Virtual Reality Casinos in South Africa

Slots Mobile Presents Virtual Reality Casinos To Party At Home
Slots Mobile Presents Virtual Reality Casinos

Have you ever thought at some point in your life you would be able to go to the casino that too without visiting the casino? Here is the concept of Virtual Reality Casinos!

Yes, it is possible. “Visiting without going” is a thing you can do now it is all because of Virtual Reality.

To start with, if you are not sure as to whether you woke up in a science fiction novel this morning, we will now have a walk-through of the various features and questions that come along with virtual reality.

What Is Virtual Reality?

What Is Virtual Reality
What Is Virtual Reality

It is an advanced technology where you use headsets to generate lifelike images, sounds and other senses.

Most people think of video games when they of virtual reality games. While it is true that they are used in video games, this is not the only place that you can find virtual reality.

It is used in space agencies for spacewalk training, hospitals for surgery training, and flight simulators for pilot training. However, the major use for virtual reality that we will be focusing on today is online casino games.

Virtual Reality Casinos

These are digital versions of brick-and-mortar casinos. Rather than having to fly to Vegas for the weekend, you just have to put on your VR headset and walk through the computer-generated doors onto the floor, just like you would in the real world.

Unlike regular online casinos, where you simply click and interact with games, VR casinos provide a totally engaging experience. You will find bars serving cocktails, slot machines, roulette tables, card tables with dealers sitting at them, and other people walking around. It’s a fully immersive experience and can make regular online casinos pale in comparison.

Here are the major VR Casinos in SA

  1. SlotsMillion – SlotsMillion is available in South Africa and accepts South African Rands.
  2. Casino VR – It is unclear whether Casino VR is available in South Africa, but it does not appear to accept South African Rands.
  3. Poker VR – Poker VR is available in South Africa, but it does not appear to accept South African Rands.
  4. VR Casino OKO – VR Casino OKO is available in South Africa, but it does not appear to accept South African Rands.
  5. Lucky VR – Lucky VR is available in South Africa, but it does not appear to accept South African Rands.
  6. VR Casino Club – VR Casino Club is available in South Africa, but it does not appear to accept South African Rands.
  7. VR Slots – VR Slots is available in South Africa, but it does not appear to accept South African Rands.

Now, let’s check out the pros and cons.

The Pros and Cons of Virtual Reality Casinos

The Pros and Cons of Virtual Reality Casinos
The Pros and Cons of Virtual Reality Casinos

Undoubtedly virtual reality is changing everything, and as it speeds up and more and more people get involved, we believe that the majority of casinos will go VR.

Yet there are good sides and bad sides to them, just like everything else. 

1. It’s a unique experience

For many long-term players, new games are something welcomed at any online casino. Virtual reality casinos offers an entirely new experience altogether. As you enter the digital world of spinning reels and casino games for the first time, you can’t help but think “wow!”

2. VR is Super Engaging

As you roam around a VR world full of great games, you will feel as if you have left wherever you are playing from and are living it up in a real-world casino. Hours can go by, and you don’t even realize it.

3. There’s a Social Element

VR casinos are somewhat similar to live dealer games are, except again, this is a whole other level. When you enter a VR casino, you get an avatar, and you can find other players wandering around the digital halls of games. Things are changing quickly, and you can interact with other players. 

4. VR Tournaments and Competitions

VR is here to stay as it conducted the first worldwide VR Texas Hold’em tournament. Since then, all sorts of exclusive VR gambling tournaments have been developed, including slots reel races, and the like.

Types of VR Casino Games to Play?

Types of VR Casino Games to Play
Types of VR Casino Games to Play

Today all of the popular casino games are available in virtual reality casinos. Here’s a quick list of what you might experience.

1. VR Slots

If you haven’t played VR slots, you are missing out on a major development in online casino gaming. Gone are the days of clicking a mouse for spins on a 2D screen. In VR slot casinos, you can pull the one-armed bandit just like you could on the floor of Treasure Island on the Las Vegas Strip.

2. VR Blackjack

Card games have gotten new dimensions from the advent of VR. While live dealer casinos still provide the real thing, VR card games are also worth experiencing themselves. It’s fun to sit there as your avatar interacts with the dealer’s avatar.

As the cards turn over, you see the impression on the dealer’s face, and you actually feel the emotions as if you were interacting with a real person. You would be surprised how they can create a reality like that, isn’t it?

3. VR Roulette

As a casino player, there’s you would love to watch the red and black roulette wheel spinning around as your financial fortune is decided in real time.

Digital versions are okay, live dealer versions are better, but VR versions are amazing. It’s quite difficult to keep track of these things at first, but when you see the ball bouncing between the numbers, hear the sounds and watch the dealer pay you in chips.

Requirements to play at Virtual Reality Casinos

Requirements to play at Virtual Reality Casinos
Requirements to play at Virtual Reality Casinos

Unfortunately, you can’t just have a laptop for a virtual reality casino. Here are the things you will need to enter into this world of the virtual casino:

1. A VR Headset

There are VR headsets to suit your budgets, but naturally, the more you pay, the better the headset you’re going to get. Some recommended ones are the Oculus Rift, Samsung Gear, and the Google Daydream View.

