Why you Should Play SA Lottery On Your Mobile

If you are a dedicated player of the SA Lottery, you know how great it is, and how wonderful it is when you win. And even when you don’t, the experience is always worth it. Since its fruition, the SA Lottery has become an exciting way to get rich quick.

Nothing else in life partners low risk with high reward as naturally as the SA Lottery. You can Play SA Lottery on Cellphone now.

Play SA Lottery On Your Mobile

For some people, though, playing the game by submitting tickets in-person has become an effort out-of-the-way from their daily activities.

Thus, enjoying all that the SA Lottery has to offer may not be possible for people whose daily activities are limited by in-person SA Lottery playing. What could be the solution to this problem?

What could be the godsend to dedicated Lottery players like you? The answer is simple.

Why Play SA Lottery on Phone

Play SA Lottery On Your Mobile
Why Play SA Lottery on Phone

Now, SA players can Play SA Lottery on Cellphone. If you’re not yet convinced of this wonderful turn of events, we give you 4 reasons why you should be.

1. Play Anytime

Playing the SA Lottery is much more convenient when you can take the Lottery wherever you go! On your phone you can get rich quicker than before.

No more will the Lottery take too much of your time. One text to play, and then you will move on to the rest of your day.

2. Get Notified

Learn if you won the game faster than ever. Through SMS, you will be able to claim your prize. If you don’t win, you’ll be able to get right back on track as soon as possible.

3. Free Yourself

Because you’ll be able to play anytime and be notified as soon as any results are called out, you’ll feel closer to the world than ever before.

With less time spent on the computer, you will be spending more time living your life. And those are positive vibes that help everybody.

4. Playing Online Is Easy & Hassle-Free

Playing Online Is Easy Hassle Free
Playing Online Is Easy & Hassle-Free

When it came to chasing dreams, Irish lottery players were prohibited in the past only to a couple of options when it came to chasing the lottery dream. Times have changed now.

If it’s time to play the Lottery once again, you may not want to take the time to buy a new ticket. In today’s world, we need to be as perfect at time-management as possible to accomplish all that we need to. But if you play the SA Lottery on your cellphone, you can enter that much faster. Just register once via SMS and you are set to go!

Online casinos have taken over and they are offering way more options than ever to everyone. People from as far as U.S., France, Brazil and South Africa are able to enjoy casino while sitting at home.

How to Play the SA Lottery on your cellphone

There are ten easy steps through which you can play online lotteries from your computer or phone in this article so that you never miss a chance to win jackpots and prizes:

1. Sign Up With Lottoland For Free

Sign Up With Lottoland For Free
Sign Up With Lottoland For Free

You just need to sign up to enjoy all the benefits of the Lottoland. The sign-in or sign-up option is on the top right-hand side of the page. Enter your email and choose a unique password.

After that, enter your details and click on the Create Account button. Remember that only one user account per person is permitted.

2. Fund Your Account

Fund Your Account
Fund Your Account

Using one of the many available payment methods you will be able to add funds to your account once it has been created. Once you sign-click on the My Account option and then Add Funds. Now choose the best option ranging from the range of cards, bank transfers, and electronic wallets available. It’s time to made up your mind to withdraw money, click on My Account and then Payout and then withdraw your money with the same payment method you used to deposit it with.  

3. Choose Your Lottery

Choose Your Lottery
Choose Your Lottery

Lottoland provides its players with one of the best lotteries that are hard to beat by any of the other casinos. Different kinds of lotteries are available such as Millionaire or Lotto or even those infamous American super lotteries that can reach as far as to a billion US dollars.

There are also many other lotteries playable from around the world.

If you want to play a lottery then click on the lottery that is linked from the main menu and o to its main page where you will be able to play it and also retrieve all the information about it.

4. Fill on Your Ticket(S)          

Fill on Your TicketS .jg
Fill on Your Ticket(S) 

The main ticket area can be found at the top of each lottery page. Just like a paper ticket lottery, it is arranged in a grid. By clicking the numbers inside the ticket area you can select your numbers.

