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Top 4 High Roller Benefits You Must Enjoy

Irrespective of which casino you play, feeling like a VIP is always special. Playing with real money feels like pure luxury, so why not get the rewards that are associated with other forms of luxury? If you are a high roller play, you can get access to the full red-carpet treatment, even low or medium rollers can also enjoy the high life!

The fact is, where you play also matters a lot to avail of all these services. If you are a small fish in a big pond like if you are a $25 per hand table game player in Las Vegas, you might not be treated like a high roller. But the same scenario in a smaller local casino might offer you to enjoy the perks of being a big fish in a small pond. Let’s understand what exactly the high roller benefits are that you can avail as a high roller player!

1. Luxury Suites and Rooms

This is the most sought after and common benefits for casino visitors. You can avail free accommodation, and help you feel seen and appreciated, especially if your room comes with a welcoming bottle of champagne.

Usually, high rollers are complimented with luxurious rooms or suites. You can bring your whole family and make the most of the trip, or travel alone to get indulge. A per your plan to play, the casino might even organize your travel to and from the casino.

2. Shows and Entertainment

You can even watch top performers free! Tickets have always been key benefits for casino players as the hosts offer it to lure players in. You might get to see Elvis earlier, whereas now the top performers could be Britney Spears, Lady Gaga, or Celine Deon. From Cirque du Soleil to popular touring acts, your casino host can offer you VIP tickets to the best events and entertainment around.

If you are traveling with kids, make sure that the casino comps you with free pool cabanas or arcade credits. You can even get your shopping comps, spas or free tours in the areas if your partner is not too fond of casinos.

3. Fine Dining

All the amazing casinos have incredible restaurants. Even local casinos can offer decent dining, with top chefs maneuvering delicious cuisine. If you are complimented for dinner, it actually does not matter what you order, so feel free to indulge. Often you might get comped to a certain value, at which point you may need to check the prices on the menu.

Then comes the booze. Top casinos offer amazing wine lists, top-shelf liquors and champagne are available. You can try out a signature cocktail or the amazing vintage of wine while you play. It is mostly free drinks to anyone who is gambling, but the higher you get, the more top-shelf your drinks will become.

4. Extended Lines of Credit

One of the most common yet controversial perks is available in the form of extended lines of credit. Casinos mostly offer their own lines of credit to high rollers, making it easy for you to chase losses or keep playing even after you run out your bankroll. It is one of the most wonderful perks if you’ve got sufficient cash or you earn plenty, but it might get risky digging a deep hole.

5. How much should you spend to become a High Roller?

It varies a lot based on what you play and where. It is also based on how long you like to play for. It could be a marathon, 8-hour play session, or an hour or two before moving on!

Earlier the casino host defined their high roller players based on their own will about who to comp and how much. These days, it is based on how much the player has accrued on their card. Therefore, it is always crucial to use your player’s card, whether you play slots or table games.

Your casino might consider how much you bet per hand or spin, how many hands or spins you average per hour, how many hours you play, and the house edge to ascertain your theoretical losses.


It is always great to see comps as additional rewards, instead of some kind of gambling investment. So, always stick to a specific casino after decent research and keep playing reasonably to become a high roller player and avail all the offered benefits.