The Best Online Slots This Easter

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It is time to start gearing up for Easter, and what better way to spend some spare time than by dabbling with some online slots?

As there are so many different online casinos to choose from, not to mention the thousands of different games, we thought we would make life a little bit easier and give you a list of the best ones to try out.

These slot games have it all. Jackpots, excitement, easy interfaces and incredible graphics.

Choose your favourite theme and try your luck with one of these online slot games.

Major Millions

Major Millions

This progressive slot machine animation is the game you should play if you are looking to win big. The game has a build up of jackpots, meaning the end prize is really worth the play. Microgaming created Major Millions as a 5 reel slot game.

Within the game you will find scatter symbols, wild symbols, as well as multipliers and the progressive jackpot. The 5 reel, 15 pay line game has many chances for you to win.

The graphics are great and the Major Millions logo acts as the wild symbol. If you wind up with 3 scatter symbols, your winnings will be multiplied 3 times. 4 scatter symbols multiplies the winnings by 10 and 5 will be a multiplier by 50.

With the large range of winning combinations, it is a fun and exciting game to play. In order to win the jackpot, you need to bet the maximum, and all 15 lines must be bet on. Big risks come with big rewards!



Sweep yourself back to medieval times, rubbing shoulders with King Arthur and other knights. Avalon is one way to do this – as well as win some extra cash!

The features and graphics of Avalon are great. The scenery is full of castles and medieval grandeur, all while staying true to the genre.

Avalon is another Microgaming creation, and it is a very popular game. The slots are a 5 reel multiple payline game, all centered around King Arthur.

The symbols in the game are all true to the genre, with the coat of arms, crowns and goblets, treasure chests and a broach. The poker cards have even been designed to match the era.

The slot has two wilds, the first being the Avalon symbol and the second is the treasure chest. The treasure chest only becomes wild during the free spin feature, while the Avalon symbol can replace all other symbols except the Lady of the Lake.

It is an entertaining, yet relaxing game to play. The payouts are usually quite big if you are lucky enough to snatch one up!

Immortal Romance

Immortal Slots

This is for all of those who love to dabble in the supernatural side of things.

This Microgaming creation is centered around the world of vampires. It is a 5 reel slot game and have a unique system which offers over 243 ways to win. For beginners, this is a great game to try. It doesn’t focus on confusing combinations and complicated games.

Immortal Romance has four main characters, Troy, Michael, Sara and Amber. If you get one of these characters during play, you might be able to enter other features such as free spins, bonus features and multipliers.

The scatter symbol is in the form of a lion, which can offer up some free spins. Players can win between 10 and 245 spins depending on the character they are playing.

Mega Moolah

Mega Moolah

Mega Moolah is a progressive jackpot game that offers its players big winnings. It is also known as the “Millionaire Maker”, which should give you an idea of the payouts! Whoever plays the online game, only adds to the growing jackpot.

There are 4 different progressive jackpots to play:

Mini jackpot: starts at $10

Minor jackpot: starts at $100

Major jackpot: starts at $10,00

Mega jackpot: starts at $1,000,000

The jackpot wheel can appear at any point during the game, and if you spin the wheel and land on the white part, you win! Whatever you win will depend on the amount you wager, so to win the biggest jackpot, you have to place the maximum bet.

There are a few games to choose from within Mega Moolah, safari based, food-based, Egyptian based and then fruit slots. It is another Microgaming entity, so you know it will be one of the better games.

Playing Safe

When playing online, there is a chance you might run into a site that isn’t safe, or isn’t legit. Here are some things to look out for to make sure you play safe:


Make sure the site you use has a safe payment system. Only choose sites that are security safe, and which have the right software to protect your information. Scammers love to use sites to steal credit card information, so double check all software is safe to use.


When you find a new online casino, make sure to research it. Type the name into a browser and read reviews. Well protected sites will not have reviews of ‘scams’ and such forth. Hopefully, if anyone has been duped by a site, they will post a review for you to read up on.

Customer Service

Be sure to check the efficiency of the customer service on the site you are using. A good customer service should be open to contact at all times, from all places. You can also search for reviews online. A good, trusted site should have a very effective and efficient customer service that is open to queries and resolutions at all times.


Check who the site is regulated by. All legitimate gambling sites should fall under a specific regulator, and if the site doesn’t, avoid it. Sites who fall under a regulator will have rules and guidelines to follow, ensuring your safety.

Fun and Exciting Slots

Online casinos are there for fun, and for some winnings. These online slot games are some of the best, and most trusted, for you to enjoy.

Remember to know your limits. Slots are there for fun, not for ruin. Have fun playing to win big, but know when it is time to step back and call it quits.

Keep yourself busy this Easter season at home, attempting to put some extra cash in your pocket.

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