10 Beaches You must Visit Outside Cape Town

There are many beautiful beaches in Cape Town that it’s difficult to believe in beaches outside of Cape Town. When it’s during the season. The traffic along the Main Road gets dense and you can feel the natural air of beaches wave your hair in the air. Below are some beaches outside of Cape Town which is just an hour or two away.

Beaches You must Visit Outside Cape Town

1. Dwarskersbos Beach

Beaches You must Visit Outside Cape Town

The Dwarskersbos is a resort situated a little further from Velddrif around St Helena Bay. As alluring and intoxicating as it might be, the waves here hit harder than anything along the coastline between the town and Rocherpan Nature Reserve.

This is set in a wild yet remote ambience, and you can feel nature in the air. You are also in a treat for Dolphins, seals, whales, water and sand.

2. Betty’s Bay Main Beaches

Betty’s Bay Main Beaches

The Betty’s Bay is the gemstone of the Clarence Drive. With African penguins demarcating a colony over here, the Stony Point Nature Reserve is a great place for wildlife conservation. There is also the Harold Botanical Garden on the other end of the bay.

This bay extends even further due to the addition of Jock’s Bay, Silver Sands, and Shelly Beach. All the additions above are responsible for its 4 km stretch which is convenient for swimming, diving, surfing, and walking. Like the above two beaches, this beach does not attract crowds either.

3. Grotto Beach, Hermanus

Grotto Beach Hermanus

4. Jacobsbaai

Beyond the Langbaai and Voelkilp beaches, you will find the Grotto beach with mountain ranges behind. Located in Hermanus, Grotto Beach along the De Kelders. This beach is one of the most popular beaches outside of Cape Town and is pleasant in many ways.

People like to swim or simply sit and admire the vast blue stretches of water which is very soothing for the ambiance.


Also called the fishing village, Jacobs Bay or Jacobsbaai is simply breathtaking. The serene waters and the fishing ambience make you simply adore the ocean. There are 7 individual bays in the 2 km coastline on this part of the coast. All of them are worth exploring and admiring.

Each bay has a specialty of its own such as the Hospital Bay specialising in swimming while the Kwaaibaai is a surfer’s dream.

5. Paternoster’s Mosselbank

Paternoster’s Mosselbank

This is one of the most bedazzling beaches outside of Cape Town. The cobalt blue setting of the sea and the white sand on the shore is a perfect harmony of serenity and calmness for this place.

This bay extends into Vorstand. There is also Bek Bay at the southwestern end of the beach which is truly magnificent. Another end of the beach ends in the Eerste Mosselbank to the north of the village.

Spend a night at Paternoster where you can find stunning restaurants and beaches that will blow your mind away.

6. Rooi Els Beach

Rooi Els Beach 1

There is a Rooi Els beach at the little seaside village of Rooi Els beyond False Bay. The landscape around the Kogelberg is one called a peninsular one. The water surrounds the town from three sides. The Rooi Els River estuary empties itself into the sea east of town.

The Hangkilp mountains, however, are in the background. This place has more of a wildlife rights conservancy so wildlife over here is plenty precious to people.

7. Pringle Bay Beach

Pringle Bay Beach 2

One of the most famous beaches outside Cape Town, Pringle Bay Beach is often less crowded like the Rooi Els Beach. The wind flows with ease over here and isn’t a striking one. The waters here are crystal clear making it suitable for swimming. At the other end of the beach, you can find rock pools.

There is even another bay and a lighthouse in the south of the town to Cape Hangklip. People that visit the place are mostly residents so this beach doesn’t attract too many crowds.

8. Silwerstroomstrand Beach & Tidal Pool

Silwerstroom Strand Beach Tidal Pool 1

Located in the West, just north of Melkbosstrand, is Silwerstroom Beach. This beach is popular for many things. The 1 km expanse of sandy shore, protected tidal pool, semi-circular bay, beautiful rock formations and the soothing grassy knoll where people like to splash and cleanse themselves with water.

9. Tsaarsbank Beach

Tsaarsbank Beach

Tsaarbank Beach is located In the Atlantic but an hour-long drive from Cape Town and you will find yourself at the West Coast National Park. There is an entrance fee to get in but once you get in the arid beach with turquoise waters at some distance is an unparalleled sight to see.

The Langebaan Lagoon has soft sandy beaches and houseboats like Preekstoel and Kraalbaai gather immense crowds. If you aren’t a big fan of the crowds head to the Tsaarbank beach in Atlantic.

10. Vermont Beach

On the edge of the Hoek van die Berg Private Nature Reserve, Vermont and Onrus reside. For nature lovers, Vermont is the ideal place to hang out. There are green meadows and blue horizons just like in an ideal Windows 2003 default background! There is a variety of aquatic flora and fauna as well such as the corals and shells in sandy alcoves.

Onrus is more of a beach experience where you can find people have a really good time but on the season, this beach is bombarded with some heavy traffic as well.

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