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Top 10 Reddit Apps for Android to use in 2021

Reddit is a large site with plenty of topics and then millions of threads in every topic. Using the right app, you can browse through your favorite subreddits quite easily. You will find millions of amazing options in this space including the best Reddit apps for Android.

Most of these apps also support Reddit Gold, which is a $3.99 per month subscription that removes ads and also include other features.

1. Boost for Reddit

Boost for Reddit

Price: Free / Up to $10.00

It is not that popular as other Reddit apps but people who use it they enjoyed it. With loads of features, including view switching per subreddit, in-app media previews, Material Design, filtering, and even widget support.

There is an option to customize the app with different themes, including one specifically made for AMOLED displays. You can also customize the font type, size, and color as per your need.  


2. Infinity for Reddit

Infinity for Reddit

Price: Free

Infinity for Reddit is one of the better-looking Reddit users on mobile right now. It has multi-account support, a dark theme, and it allows you to do the usual stuff like a comment on threads and other such things.

It also features a Lazy Mode where it auto-scrolls through subreddits for you until you find something interesting. It’s not the best app, but it’s a good combination of the feature-rich and functional app without annoying you. The best part is, it is entirely free.


3. Reddit is fun

Reddit is fun

Price: Free / Up to $20.00

This is also one of the most popular Reddit apps out there is Reddit. It features a modern design that wraps around what is the standard Reddit experience. It means you’ll see a great deal of text.

It is theme-based and supports any file type, moderator tools, widget support, and the standard set of features. Although it isn’t the best Reddit app, it gets your job done.


4. Now for Reddit

Now for Reddit

Price: Free / $3.99

This app is one of the easiest app available in Reddit. With some very basic features, including support for various file types, support for Reddit Gold, Imgur support, and many more.

It also features a modern design that allows you to change subreddits for rapid browsing. It allows you to surf popular and trending subreddits at your discretion. You get a free as well as a pro version for $3.99 (as an in-app purchase). If you’re looking for a few useful features, it is a decent option.


5. Reddit (official app)

Reddit (official app)

Price: Free / $3.99 per month / $29.99 per year

This official Reddit app works just fine for casual viewers. It includes the usual range of features including subreddit management, posting tools, comments, Reddit Gold support, and more.

You will also find a few bugs like most of these apps, but usually, it’s nothing too serious.  Although it is not as powerful as some third-party apps, it’s good for casual Reddit users.


6. BaconReader


Price: Free / $1.99

BaconReader is a popular Reddit app featuring a Material Design interface, background themes, and color-based comment threads making it easy to read and look good. It supports features such as moderator tools, a decent search, advanced filtering, and multi-account support.

You can have the free version and can also select for a pro version for $1.99 as a separate app or as an in-app purchase. The pro version is excellent, but the free version can be a bit ad-based for some folks.


7. RedReader


Price: Free

This app is also a free Reddit app which is also open-sourced. That includes no advertising and no tracking. It also supports Imgur albums, gifv files (along with most other common file types), multi-account support, and also a night mode theme that’s easier on the eyes. You will also find tablet support in case you want it. It’s a basic app hence can be great for beginner readers.


8. Removed for Reddit

Removed for Reddit

Price: Free

This app of Reddit is a super useful tool for people who spend a lot of time on the platform. It uses the site to display your comments that were originally removed from moderators.

This is a rather easy app. You can find a deleted comment, share that comment to Removed, and the app displays what the original comment said. This app is useful for many reasons and it caters directly to professional and power users. This app is also open-sourced and entirely free.


9. Relay for Reddit

Relay for Reddit

Price: Free / $2.99

This app of Reddit is also one of the more popular Reddit apps. It also features many features like Material Design along with a card-based interface to help make readability a little bit easier.

Apart from this, it also has many other features including moderator features, inline media previews, subreddit filters, multi-account support, spoiler alert support, and customization features. You can also get a variety of messages if you opt for it. The free version comes with all major basic features. You can also get premium features by paying a one-time $2.99 payment.


10. Sync for Reddit

Sync for Reddit

Price: Free / $3.99

This is yet another Reddit app that has many features. You can optimize this app specifically for the soccer subreddit (if that matters to you) and features a fully Material Design interface.

This is multi-window support, a night theme (with a separate AMOLED theme), multi-account support, and support for Android Nougat. It also has its own set of bugs than a normal one, but it’s still worth a try. It works quite well for many people most of the time.