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The Royal Wedding Reviewed

What a spectacular day! People from all around the world tuned in at the same time to watch Prince Harry marry Meghan Markle. It was a wedding that was much anticipated, and it definitely did not disappoint. The grandeur and ceremony was on show, as well as the unique touch Miss Markle and Prince Harry laid out on their day. Thousands upon thousands of people lined up outside Windsor Palace to catch a glimpse of the newlywed couple as they drove by on horse and carriage. Every little detail was thought out and done to perfection, just what you would expect from a royal wedding.

19 May 2018

To start, the chapel looked absolutely incredible. The couple married in St. George’s Chapel in Windsor Castle. Decked out in white roses, peonies and other foliage, it was what a fairy-tale wedding would look like. Meghan Markle is said to have had quite a lot of say in the floral arrangement, and even asked for more greens to be added in the Friday before the wedding. In the chapel sat 600 close family, friends and dignitaries. Among the crowd were Oprah and George Clooney. Outside there were invited guest allowed to sit in the courtyard. These were charity volunteers invited by the royal family, as well as employees of Windsor Castle. Once the ceremony had ended they were allowed to enter the chapel to view the set up. They also had front row seats to the couple making their first appearance as newly-weds.

The ceremony was a beautiful blend of old tradition and modern style. Much like the marriage between a British prince and an American actress. A gospel choir sang a rendition of “Stand By Me”, and Reverend Michael Bruce Curry, the Bishop of The Episcopal Church in Chicago gave a lively address – both totally new proceedings at a royal wedding.

The dress!

Meghan Markles dress was an ode to simplicity, modernism and a bit of whimsy. The dress maker was Givenchy’s first female creative director – Claire Waight Keller. The 5 meter long train contained a flower representing each country belonging to the Commonwealth – tying in years of tradition and unity. Prince Harry wore his military uniform at the altar. He had to get permission from the Queen, his grandmother to do so, as well as from the army as he still wanted his beard. Meghan walked herself half way down the aisle, to be joined by Prince Harry’s father, who got a warm “thank you Pops” from the groom at the altar.

Prince William, the best man, shared some light-hearted comradery with his brother before the bride arrived. Showing off his famous shy smile, Prince Harry greeted his bride telling her how amazing she looked, and how lucky he was. It was such a down-to-earth moment that had viewers hearts melting all over the world. Many women swooned over this moment, and were reminded why they loved Prince Harry in the first place. This made it a bitter-sweet day for many around the world. Prince charming, the most eligible bachelor out there was finally off the market, but he was marrying his dream girl.

Guests look incredible. The ladies were all made up in day dresses with a vast array of hats. Wide brimmed or simple fascinators were adorned on each and every lady in attendance. The colours ranged from pastels to navy blue, but all fit the dress-code of the day and the overall theme of the wedding. The men looked just as smart in suits and morning coats, in more subtle and traditional tones.

Horse and Carriage

Once the ceremony had ended, the couple made their way down the road on a horse and carriage. They greeted the thousands of viewers along the roadside with the smile only a couple of newly-weds can pull off. Once the procession had ended, they were making their way to an afternoon reception with 600 guests. They will be treated to canapes and hand-held lunches. The menu is exactly what you expect – only the best ingredients. There were 7500 dishes made by 25 professional chefs.

A select few

After this reception, only a select 200 guests will make their way to the night reception. This will be a more intimate reception with the closest family and friends. One can only imagine the grandeur and luxury at this event, and unfortunately for most of us it will always be just a dream.

The wedding signifies so much more than just another ceremony in the royal family. Meghan Markle is the first mixed race woman to marry into the family. She is a divorcee, and an American. Their marriage brings two worlds together, two separate entities that have not shared in something so magical for so long. Meghan brings fresh life into the monarchy, and matched with Prince Harry’s sprightful nature, they are sure to bring a much-needed revival to the pomp and ceremony of many parts of the monarchy.

Now known as the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, they will start their married life together with almost everything a newly-wed couple could ask for. Meghan is certainly not someone to give up her own life to fall into place as princess, so it will be a very interesting relationship to watch. Harry is also known for not always following suit, making them perfect for each other.

A breath of fresh air

In a way the wedding was paving the way for the new set of royals who will eventually take over. The next royal wedding will only happen in a good few decades when George, Louis and Charlotte are of age. Hopefully we will see the addition of much anticipated babies from Harry and Meghan in the near future. Looking at their parents, the babies should be beautiful!

Whether you are a royalist or couldn’t really be bothered, you cannot deny the fact that a very important historical event occurred today. Not only was a royal wedding successfully held, but two worlds, modern and traditional, were married through two people joined in beautiful matrimony. The next royal wedding will be years from now – so just enjoy the hype before it disappears!