9 Best Video Conferencing Apps for Android users

Nowadays meetings are a lot simpler than they used to be. Earlier there wasn’t much option and most of them were expensive.

But today, video calls are as easy as pushing a button of your mobile. There is plenty of video calling apps out there. Video conferencing requires a little extra from basic level video chats.

Video Conferencing Apps for Android

It has to be stable and reliable for business meetings. Here I have rounded up top 9 video conferencing Apps for Android phones!

1. GoToMeeting

Price: Free / $14-$39 per month (billed annually)


GoToMeeting is a popular and most advanced tool available out there in the video conferencing space. It supports 15 participants in the lowest subscription tier and 25-125 in the higher tiers.

The app supports audio calls and video calls both. It is also equipped with some features like a Material Design UI, a text chat in each meeting, calendar syncing, presentation features, and more. The quality of the video and audio are better and above average.

But supporting 25 participant maximum is a little on the low side. This is, however, amazing for small businesses or small teams of corporate business. You may also have some other options with higher ceilings.


2. Hangouts Meet

Price: Free (with a G Suite subscription)

Hangouts Meet
Hangouts Meet

Google introduced Hangouts as a consumer product. However, it still survives as enterprise software. It is a free service within Google’s G Suite software. With above-average video and audio quality, it supports up to 50 participants.

It syncs with Google Calendar and offers some added video conferencing features. It is a popular option for schools, businesses, and environments that are already G Suite subscribers. It is a great option for your business.

However, Hangouts Meet and G Suite require syncing with Google’s ecosystem whereas most of the other apps are standalone services.


3. Cisco Webex Meetings

Price: Free / Starting at $59 per month

Cisco Webex Meetings
Cisco Webex Meetings

Cisco Webex Meetings is an expensive and business level option for video conferencing apps. It’s also quite popular with business users and it also has some decent features. It includes joining a meeting with a single tap, personalized video layouts, and you can schedule meetings directly from the app.

The quality of the video is good and quite stable. The app is a little awkward. It might have some occasional login issues, minor audio problems, and clunky UI. Still, it would do great for most use cases. Pricing differs.


4. Skype

Price: Free with in-app purchases


Skype is one of the most popular and decent solutions for small teams and small businesses. Supporting over 25 participants it is free as long as everyone has Skype. Skype faces a bit of an identity crisis.

It’s stylish and relevant, but it has to be decent software for stuff like this. It is a bit too colorful for professional people. Still, 25 participants on a solid video conference make it one of the cheapest options for video conferencing apps.


5. Zoom Cloud Meetings

Price: Free / Up to $19.99 per month per host

Zoom Cloud Meetings
Zoom Cloud Meetings

It is yet another very powerful option in this landscape. Supporting up to 100 concurrent participants in a single meeting, which is an impressive number. Additionally, it comes with audio-only, video, and text chatting. The free version is limited but functional.

The subscription prices are also affordable considering the number of participants. It also has features like phone call support, webinar and presentation features, and more. The UI is a little awkward, but the video quality and stability are good. This is a better and more stable video conferencing tool.


6. Gruveo (iOS, Android, Web)

Ideal to receive video calls in your browser

Gruveo iOS Android Web
Gruveo (iOS, Android, Web)

This app offers your personalize video call phone number that anyone can use to chat with you at any time! It has a great feature of direct code. You can register your@name on Gruveo and create a simple gruveo.com/@name link to allow people to call you.

Then, you need to leave your Gruveo’s browser call notifications or you can also install the Gruveo Chrome extension and you receive video calls anytime from anyone.

It is available for free and also at a $12/month Pro plan for screen sharing, custom branding, and info about callers.

7. Slack (Mac, Windows, Web)

Best for making a call directly from team chat

Slack Mac Windows Web
Slack (Mac, Windows, Web)

Slack is one of the updated and most popular team chat apps, which has taken this concept and technology of chats beyond just text and images.

Slack includes 1-to-1 voice calls to mobile apps and desktop in June 2016. Six months later it added a video facility to those calls.

To call someone in Slack, you need to just open a channel or Direct Message and click the phone icon. It will start the call in a new window and add a notification to the chat. Tap the video icon to turn on the video, or just make a quick voice call.

It supports up to 15 people, for now, and you can only make video calls on desktop. Slack also comes with the most popular emojis so you can display your reactions during a call.

It costs from $8/month Standard plan for video calls with unlimited chat archive and priority support

8. FaceTime (iOS, Mac)

FaceTime iOS Mac
FaceTime (iOS, Mac)

This is the easiest way to make a video call with one other person. It is an inbuilt iPhone’s Phone app. So long you and your colleague have an iOS device, you can make a quick audio or video call over your data connection. It is great even over congested airport Wi-Fi.

To chat, you’ll need to use iMessage—and on iOS, you cannot use any other app as it will turn off your video. But there’s no way to share your screen. But it is great for a quick clear video call.

9. Zoom (iOS, Android, Mac, Windows)

Best for reliable, clear group video calls

Zoom iOS Android Mac Windows
Zoom (iOS, Android, Mac, Windows)

This could be the most impressive software for enjoying a video conference call. It is a group call app that seriously works. You need to install this app and then can have a free video call with up to 50 people as long as you keep your talk length up to 40 minutes.

You can also chat with up to 500 people at once but in the premium plan which is sufficient for the largest teams.

The works are great. Even your internet connection isn’t the best, Zoom will keep your video going—though often at a reduced quality level. It’s even power effective as it drains moderate battery and CPU usage during most calls.

You can also record any call with a full-length video. Also, you can share your screen, choosing to either show your whole screen or just one of the apps you’re running. Using this app, you can also schedule calls in advance, chat anytime with any of your contacts, or connect to room conferencing hardware.

It supports up to 50 participants for 40 minute long meetings. It costs from $14.99/month per host Pro plan for user management. For unlimited meeting length, and reports cost starts from $55/month supporting 100+ participants.

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