Windows Phone Casinos

Just like many PC’s and laptops, Windows powered phones are able to access many different sites and perform a multitude of tasks. One being the ability to access and play on online casinos. Windows offers users a certain level of service, so why not extend this expectation to include the online casinos that you use.

Make sure to read our FAQ’s below and hopefully have all of your questions answered.

Things to look out for with Windows Casinos

  • Be sure to check that the online casino that you choose is compatible with your Windows phone. The range of games available to Windows phones aren’t as great as iPhones and Androids, but there are still a decent amount of games available.
  • Make sure the online casino you choose pays out in real cash. While some sites offer the option to play with virtual money, it is important to make sure you can win real money.
  • Check that the online casino you use can also be downloaded as an app to your Windows phone should you want to do this at a later stage.

What you need to make the most out of your Windows Phone Casino

In order to ensure you will be getting optimal game play, you need to have a good browser and good internet connection. Opera Mini and Internet Explorer are the two most common browsers used on Windows phones, and are very trusted.

You are also able to switch between using your Windows phone, tablet and PC. Just make sure that you are logged into the same account on each device as many online casinos rewards loyal, longtime players.

Turn on notifications for your online casinos so that you will always be alerted when there are new bonuses and rewards. This really makes a difference to your playing experience as you won’t miss out on any promotions as your phone will most likely always be with you.

What you might want to know

You may have many questions about online casinos, as you should. We have listened and answered the most common of these. If you would also like to get to know more about us as a site, take a quick read here.

What do I need to play these games on my Windows phone?

You will need a good internet connection (wifi or data) and either internet explorer or Opera Mini installed on your Windows phone.

Can I sign up for online casinos on my Windows phone?

Yes you can. Signing up to online casinos is easy on your Windows phone.

Can I deposit or withdraw with my Windows phone?

You should be able to find a link on the casino site. This should either prompt you to open another app or take you straight to the banking app you need.

Can I win real money on my Windows phone with online casinos?

Yes you can. Just make sure to play either our recommended games, or games that you have researched and know to be legitimate.

Can I download online casino apps with my Windows phone?

You won’t always be able to download an app, but you can always play online. Just look for the option to download the app and make sure it is available for Windows

Best Windows phone casinos

To save you the trouble of scouring around for the best online casino for your Windows device, we have listed the best ones for you.

1. Mobile is definitely a front-runner in the mobile gaming industry. Great support is offered to South African players and players from 9 other countries. They are connected to other casinos using Playtech software and are able to offer larger jackpots on certain games that many other casinos can’t. This is a great incentive for many players to join and stick to, as once in a while the payouts could be in the millions.

GREAT BONUSES AND PROMOTIONS offers some attractive bonuses to new members. Signing up, you will receive a 200% match bonus (up to R400) as well as 20 free spins. Enjoy an additional 7 reload bonuses once your initial sign-up rewards are used up. also rewards players who have stayed loyal offering them bonuses weekly, monthly or at random. Make sure to set notifications for these as you do not want to miss out.

You can access the mobile site off of your Windows phone, or choose to play on your PC or Mac. The choice is yours. Enjoy your favourite casino games or enjoy different versions of blakjack and roulette – you are sure to find something you enjoy.

2. Bet365

Bet365 marked its territory in the sports betting community, and is now punching down walls as an online casino site. You will find great game play and sign up bonuses on this site.

Three playing options

Players have three options on how to use Bet365, and any of the 250 games they offer:

  • Online – direct play
  • Download – install software on device to play the games
  • Mobile –  these games can be played on any mobile device

Bet365 offers a welcome bonus of 100% of your first deposit (between $10 and $100. Players can expect great returns and rewards for sticking around and staying loyal to Bet365. There are exclusive bonuses available to users who play on the site using a mobile phone (including a daily cashback).

Bet365 software enables you to switch between mobile and PC use easily.


Keep up with the quality you expect from your Windows devices by choosing the online casino that best suits you. Utilize each game by keeping up to date using notifications and enjoying the best graphics by ensuring your software updated.

Things to remember

If you play on legitimate and trusted online casinos, you shouldn’t run in to any problems. Remember to always make sure the site you are on is safe, secure and trusted. If you are redirected to any of your banking sites or asked for any personal information – make sure it is legit. Contact customer support if you ever feel unsure or not safe online.