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When To Play High Stakes Tables

High stakes is a term most of the online casino players are familiar with, mostly because it is linked with the reckless and crazy situation. Usually, it is always a heroic approach to settle for higher stakes as it wouldn’t be such a daring champion if you’re settling for low stakes situations. And, because of this, everyone love action heroes; as they take big risks, and manage to avoid getting shot in the face finding new opportunities to win.

But when you are playing casino games at any high-end Online Casino, high stakes are an altogether different story. At least, when you’re playing them yourself, and not actually watching James Bond is doing it in a 007 film. High stakes are all about staking for more money and eventually putting oneself at a higher risk of losing all that cash. It is always true that higher the risk, bigger the win or loses.

That is, after all, how casino online games work. More the risk bigger the reward! This is the basis of all casino games, after all. But, have you ever given a thought what is the right time to settle for high stakes, or is it just good to stick to the low stakes tables? Let’s take a look.


The odds of casino games cannot change if you are putting down more cash into it. The odds of the casino will remain as it is; only more money is in play. It’s just simple. So why anyone should put more money or put up more cash? The answer is very simply – that odds, the very heart of casino games, is never predictable. You never know what could happen in the next move.

There is not a fixed strategy, expertise and guideline for a person to follow and win always. Even if a person has played roulette for an hour, and felt that he has a very good grasp of how often wins occur. But, in the next moment, all those expectations may be ruined on his head. The person may enter into a so-called losing streak, and go back home with empty pockets. If you play low stakes, this losing streak can be bearable and small. But, in a high stakes game, that losing streak can be devastating.

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You need to understand a casino game, the risk involved before putting big money at risk. Understanding that odds that lurk are part of playing a casino game, and working that possibility into a play strategy is the key. It’s always suggested to practice games with low stakes until you are confident that a real grasp of the game has been acquired. And, when switching to a high stakes table, following the same play style is of the essence. There isn’t a better way or better strategy to follow or understand than this, in terms of low and high stakes play. Just play smart always, irrespective of the amount of money at risk.

More money at risk will certainly panic you more, or play differently, and this is something that needs to be avoided. Is there any way out to stay calm when big money is at stake? The answer spends that you have, not what you do not have!


Whether it is high stakes or low stakes, the money being played with should always be yours and expendable. If you are at a high stakes table, and won’t miss the money that is up for play, then you’re in the right place. If the scene is an outer way round like you’re at a high stakes table, and are worried about the cash, better to switch down to rather low stakes tables.

Just do not forget, it is a good approach to go into all casino games having already played all types of the stake. It may appear to be strange, but is the only smart way to play casino games using your mind. Moreover, just do not forget the golden casino game rule that stands above all others; quit when you’re ahead. Learn the trick of low or high stakes, and you’ll be in the right way to become an exceptional player.