The Secrets Of Casino Security

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Casinos are known for being a place that deals with lots and lots of money. It is no wonder that they would need top notch security to keep this money safe.

Not only do casinos need to keep their money safe from being stolen, but they need to make sure that people playing at their casinos don’t try and cheat their way to winnings.

Cheating in casinos happens more often than we know, so casinos have come up with some great ways to prevent too much money from being lost through scammers, cheaters and thieves.


Casino guard

At a casino, you will find security guards all over the floor of the casino, where they keep a close watch on the games and the people playing at the tables and slots. While dealers can keep a close watch on their own game, watching to see if players are palming or switching cards, table managers and pit bosses help to keep a broader watch of the table to see if patrons are stealing from each other and to watch for any betting patterns would could be a sign of cheating.

With casino security, there is always a person higher-up that keeps a track of the person watching the games, making sure they are doing their job and also keeping track of how much money their table is winning or losing.


Casino security

Most casinos are decked out with incredible and elaborate surveillance systems which allow security to keep a close eye on all aspects of the casino. The cameras can be zoomed in and focused on a certain person or table if needed. All videos are also recorded, so there is evidence of cheating or crime if it does occur. Camera surveillance is usually watched over in a room with many different screens, with guards keeping around the clock watch.


Casino players

Every casino and its dealers have a unique pattern that they deal with. All their routines are well known by management and staff, in the way the decks are shuffled and dealt, as well as the locations of betting spots on a table. Casino security are also familiar with the emotions and reactions of normal players. Taking all of this into consideration, they can easily spot if something is not normal or out of routine. This helps them pick up on any possible cheating.

How To Stay On Casino Security’s Good Side

Casinos have been around for quite some time now, from betting on street corners to multi-billion dollar casinos. Over time there have been understood rules developed for players, written and unwritten, which will help you enjoy your casino stay and not get you into any trouble with the casino security.

  • You should never, under any circumstances, touch any game equipment with two hands. You should actually avoid touching anything all together if possible, but if you need to, rather use one hand to do it. Always keep the cards and dice above table level, in clear view of the dealer at all times.
  • If you are watching a game and not actively playing, do not disturb other players. Many people are serious about their gambling and do put a lot of concentration into their games, so nobody will appreciate being disturbed.
  • Once you have placed your bet, do not touch your chips. The only time you should touch your chips after a bet is to collect your winnings after all bets have been collected and paid up.
  • Do not reach across the table if you need to place a bet, you might knock over another players chips. Instead, ask the dealer to place the bet for you.
  • Only chips are allowed on the table, never place anything else on the table as it might cause an obstruction to the game.


NORA, or Non Obvious Relationship Awareness is a tool that was developed in 2010. While it was designed by the casino industry, it is now used by homeland security. It is used to trace and track links between terrorists.

NORA is programmed to analyze tons of data and databases to tell security if there is a link between two people, such as a player who is suspected of cheating and a dealer. NORA will let authorities know if the two have anything in common, such as sending emails, a shared address, any phone calls between them or even if they have ever used the same internet connection.

It really is a masterpiece of software that makes life much easier when trying to rat out any potential threats.

Facial Recognition

Many people don’t realize that at the entrance of every big casino are cameras that capture each guests face. The pictures are then run against a database of mugshots of criminals, cheaters and those who are banned from casinos.

The whole process only takes around 3 seconds. Casinos know fairly instantly whether to let you into the casino or not.

Number Plate Recognition

Just to make life that much more difficult for potential robbers, most casinos have number plate recognition software. This is usually at the entrance of the car park.

This software runs your number plate to check if you have any previous convictions. It is also done to see exactly who you are. Using fake number plates won’t work either. If they run your plates through the system and come up blank, you will be denied access to the casino. And by some very scary security.

Casino Security

Casino security guards

So to be quite frank, casino security is almost exactly what it is portrayed to be like on Oceans Eleven. Extremely suave security guards and even better technology to boot.

It really is not easy to walk into a casino and cheat or steal your way into millions. Casinos have a lot to protect, and they do so really, really well.

Rather just try your luck and play the games how they were supposed to be played. If all these rules put you off casinos, why not try an online casino? You still can’t cheat your way to millions, but you won’t have hundreds of cameras watching your every move.

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