For a randomly generated quick pick, you can click on the Quick+1 option on the top right of the ticket and generate a number randomly.

The Rest+ button is also just beside that button. This button allows you to play with the “all in” option in the game of Quick Picks.

Also known as a system bet, Lottoland allows you to play another special type of game known as a Combo Bet. You can automatically enable this feature if you click on more than the standard amount of numbers.

It might be a little bit expensive to play however it allows you to add more and more numbers so that your chances of winning are increased exponentially through the ticket.

5. The Doublejackpot Feature

With just a single click, Lottoland’s exclusive Double Jackpot allows you to get your long-awaited jackpot price that is double the amount that you wagered.

For all jackpot and Double Jackpot winnings, Lottoland has partnered with leading insurance companies. It only pays a double on an actual jackpot win and this optional feature costs a bit more than the original cost. But it is all worth it because if you can pull off winning a multi-million euro jackpot then you can double it.

6. The Numbershield Feature

The Numbershield Feature
The Numbershield Feature

A very common problem that arises within casinos is the analogous winnings of two different players. This problem may seem very farfetched but is very common. For instance, in the year 2013, some Dubliner ended up sharing the prize money of €187.9 million with someone in Belgium.

To stop such a thing from happening, activate the NumberShield option by clicking on it which will ensure you that only you will get the full jackpot money. Keep in mind that, the higher the jackpot, the more people will try it out at your casino and you will have an equally increased chance of winning.

7. Set Your Draw & Duration Options

Set Your Draw Duration Options
Set Your Draw & Duration Options

One of the greatest perks of playing online casinos is that you no longer would require the need to queue for a long duration of time, you can play many upcoming draws by the clicks of your fingers. You can either select which draw to participate in or by default your ticket selection will be entered into the upcoming draw.

For instance, if you play Millionaire, you can select whether you want to participate in the Tuesday draw or the Friday draw, or even both.

By setting your Duration in such a way that you can enter the draws up to 52 weeks prior, you can also select how many draws you wish to take part in.

If you choose Subscription then based on the weeks you pick, you will enable subscription billing. The Jackpot Hunt feature can be activated by clicking on the Hunt option which allows you to hunt the current jackpot by automatically in participating your ticket in every remaining draw that can win the jackpot.

For those looking to hunt down those large and humungous jackpots, this is the perfect option for you.

8. Set Your Participation Options

Set Your Participation Options
Set Your Participation Options

To suit your schedule and budget, you can activate the optional Participation features that will allow you to further tailor your lottery playing. You can either pick upcoming specific dates or you can opt to play when the jackpot is a certain amount or higher.

9. Submit Your Ticket

Submit Your Ticket
Submit Your Ticket

Once you are all set you can click on the green Submit button which will take you to the Shopping Cart page where before finalizing any purchases you can verify or amend them. You will see a Delete icon on the right-hand side of the page that can remove your ticket from your cart and just underneath that is a View icon that makes you view your ticket.

Your tickets and numbers will appear when you click this button. You are also given the option to Edit it if you mouse-over your ticket. You can proceed further to your transaction by clicking on the Submit button once you are ready.

10. Cross Your Fingers & Check your Email!

Cross Your Fingers Check your Email
Cross Your Fingers & Check your Email!

A new amendment that makes Lottoland even more enjoyable to play is that you don’t need to deal with tickets anymore. There is no need to scan your ticket in the machine or squint your eyes to know your numbers. Due to the digital transactions and payout, there is no need for you to worry about losing anything.

You will get the confirmation via email once your purchase has been finalized. Any more ensuing wins or results will also be notified to you. Your Lottoland user account will also be credited with money once you win any draw. You can either withdraw it to your bank account or can be used to play again.

This means that due to the digitization of casinos there is nothing left for you to worry or do.

So what are you waiting for? Play SA Lottery on Cellphone today!

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