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Wanted Slots

Wanted Slots

Online casino fans in South Africa can take a trip to the Wild West when they decide to play the Wanted slot machine that is available at the online casinos that use the software developed by Playtech. It offers great graphics, a fun theme and the chance to win some money all at the same time.

Wanted gets the typical Wild West story, with bank robbers and Sheriffs that are trying to stop them, with lots of gold nuggets and with games of poker, the action taking place in a dusty old town with buildings made out of wood, your typical look for a game that tries to bring you back to that time.

Wanted has a typical number of reels and lines, with 5 for the former and 25 for the latter. As features the game is below average though, despite having wild symbols and two bonus features. Its biggest regular jackpot is at $100,000, while the Dollar Ball feature can also get you a progressive jackpot. The design is one of the slot’s biggest pros, the quality of the drawing and the symbols used being good enough that you will probably choose it over many other Wild West titles. The playing cards are the kind that you actually don’t mind that they’re present, with a gorgeous design in each case that makes it belong in a Wild West environment. The small dusty town is behind the reels, while on them you will find symbols that are good enough for a comic book.

The Game

As said above the game is based on the idea of good guys and bad guys in the old west. The theme is designed to remind people of the wanted posters that were so popular during these times. The game offers rewards for the capture of the bad guys.

It has wild symbols, a scatter symbol and a bonus game.

  • Wild symbol – The sticks of dynamite are the wild symbol and they will replace any symbol on a reel except for the scatter symbol.
  • Scatter Symbol – The scatter symbol is the cash stack. Getting 3 or more of these screens will trigger a mini bonus where the player chooses one symbol on a reel and receives a reward.
  • Bandit bonus game – If a player gets a revolver on reel 1 and reel 5 at the same time they will trigger this bonus game. During this game the player can choose an outlaw that they will try to capture. The size of the prize will depend on how many bullets it takes to defeat the outlaw. The object is to use as few bullets as possible to get the biggest reward.

As a player in Wanted you will find on its reels symbols that act as wilds and symbols that trigger bonus games and which appear in scattered positions.

The Dynamite symbol has the ability of a wild feature, which is so important in a modern slot machine, not just because you can get paid more often in the long run , but also because it is the one that can pay you the most if it manages to form its own combination. You can walk away with 10,000x the wager placed on a line if you get five Dynamite symbols, but even two will be enough to get you some kind of prize.

Bonus Features

One of the two bonus features is actually a Mini Bonus, as they describe it. It requires the presence of three to five Bags of Gold in scattered positions, using one of the two such symbols with scatter abilities. You get to make a quick pick, choosing one of those symbols and getting a prize from it.

The Revolver is the trigger symbol for the bonus game. When you have this symbol on the 1st and 5th reels simultaneously, you get this bonus game, which is a lot more fun than the mini-bonus. You pick one of the outlaws and you take him on. If you catch the villain, you get a reward that depends on the number of bullets which were consumed. You see him locked up behind bars, in the middle of the street, with the prize mentioned at the top.

Bets and Payouts

Wanted will give you the option to modify your wager for each line as you see fit, the range being big enough to allow you to have fun with this game no matter how much you can afford to play with. Each line accepts bets of $0.01 to $10, the maximum being reached by using 10 coins of $1. The total bet gets up to $250.

One possible target would be the 10,000x offered by the top jackpot symbol. It can translate into a $100,000 top prize, if you wagered big enough in that round. An alternative is a progressive jackpot offered by the Dollar Ball, but you need to activate it and bet extra each round to have a chance of winning it.

Dynamite (wild, 10,000x), Bag of Gold (scatter), Revolver (bonus), Mad Dog (1,000x), Loco Devil (750x), Bandit (500x), Ace (300x), King (200x), Queen (200x), Jack (100x) and Ten (100x).

The Jackpot

The biggest jackpot for this machine is 10,000 coins. It can accept coins ranging from $.01 (ZAR) to $25 (ZAR) with a maximum bet of $250 (ZAR). While the jackpots for this game may not be as big as some are looking for, it still offers a good payback rate which makes this game worth playing.

Any players in South Africa that are looking for a game that has a fun theme with great graphic and the chance to win, needs to consider the Wanted slot machine.