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The Majestic Sunland Baobab- The Bar Inside


Sunland Baobab is a well-known enormous baobab in South Africa. The tree is located on Sunland Farm (Platland Farm), near   Modjadiskloof (previously known as Duiwelskloof), Limpopo Province. The Sunland Big Baobab is renowned because in its hollowed trunk there is established a bar and a wine cellar. The tree has been carbon dated and its age is estimated to be 1,060 years, plus or minus 75 years according to wikipedia. (but many claim it to be 6000 years old)
The trunk of the tree consists of two connected parts. Each of these parts has its own enormous hollow connected with a narrow passage. Diameter of the tree – 10.64 metres (only Glencoe Baobab up to recent split had larger diameter), height 19 metres and crown diameter – 30.2 metres. Circumference of the trunk – 33.4 metres.
Carbon investigations inside the hollows of the tree testify that there have been fires in the hollow in 1650 AD, 1750–1780, 1900, 1955 and 1990. Hollows have been turned into pub and wine cellar in 1993 by the owners of Sunland farm and this unusual landmark since then has turned into popular tourist destination.


According to the Boababs site, “When baobabs become a thousand years old, they begin to hollow inside. In the Big Baobab this has resulted in wonderful caverns and caves, where the world famous Baobab Tree Bar now amazes visitors.”

bar inside

Doug and Heather van Heerden bought the farm in 1989 and cleared half, planting mangoes and Palm trees. The Big Baobab is important both historically and ecologically and is home to many animals and birds, as well as providing food for many others. The van Heerdens fiercely protect the tree and the surroundings. They created a small pub inside the space. Amazingly, the rustic bar has 13-foot high ceilings and can comfortably fit 15 people.

people outside

Visitors wishing to grab a pint inside Sunland can even spend the night in one of five local Jungalows on the property to complete the full safari party experience. There are hikes, waterfalls in the surrounding area and mountain biking trails, while the tree itself hosts a variety of activities.  The Big Baobab has hosted many weddings over the years and there is now a honeymoon suite in a tree house for a wedding with a difference!
Sunland Farm is an ideal base for exploring the surrounding area – the Modjadjiskloof Cycad Forest, the Magoebaskloof hills and forest, the verdant area of Tzaneen and more. Day visitors to the tree costs a fee of R20.00 per person and kids under 3 have free entry!!