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Top 5 Attractions to Visit the Mojo Market

If you plan to visit Cape Town and wondering where to find the buzzing market with a hip crowd and incredible food in Cape Town, The Mojo Market is the answer. This Mojo Market in Sea Point remains open all seven days a week and here is why you should stop by.

1. Incredible and Delicious Food

The Mojo Market is in the heart of Cape Town. You can stroll your way through the indoor market and cross-pass many vegan eatery, bakery, oyster shop, and bakery, etc. There are so many specialty stores which is amazing and quite a treat, with some focusing on doing one thing incredibly like hummus, chicken wings, or sugarfree, guilt-free baked food items. You will also find a bar at the heart of it where you can have a drink and you can also pick one or many of your favorite snacks and settle down to enjoy the ambiance. This market runs from 11 am till 10 pm on weekdays and 10 am till 10 pm over the weekends. It allows you sufficient time, resources and amenities to stop by for brunch, lunch, pre-drinks, dinners and post drinks.

2. The Retail Hub

You can find here all types of gifts, clothing and other essentials. The market hosts a number of retailers displaying and selling gifts, craft, clothing, accessories, gears, homeware, and shoes. Whatever you are looking for your friends or yourself, you can find here. Whether you’re looking for a quality t-shirt to wear or an expensive gift for a loved one, you’re bound to find something here that will surely compel you to browse and purchase from this market.

3. The Mouth-watering Treats

This market is flooded with a variety of treats. From the guilt-free to the superfood, you’ll find a treat for every palate. In this market, you will find a stall of the popular American ice cream emporium Baskin-Robbins right across from a vintage sweet shop where you will get all types of goodies and ice-creams. If you have a different taste, you can also get your doughnut fix at the market’s coffee shop that sells baked bagels and treats. In case you want to change your mood and try something offbeat, try a taste of Modern Taiwanese Tea Culture at TeAwesome Tea or you may also land at “high-vibe smoothie” at BeetBox RX.

4. The Live Concert and Entertainment

This place of Mojo Market is a perfect venue for a small stage where musicians entertain the market crowd. You will watch live acts played daily and it’s completely free of charge to watch and enjoy. The market offers a great and free platform to the local artists to perform and display their talent to a crowd coming from all over the world. You can watch this live performance daily around 7 pm and throughout the day over the weekends.

5. The Majestic Location

The Mojo Market is located on Sea Point‘s Main Road, which is a walking distance from other amazing attractions like the promenade, Sea Point swimming pool and Pavillion, and Green Point Park. Its neighboring areas are the Clifton Beach, Camp’s Bay, City Bowl, so it’s just easy to get to this market via the MyCiti Bus.


So, friends, I hope till now you would already have taken a tour of the Cape Town’s Mojo Market and would actually long to visit this place. Don’t forget to pay a visit to this market as there are many reasons that you would never miss checking out!