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Tomb Raider Slots

Tomb Raider Slots

It makes sense for the online casino players in South Africa to enjoy play the Tomb Raider slot machine. It offers many things that the people of this country should be familiar with. It also offers South African residents the chance to win some great jackpots.

The image of Lara Croft as a Tomb raider is known around the world. It has been made famous by the movies, video games and all of the merchandise that is being sold. It is one of the most popular franchises in the world today and now people can head to their favorite online casino in South Africa and play a game based on the characters and the events of Tomb Raider.

The Game

The Tomb Raider game that is offered at the online casinos in South Africa is a 5 reel slot machine. It offers 15 pay lines for more opportunities to win. There is also scatter feature that sets this game apart. The bonus round that the game offers is not only a great way to win credits; it is also fun to play.

The images that are included in this game make it easy to play. You will find A, K, Q, J, and 10s on the five reels. You will also see images of Lara Croft, a Tomb Raider Idol Symbol and the Lara Croft Bust scatter symbols that trigger a special bonus. The clarity of the graphics and the speed of play make it easy to figure out why and how you have won while you are playing.

What can you win?

The payouts include 500 credits for getting 5 Lara Crofts on a pay line. You receive 2 credits for having 2 tens. The amount of credits you win for other combinations falls between these two. The payouts that are offered for the matching of the common symbols are only part of the fun. The real excitement happens when you have the special symbols on your playing reels.

If you get 3 of the Lara Croft bust scatter symbols, you will generate 10 free spins. Not only will you collect the credits won during these ten free spins, that amount will be tripled while you are playing. It is a great way to build up a large jackpot.

The free spins are fun, but they are not the only special way to win. If you can get 3, 4.or 5 of the Tomb Raider Idols on one of your pay lines, you will start a special round of play. In this round you will be transported into the tomb. In the tomb you will find 12 idols that you can choose from. You are allowed to choose the number of idols in the tomb that appeared on your pay line. Three idols will allow you to win between 36 and 1500 credits. 4 idols will allow you to win between 48 and 2000 credits and if you have 5 idols you can win between 60 and 2500 credits. With an average payout of 96%, Tomb raider is one of the most popular games in Mobile Casinos today.

People in South Africa that have never played this game need to look for it the next time they visit their online casino. It will be worth the time and effort to do this.