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Top 9 Pokémon Games for Android Users

A wide range of Pokemon games is available on the mobile now. Pokemon is currently one of the biggest gaming franchises out there in the world. Every game is unique with almost no analogous similarities between them. Below are the best 9 Pokemon games for Android users.

1. Pokemon Go

Price: Free

Pokemon Go

One of the most popular games in the world, the trending Pokemon Go was once a trend in the entire world. Without a doubt, it is the most popular mobile Pokémon game. Due to the AR experience, many people find it difficult to cope up with this game. The AR built game makes it easier for you to go around, catch pokemon, and visit pokemon stores in real life, virtually. The game keeps on getting engaging due to the various indulging themes in the game. Although the trend may no longer be there, the hype is still here and real Pokemon Go fans dig every second of it. New updates, bugs, and fixes keep on getting added in the game, and new activities for trainers are also available.


2. Pokemon Quest

Price: Free to play

Pokemon Quest

Another new game in the Play Store from 2018, Pokémon Quest can be played on mobile or even on Nintendo Switch. One of the few cross-platform Pokemon games, the world is in cubes however your mission is to catch the Pokemon train them hard and battle them. Players can customize their space in the campground in the game. Unlike Camp Pokemon or Pokemon Playhouse, this is a full game and is only recommended for adults and older teens. You can find some bugs in the game here and there however it works completely perfect. It may not be as fun as the original Pokemon series games, still, it is quite enjoyable.


3. Magikarp Jump

Price: Free with in-app purchases

Magikarp Jump

One of the newest Pokemon games on the list, Magikarp Jump is a very simple and casual game. The mechanics of the game is to train your Magikarp and the mission is to make him flop higher than the other multiplayer Magikarps. The goofy mechanics of the game makes it class apart. It needs to be fed, trained, and fought to make keep on getting better at the game. It is just like Camp Pokemon that is usually for casual gamers.


4. Pokemon Playhouse

Price: Free

Pokemon Playhouse

A kid’s game for Pokemon fans, Pokémon Playhouse has a big playhouse especially built for kids that include tons and tons of Pokemon. Players can interact with different elements of the game. Due to the goofy mechanics, this game is highly recommended for kids that like simple controls, and lots of colors in their game. This game is suitable for kids aging from three to five hence nothing overwhelming can come out of this game. The game is free of cost with no in-app purchases or advertisements.


5. Pokemon Shuffle Mobile

Price: Free to play

Pokemon Shuffle Mobile

One of the first mobile Pokemon games, Pokémon Shuffle Mobile with some added combat mechanics is a three styled classic match game. To retaliate, you need to match up a bunch of shapes. If more than three shapes are matched perfectly, you get larger attacks. Although it is a casual game, it somewhat acts like any other game in the franchise. Hence it is easy to play and exciting to experience. It may not be the best game on the list since it attracts only casual audiences.


6. Pokemon TCG Online

Price: Free to play

Pokemon TCG Online

A mobile freemium version of the famous trading card game, Pokémon TCG Online offers players to collect various Pokemon cards, challenge other players, and even build decks. This card game is a lot like games such as Clash Royale or Hearthstone but with Pokemon mechanics and gameplay. Some of the basic features in the game are not-PvP play AI opponents, online PvP, and many various customization elements. Due to the freemium option in the game, there is a pay-to-win option in it. Although it may compete toe-to-toe with Pokemon Duel, it can still be considered as a very casual game.


7. Pokemon Masters

Price: Free to play

Pokemon Masters

One of the newer options on Play Store, Pokemon Masters comprises three vs three battles that use up all of your Pokemon in single combat. Due to the participation of DeNA developers in the game (the ones who did Final Fantasy Record Keeper), they know how to make the game live up to its hype even though it is free to play from one of the largest franchises of the world. There are many different modes in the game including the PvP and the co-op multiplayer mode. Even though it may have its flaws, it is still on the rising curve of popularity on Google Play.


8. Nintendo DS Pokemon games

Price: Free / Varies

Nintendo DS Pokemon games

The original Nintendo DS carries many different Pokemon games such as Pokemon Diamond and Pearl, HeartGold and SoulSilver, Platinum, Black and White, and Black 2 and White 2. Although these games might be a little old-school they are still fun to play. Piracy is not tolerated and hence you need to buy these games before installing them in your Android devices. For installation, DraStic is recommended for a functional Nintendo DS emulator. In this way you can play your desired Pokemon game on your Android device by the use of an emulator.


9. Even older Pokemon Games

Price: Free / Varies

Even older Pokemon Games

Before even the time of Nintendo DS, there were the original first and second-generation Pokemon games which were played on Game Boy and Game boy advanced. Some of these games include Pokemon Blue, Red, and Yellow along with Crystal, Silver, and Gold. Pokemon Ruby, Sapphire, LeafGreen, Firered, and Emerald versions were played on Game Boy Advanced. It is recommended to buy these games because piracy is not recommended. Some of the famous Game Boy emulators in the Store are Color and Advance.



These are the most popular and played worldwide by millions of Pokemon fans! You can try these games and have fun and unlimited entertainment.