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Stories of Lotto Winners

It is each one of our dreams to someday win the Lotto. Imagine being able to enter into an early retirement, living comfortably and lavishly for the rest of your life, all because you bought a Lotto ticket?

Whether you play the Lotto every now or again or religiously before each draw, that anticipation that maybe this ticket is the golden ticket brings excitement and anxiousness each and every time.

The Lotto in South Africa is always well supported. The jackpots are always in the millions and payouts for lesser matched numbers are always fulfilled and paid out. The Lotto is cheap to take, especially in proportion to the jackpot that you have the chance of winning. It is easy enough to play and there are so many outlets for us to play on – at the corner shop, a big chain store, or even using a banking app on your phone.

The truth of the matter is that we have roughly a one in 14 million chance of winning the Lotto, so more than likely it will never happen. But, odds are that someone has to win sometime right?

Here are some stories of Lotto winners who just happened to pick the right numbers at the right time, changing their lives forever.

The 2018 R145 Million Powerball Winner

2018 turned into the most amazing year for a young couple from Secunda. 34-year-old engineer, along with his 30-year-old wife, made habit of playing the Lotto. After their varsity classes they would walk down to the shop to play the Lotto. Even though they played three times a week for years and years, they never won anything more than a few hundred rands.

The young engineer found out he had won Powerball on the Saturday, and the next Tuesday he and his wife were at the Ithuba offices in Sandton, Johannesburg, to claim their prize.

The couple said they needed some time to actually process that they had won. They battled to keep it quiet until accepting what had happened.

Although they never really struggled financially, the couple wants to keep a more low-key profile with regards to winning 145 million. They were hounded by media and press after finding out they had won and would prefer to keep things private.

The young couple is set for life, they know they will never have to worry about money again! Maybe habit will win and they will continue to play the Lotto.

Early Retirement for Lotto Winner

A woman from Cape Town discovered one Saturday morning that she was the winner of R58 million rand.

At 56 years old, the woman was an avid Powerball player, but hardly ever played the Lotto. This time around, the large jackpot encouraged her to play, and boy did it pay off – literally!

On her way to a mothers day celebration, she heard that the jackpot had been won. This prompted her to check her ticket and low and behold – all numbers matched. When she checked her ticket in a Lotto machine at a retail store, it simply read “Please contact the National Lottery Head Office”. There was a bit of confusion as to what this all meant.

Once her son checked her ticket properly at the family gathering did she really realize what had happened – she had become R58 million rand richer. And in true Captonian style, she looked to her gin for celebration.

This early retirement package is a dream come true for this winner, she wanted to work for 6 months more to ensure a smooth hand over, but planned to invest 90% of the winnings into investment schemes and then live off of these, enjoying her beautifully early retirement.

The Bible Kept The Lotto Ticket Safe

Many people have different theories on effective and lucky ways to win the Lotto. Some pick numbers that match special dates in their lives and others only buy tickets on a Tuesday, whatever the theory, the odds pretty much remain the same.

However, three years ago a player found himself really down on his luck. He was broke and he was in heavy debt, taking handouts to survive.

He took one last little chance and bought a Lotto ticket. Next thing he knew, he was R7 million richer. Coming from a rough financial background, he surprisingly didn’t squander the money away. He cleverly invested his money, nearly tripling it, and still lives a fairly modest life.

His R50 QuickPick ticket gave him one line of matching numbers. He couldn’t believe it at first. He surprised his mom with the news, and travelled to Johannesberg to claim his money. On his trip up to Johannesburg, he says he was a bag of nerves. He even kept the winning Lotto ticket in a Bible, thinking it would stop anyone from stealing it.

Luckily, his mom is a financial planner, so she has helped him use his new winnings wisely. Some of his ivestments didn’t pan out, but for the greater part, he has done really well.

This winner who like the others wants to remain anonymous is so likable. He has a backstory like all of us, living on the prayer of winning the Lotto, and now despite his wealth, he still shops at Mr. Price and Pick n Pay.

The Lotto Dream

Inside each of us is the dream to win the Lotto tomorrow, not having to work another day, enjoying the hot sun of the Maldives in the summer and the icy slopes of Switzerland in winter.

The reality is that in order to make the most of the Lotto winnings, you need to be smart with your money. You cannot live large and wild, because you will be broke in a very short time. Rather keep some money to indulge yourselves, but investing is always a good idea. You will be ensuring a long, happy and early retirement.

It is a longshot, but it is a dream we can all relate to, and hopefully make happen one day by buying a simple Lotto ticket when we can spare the money.