The Best Casinos According To TripAdvisor

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Best Casinos According To TripAdvisor

TripAdvisor has released the top 10 land-based casinos to visit all around the world, from some famous casinos to some that aren’t quite as popular, take a trip to see which catches your fancy!

Hippodrome Casino in London, UK

Best Casinos According To TripAdvisor

The Hippodrome Casino in London is a truly iconic site. It is nestled in the heart of London and is based within a huge art nouveau building, which attracts much attention from the outside.

The venue itself is well-aged, but it is one of the most happening casinos to visit. To add to your visit, close by is Leicester Square with cinemas, music and theaters, as well as wonderful restaurants.

The casino consists of different levels which contain different rooms, with games from slots to baccarat and a large number of live dealers. It really is a casino that needs to be on the top of your list.

Grosvenor Casino in Luton UK

Grosvenor Casino in Luton UK

The Grosvenor Casino is found just an hours drive outside of London. This particular casino forms part of the other 54 Grosvenor Casinos found across the UK and it has a wide variety of attractions and amenities.

It is more than just a casino, it is a resort, a small city, home to a gambling paradise and a sports lounge with live entertainment. There is something for every taste.

The casino offers a full gambling experience, with roulette, poker, Live blackjack and the most loved slot machines.

Genting International Casino in Birmingham UK

Genting International Casino in Birmingham UK

The Genting International Casino falls within the Resort World Birmingham, close to the city airport. It is reportedly the largest casino within the United Kingdom!

The resort alone is 7 stories high and there are endless gaming halls and corridors to become lost in.

Next to the airport, it is the perfect stop for international travelers who are looking for it all. From slot machines to digital roulette tables, to poker rooms and blackjack, it has it all.

It is one of the top gambling destinations and only offers the most excellent gaming experience.

Ascot Racecourse in Ascot UK

royal ascot horses

The Ascot Racecourse is one of the most famous horse racing courses in the world. Betters can really win big here.

Nearly one third of all the annual Group 1 races take place at the Ascot Racecourse, giving it endless gambling opportunities.

It is a flat type course and has amazing facilities for leisure and entertainment. Next door is the Royal Ascot Golf Club, giving you more options on how to spend you time.

The racecourse has a wide green expanse, which is a great escape from the normally busy city. You can enjoy gambling with friends and watching the horses ride by.

Newcastle Greyhound Stadium in Newcastle UK

Newcastle Greyhound Stadium in Newcastle UK

This racecourse was opened in 1928 and is now one of the most popular racecourses around for greyhound betters.

Races take place from Tuesdays to Thursday and then Saturdays as well. It is one of the more popular landmarks found in Newcastle and it must be visited when in the area.

It makes a great night out for something a little different, and is fun for the whole family to enjoy.

The Venetian Macau Casino in Macau China

venetian macau staircase

This is one of the most renowned casinos and resorts in the whole world, and cannot be missed.

The casino is 39 stories high and has one of the world’s largest casinos. There are four different themed areas and thousands of slot machines to choose from. There is also roulette, blackjack, and other table games.

Empire-style lobbies and gaming halls lavished with decor, it is on the bucket list of casinos to see in your lifetime!

Dragonara Casino in Malta

Dragonara Casino in Malta

This casino is found a short walking distance from the port of Valletta and is center of all the historical sites of Malta. Just the trip to the casino is an incredible cultural experience on its own.

The huge casino building is set on the top of a rocky peninsula and it looks over the blue horizon of the ocean.

Malta is one of the most exotic gaming destinations in the world, and there are enough games in this one casino to see to it. There are 250 slot machines, 15 poker tables and a VIP lounge for high-rollers.

Pestana Casino Park in Funchal Portugal

Pestana Casino Park in Funchal Portugal

The remote island of Madeira holds this little slice of paradise. The Pestana Casino Park Hotel is home to the Casino da Madeira, it is one of the best gambling destinations in the world.

The arched pillars and premium location transform it into an incredible getaway. There are numerous hotels to choose from, many overlooking the harbour and passing ships.

The casino itself is top notch and there are other attractions such as live music, indoor and outdoor pools, nightclubs, sports fields and wellness centers.

It is a resort for everyone, and will keep guests coming back time and time again.

Monte Carlo Casino in Monte Carlo Monaco

casino monte carlo jeff kolker

Decorated in marble and bronze, the Monte Carlo Casino requires a special dress code for visitors.

There are world renowned attractions to be found here, such as the Opera of Monte Carlo and the Beaux Art building. Slots, roulette, baccarat and poker can all be found at this prestigious resort. Lined with palm trees and found under exotic sunshine, this is luxury at its best.

Palms Casino Resort in Las Vegas US


The Palms Casino Resort is a famous name known all around the world, found in the gambling capital of Las Vegas.

Amazing service, modern accommodation, and luxury amenities make the resort stand up to the incredible name it has been given. It has all the slots and table games you could wish for, and restaurants that feature some of the finest cuisines around.

This is a great casino to visit as the Las Vegas Strip is close by, and it is something to behold. There are restaurants, entertainment and casinos for every taste, and Las Vegas never disappoints!

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