21, Winner Winner Chicken Dinner and Wheel of Fortune.

All scratch card tickets are addictive and try your luck to win the big fancy number. If you download this scratch card, you can have great fun with the amazing scratch card offers for you.

These instant scratchies are easy to win very Big. Get the Real scratch card experience and if you win, you could bet to double your prizes. Scratch card tickets can be zoom in and out and scratchie tickets can be shared easily with your friends too.

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2. Las Vegas Scratch Card

Las Vegas Scratch card
Las Vegas Scratch card

Las Vegas Scratch Card is another beautiful app from the same developer as above and offers Las Vegas lottery scratch cards are used in general to make fun out of your free time. You can have a good and realistic lottery scratch card experience with these scratch games. There are lots of the lotto scratch cards that are available to scratch off. If you like to play the instant lottery for a scratch game then it is a very best lottery game. You can be entertained a lot with scratch games. You can enjoy all the lottery tickets for scratch-off for free such as crossword, Blackjack, Vega slots, catchword, diamond 777 etc.

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3. Lottery Scratch Off-Mahjong

Lottery Scratch Off-Mahjong
Lottery Scratch Off-Mahjong

Lottery scratch card-Mahjong is a free scratch card game. In this lottery scratch card, 38 scratch card offers are available for scratch off. If you are very much interested in the lottery scratch games then you must try the lottery scratch card off Mahjong to win exciting and big prizes. It’s the best scratch card lottery for giving the people more entertainment

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4. Scratcher and Clicker

Scratcher and clicker
Scratcher and clicker

Scratcher and Clicker app is developed by Lotto Scratch Powerball for Android. The scratcher and clicker is a free cash scratch-off game. You can instantly win games and test your luck with the 50+ scratch card tickets with the scratcher and clicker game.

You can play all your favourite lottery scratch-off without losing any of your real money.

There are  50+ scratcher lottery tickets to play and win here. You get instant win ticket analytics also you can enjoy the real scratching effect with the scratcher and clicker.

By spinning the free gift machine you can earn the gift bonus for every 100 scratch tickets scratched. You can increase your earnings by spinning the bet machine. By playing the clicker game, defeat the pirates and become super clickers.

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5. Scratch lottery

Scratch Lottery
Scratch Lottery

Like the above scratch card apps Scratch lottery is also free scatchie app to play and win It’s the new design and chooses your favourite scratch cards. You can be ensured that there is no cheating everything is transparent here. With the variety of styles and formats to try your luck with the scratch-offs. This scratch lottery app is developed by EV Gaming.

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Other Scratch card apps for mobile to play free scratchies online are the online casinos.

These scratch card apps are

Here you simply pick your Android or iPhone mobile phone and type the casino URL link on your chrome browser then hit enter.

The online casino app will load in seconds and take you to the casino homepage

Here at the homepage you register yourself at the casino by clicking Join Now or Sign Up

Now head to the casino games lobby.

Click on speciality games and find the scratch cards to play

Tap or click ot play now any scratchie that you want all free

Like the free apps mentioned above here also you play with free credits that are offered within the game app.

With making any real cash deposit you can play scratchies at online casino app all free.

Even many online casino apps don’t allow you to register as  a player and you can straight away go to the lobby to play the games.

With online casino app the excellent part is that whenever you wish you can switch to real money scratchies by making a small deposit.

Now click here to play more scratchies all free.

Real Money Scratch Off Apps vs. Free Scratchie Apps

Many players ask as what is better to play: Real Money Scratch Off Apps or  Free Scratchie Apps. Though the answer depends entirely on the individual player, still the choice depends on money in your pocket and how much you are willing to lose.

Real Money Scratch Off Apps as well as free Scratchie apps are both available at online casinos to play.  Moreover both apps are available for iPhone and Android. So you can 100% play your favorite scratch off ticket games from your phone or tablet with these apps. Apart from buying tickets and scratching with your finger or a coin, the apps all need is a click to do this.

Free Scratchie apps

Free scratchie apps demand no money to risk and to lose.  Here you are not actually purchasing these scratch off tickets within the app. Also most of the free scratchie apps are free to download. Though you are not purchasing the tickets you get to scratch. You still have the ability to win money, but it’s going to be in a jackpot sense or by accumulating points to win prizes.

If you’ve ever used a social casino app before like the ones you see on Facebook, this is the same concept. You can still win real money, but it’s not going to be anything major. Online scratch off apps are more about having fun playing the games and have very little to do with gambling.

When it comes to playing scratch offs online, lottery scratch off apps for iPhone or Android are great for those of you that just want to play for fun and don’t really need the gambling aspect of things to get your juices flowing.

Real Money Scratch Off Apps

Springbok Casino
Springbok Casino

Real Money Scratch Off Apps are only found at online casinos. Here you play instant scratchies on your web browser or mobile browser be it chrome or safari and no need to download anything though the option to download is also there for players if they want.

You will need to go to a mobile-friendly online casino that offers scratch offs to play these games.

Technically and user-experience speaking, these are going to look exactly the same as what you get from using a scratch off app. You’ll have access to the same games as on free scratchie app.

With an online casino offering scratchers, you are actually purchasing each ticket just like you would in the local gas station. This means, though, you also have the same potential of winning big money just like with the tickets you’d buy in person. The only difference is your winning tickets are paid instantly; you don’t have to go down to the lottery office to cash them in.

If you’re looking to get the same experience online that you get with scratch off tickets in person, this is the route you are going to want to go. With real money scratch off apps you have the  option that allows you to win big money just like you would be able to in person.

When you play scratchers online at real money online casinos, you absolutely have the ability to make some real cash. You have the potential to make just as much as you do with the scratchers that you buy in person. In fact, because of the savings from not having to print tickets, distribute them, and track manually, you sometimes are given even better odds of winning when you scratch online!

Therefore you can make real money with scratch off apps and with online casinos offering scratch off tickets. If you don’t want to pay for tickets and don’t care about winning much money, then you can go for free scratch off apps from the app store. If you want to gamble and have a chance to win big, then better choose one of the real money scratch off apps or casinos.

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