2. A Comfy Seat

You would also have a decent computer chair or a beanbag to help you slip out of reality and into the casino dream world created by VR.

3. A VR Casino Account

Have a VR casino account. There are many reliable VR casinos you can choose from. You will need to register at one of them and make a deposit before you can play the VR games for real money.

4. An Alarm or Timer

Yes, this is necessary! To gamble responsibly and keep it fun, make sure you set regular alarms to bring you back to reality. It’s easy to get carried away in there! The best VR casinos will have a “reality check” option, which can temporarily interrupt your gaming experience beyond pre-agreed time limits.

While not quite necessary, there is something else that can enhance the VR casino experience even further.

5. A Data Glove

When you slip into the VR world the data glove helps the casino detect your presence, and it also creates sensations of touch and feels. You will feel that you are actually pulling on the handle of a slot machine or peeking at your cards.

Now come to the minimum computer specifications required to play at a typical VR casino. You’ll need a machine with:

  • An Intel Core i5 or faster CPU
  • At least 8G of ram
  • 2 USB ports (HDMI 1.3)
  • Windows 7 or above

If you don’t have a VR headset yet, some casinos will help you to explore the 3D VR casinos on your desktop device. You should wait until you do get a headset and tasting the full VR experience.


Virtual reality may be in its infant stages at the moment, but it is clear that technology is here to stay. This is especially true in the Virtual reality casinos where there are a ton of uses for virtual reality, as can already be seen in the virtual reality casinos that are popping up lately.

The only reason why every casino does not have this technology already is that it is very expensive and tough to create. As time goes on, this will no longer be the case though, and we might see virtual reality take over as an online casino standard in as soon as five years.


1. What’s the Best VR Casino Online?

It is currently ranked at the top of this page. Don’t be surprised if you see a different casino there next week. We’re always updating our rankings according to the various things we look for when reviewing VR casinos.

2. Is Virtual Reality like the Real Gaming?

It’s getting quite convincing, but of course, you won’t vanish into it like Neo when he plugs into the Matrix. You’ll still realize you are you, and there’s enough difference in the detail to understand you’re navigating a digital world and now a real one.

3. Do VR Casinos accept players from all over the World?

Every online casino has limited territory lists, and VR casinos are no exception. There are legal causes for this, and real money VR casinos have to follow these rules or face penalties. There may, however, some VR casinos for fun that accept all. These are known as social VR casinos.

4. Are there any VR Mobile Casinos?

If your mobile device makes the specs required to run a VR headset and has the appropriate USB ports, then yes. It doesn’t matter what the device is, as long as it has the power to run the VR headset, which creates the experience. Don’t be surprised, though, if your battery drains quickly.

5. Will I meet other players in the Virtual Casino?

That depends on the busyness of the casino you pick, but as there are probably millions of people around the world plunged into VR headsets at any given time, it’s quite likely you’ll meet other players. This brings a social element to VR games which many feel digital online casinos lack.

6. Is there any virtual reality casinos bonuses?

You’ll be able to claim the same casino bonuses as everyone else. Whether free spins or a deposit match are offered, you will be able to use the bonuses in the VR casinos just as you would in the desktop one. One or two casinos we have encountered offer extra VR casino bonuses as an incentive to check it out.

7. How do I come out of a VR online casinos?

The same way you got in. You can slip the headset off at any time, and you’re out. You can also press escape on your computer or remove your data glove if you have one. Don’t worry; this isn’t an episode of Black Mirror. Nobody is going to hold you there!

8. Is VR Gambling addictive?

All gambling is most addictive, and so is VR. If you put the two together, and it’s worth keeping an eye on things. We suggest not to bet more than you walked in with, set alarms and timers to snap you out of it if you get into wild gaming sessions, and have someone check in on you every once in a while.

9. Can I enter other areas of my account in the VR Casino, such as My Bank and account information?

Not in any of the Virtual reality casinos. The gaming experience is a different thing, but all the other stuff, such as making deposits and withdrawals, will have to be done back on your desktop or mobile device.

10. Is Virtual Reality gambling going to take over traditional gambling?

As technology is advancing at an exponential rate, it would be foolish to assume that it is done growing now. After reaching a certain level, it is undoubtedly a better experience to play in a VR casino than playing elsewhere, virtual reality gambling SA should really start to take off.

11. Are there any casinos that currently utilize virtual reality technology that I can go try out?

Yes, there are! To check some of them out, you can visit our casino’s page. We gave these virtual reality casinos a good in-depth look, and you will find our honest opinions of each one.

12. Do I need any special equipment for Virtual Reality gambling?

Yes, you will need to have your own pair of Oculus Rift virtual reality goggles. These are currently selling for around $400 for the basic pair, and the expensive ones you can get $800 onwards.

Jackpot city casino is certainly the number one virtual reality casino at the moment. You can expect many more of them to pop up in the near future.

14. Will I know that I am in virtual reality when I have the goggles on?

Yes. These are not dreaming or normal goggles. You will still be in the present dimension and you will still be using the same consciousness that you use in your real life. The only difference is that you just sense things differently and in complete detail.

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