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Trick Or Treat Time!

It is that time of year again – Halloween is upon us! Get out all your witches hats and carved pumpkins for this spooky evening!

Halloween falls on 31 October every year and is known by a few different names: Halloween, Hallows Evening, Allhalloween, All Hallows Eve or All Saints Eve. It is the eve of the start of the three-day observance of Allhallowtide, which is dedicated to remembering the dead, saints and martyrs. It was traditionally celebrated by Western Christian. Many believe that different Celtic and Pagan festivals had a big influence on the way Halloween is or was celebrated. Whatever the origin, Halloween has lost most of its original meaning over the years.

Some believe that Halloween is a time for evil and demonic possession, but it really does not have roots in any evil, rather just a night to honor loved ones who have passed and giving thanks to saints and martyrs.

Modern Halloween

In today’s times, Halloween is celebrated by dressing up and going trick or treating. Children go from house to house on Halloween, dressed as a scary being or their favorite character and ask for sweets – if none are given by the house then the children play a trick on the inhabitants – such as throwing toilet paper on the house. Most people, however, don’t do the tricking part anymore.

Many cities have different events for Halloween, costume parties, jack-o’-lantern carvings, apple bobbing and even visiting haunted attractions. Some communities even have competitions to see who can decorate their house scariest for visitors.

It is a time of fun, sweets, and innocent frights. Kids get to go out on the street and ask their neighbors for sweets, and adults get to attend parties dressed as whatever they want!

Halloween is also a signal that Christmas is just around the corner!

Halloween Costumes

Other than the candy, dressing up is everyone’s favorite part of Halloween. You can go absolutely extreme and look as freaky or as fierce as possible. Over the decades the types of outfits worn on Halloween have changed. Recently, most Halloween costumes are influenced heavily by pop-culture – TV characters, the latest superhero movies, and horror films. People love to dress up as the most popular character at that time, and some outfits are really impressive.

When dressing up for Halloween was still new, things were pretty scary! They have become more comical over time.

Here are the most popular Halloween costumes by decade:

1920’s – Clowns

The Pierrot Clown with a black and white painted face was one of the most popular costumes in this decade. Those with a fear of clowns were not so happy!

1930’s – Mickey and Minnie Mouse

This costume is still popular to this day. These cartoon characters were made popular during this decade, and everyone wanted to dress up as their favorite mouse!

1940’s – Witch

Pinup girls made women more daring in this decade, and what is sexier on Halloween than a classic witch costume? Women shortened their skirts and dressed up like never before to impress in their witches costumes during this decade.

1950’s – Hawaiian Dress

For some reason, everybody wanted to wear grass skirts and leis in this decade. The women looked beautiful and the men looked, well, hawaiinish. Cowboys and Indians also featured as popular dress ups in this decade.

1960’s – Superheroes

Everybody loves a superhero! And the 60’s brought no shortage of them. Women could wear tight latex outfits, and so could the men!

1970’s – Charlie Brown

The Peanuts gang were really popular in this decade, and Charlie Brown, Snoopy, and Peanuts all showed up ready to take on Halloween.

1980’s – Freddy Kruger and Princess Leia

Both films were hits in this decade, and people either went with pretty Princess Leia, or creepy as hell Freddy Kruger.

1990’s – Power Rangers

Kids and adults were all obsessed with the Power Rangers – who wouldn’t be? Groups of friends all picked their favorite Power Ranger and dressed up like them – how awesome they all looked in groups! The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles were right behind them in popularity as well!

2000’s – Anything goes

Harry Potter, Michael Jackson and Spongebob Squarepants – how do you choose? This decade, as well as our own, was so overwhelmed for choice that it is nearly impossible to choose an outfit!

2010’s – Frozen

The amount of Elsa, Anna and Olaf costumes roaming the streets on Halloween is alarming, but oh so sweet. The kiddies film is loved by all, and the outfits are so adorable!

Halloween 2018

Why not get all spooky this Halloween and find something creepy to wear? A vampire, ghost or werewolf –  see who you can scare in your neighborhood – all while building up a decent candy supply!

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