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Wango -The Africa’s First Women Dating App Launched

Wango App

Wango knows what women want.  Yes this is the slogan of the Africa’s first Dating App developed by Julian Smida. According to reports Wango is the first and only dating App designed from a woman’s perspective with a unique Gentleman’s touch. This finally gives ladies the opportunity to browse for the man of their dreams while men are obligated to adhere to a Gentleman’s Code of Conduct.

The App, can be used on your Apple smartphones be it iPhone and on Android mobile devices.

It is not the usual dating phenomena where you can flirt with the women to date but the men need to agree to a “Gentleman’s Pledge” upon signing up for the app. This makes women feel more safe and free on this Wango platform. But if a man steps out of line and misbehaves he will be banned from the platform.

As most of the dating apps are designed by men and with men outlook only, the market research indicate that the male/female ratio of dating apps is almost 7:3.

Wango aims to even out the ratio of men and women that use the app to reflect real-world percentages, whereas most apps are heavily skewed towards male users. It was found in a research conducted among 35 000 female dating app users. That single women are tired of signing up for dating apps only to get hit on by unplesant strangers bombarding them with disrespectful messages. This causes that women chose to withdraw from these dating apps.

How does Wango Work?

You need to download the app from the iTunes or Google Play Store according to your device.

The men need to sign up the Gentlemen Pledge and will receive the honorific Gentlemen’s Badge but note that misbehaviour results in losing the precious badge.

Simply send a Wango request to the person you wish to start with

If you do not understand how to start the conversation play 2 truths 1 lie and let the magic operate. There are different categories every time so no two conversations look the same.

There will be no cell phone numbers to be exchanged during the online courting process and when the app indicates that both parties are hitting it off, Wango will suggest a date through the pop-up: “Wango for Coffee?”

If both accept, Wango will pick a spot based on both parties’ locations and suggest a date and time for the first date. Dates and times can be adjusted.

Browsing on the App is anonymous, ensuring that friends and relatives are unable to “see each other” on the platform.

There is no worry or stress out of this app as all the dating process is easy and natural to start a friendly conversation.The App also takes away the embarrassment of having to suggest a date or meeting place by either of the parties.

Wango app is just what the ladies out there looking for men want and that is understanding her need, respectful behaviour and safety of course. Now go Wango !