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Travelling to exotic places is adventurous and exciting. With all the happiness to start your journey to your choicest destination, you also may be concerned about your safety.


Sometimes going to an unknown place where you are not familiar with anyone around may be a bit risky these days. But technology is one that you can find everywhere. With the coming of different applications for your smartphones and mobile devices things have become somewhat easy as far as connectivity is concerned. You can connect with your family and friends and send an instant message wherever you may be in the world.

One such app developed by Santam – A south African insurance industry group boosts of being safe while travelling.

Let us look at the features of this app and learn how it works.

Santam App Download Screen
  • Santam App is a free app for both policy and non-policy holders of Santam (that means it is not necessary for you to be a policyholder of Santam).
  • You can have this app at the iTunes App store or Google Play. You can also download free from for free.
  • It is compatible with iOS 7 or later and works well with iPhone, Android, iPad or iPod touch smartphones and mobiles and is in the English language.
  • For Santam app support contact

The Features of the Santam App

Santam App Features
The Features of the Santam App

This App is quite wonderful and handy to use. The three basic features it provides are:

1. Be Safe

This function enables you to request friends and family to virtually follow you on your journeys to help you be safe. The app sends notifications of starting a journey, pausing a journey, stopping a journey and safe arrival. Journeys can be tracked by time or destination point. It is ideal to use when travelling alone or while enjoying the outdoors by yourself.

2. Accident/ Incident Reporter

This provides a step-by-step guide to recording an accident or incident ensuring all information is recorded for claims purposes. The information can also be exported and sent to Santam or a broker. You are able to take photos, record a statement, and find the nearest police stations and Santam drive-in centres in case something unexpected happens to you while travelling.

3. Drive in Centre Locator

This works for the policyholder of Santam’s. It enables the clients to instantly find the nearest Santam assessment service centres anywhere in the country. The service centres range from the basic drive-in centres (where vehicles are assessed and referred to external Motor Body Repairers), to dual assessment centres (where vehicle repairs are assessed and the panel beating work can be done on the premise or referred to an external motor body repairer).

There is also a feature provided in the app where you can request a quote – request for a quote for personal or business insurance from Santam and find a broker – find an approved Santam broker near your location.

How to download and use Santam App

Santam Working App
How to download and use Santam App
  • First thing is to download this app on your mobile device.
  • This free download is available (links provided above) at Apple and Google stores or at Santam’s website. This is very simple as it’s just the same as installing any other app.
  • Next, create a login account, which is fast and will take less than a minute you can also sign in with your Google or Facebook account.
  • After you log in click the menu button.
  • Be Safe and you’ll be taken to a screen where you can add a guardian. This is essential.  

A “Guardian” is simply a person that you allow access to see where you are on your journey/road trip/hike etc.

Therefore, when you are about to leave for your journey all you need to do is open the app, click “Be Safe,” fill out your journey details, and add a “guardian.”

Then click “Start Journey” and you are ready to roll.

It is important to note that your guardians cannot always track you – they can only track you on the specific journeys that you say they can. It’s not a “Big Brother” scenario at all.

Suppose I am going driving alone at night and I want my friend Tushi to be able to know where I am – I “begin a journey” and select her as my guardian and only now can she see where I am, until I end my journey.

You simply add the names and phone numbers of the people you would like as your guardians.

  • All I have to do is open the app, click “Be Safe” and select “Begin a journey.”
  • I add the details of my journey –Select the starting point on the map.
  • My “Transport Mode” (walking, running, cycling, driving)
  • Duration (How long I expect to be gone for)
  • Add a guardian
  • Selects the endpoint on the map.
  • Clicks “done”
  • A new screen comes up with a summary of my journey and I click the “Start Journey”
  • That’s it. The guardian you selected is automatically notified and you can head off with a little more assurance that at least one other person knows where you are and whether you are safe.

The App seems best with no pop-up ads to distract and a free service wherever you go in South Africa. Now travel carefree and be assured “Your Guardian” is informed and is tracking you from behind.

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