Price Check App SA vs UPrice SA – A Comparison

Price Check App SA vs UPrice SA - A Comparison
Price Check App SA vs UPrice SA – A Comparison

The Internet has proven itself to be a fine, convenient place to do your shopping. However, its convenience does not necessarily mean that the best-priced items are any easier to find. Because there are more shops than ever, finding what you need can be a pain. And when you settle for any price after too much time has been spent, you can’t help but wonder, “Did I get the best deal?” This is why sources such as Price Check App SA vs UPrice SA exist. But, in the way of the world, not everything is made equal. So which one is the best? Let’s take a look at both of them.



The PriceCheckApp SA (South Africa) allows you to check and compare the prices of products (those specifically available only to South Africa). PriceCheck updates you on offers of over 30 million products, which are for sale online as well as retail stores (Wow! That’s a lot!).

The user is thus able to see various offers for identical products, making it easy to compare, pick and buy what you want for the perfect price. The app even allows you to scan barcodes from products. Clearly, the nature of the app allows you to price compare swiftly, and easily.

This app helps you search for the exact product effortlessly. You just have to type in what you’re looking for and hit enter. The search results will present you with a variety of products to choose from. You will either be able to purchase the product then and there on PriceCheck’s Marketplace or you will be directed to the shop’s product page.

This app is free to browse, see offers and leave reviews on PriceCheck. If you would like to purchase an item on this Marketplace there will be costs involved.

To use this app you need to register for an account all you need to do is click on the Login/Register link at the top of the home page and follow the instructions.

uPrice SA

uPrice SA (South Africa), practically identical to the  SA PriceCheck app in function, is also a comparative search engine for online shopping. uPrice SA does not mention retail store product comparison as part of its service.

Price Check App SA vs UPrice SA

How else do they Compare
How else do they Compare

When you begin to use either of these free services, both have their own products separated into categories. Both services have a search engine. When you click on a product, either from browsing or searching, these specs will be seen: the photograph/s of the item, product information, the lowest price, the stores that carry the item, links to these stores, product ratings and reviews, and the ability to share the product on social media and email.


In functionality, both services are pretty much the same. Although both focus on electronics and electronics-related items, not all categories match. The plus side to using the PriceCheck app SA over rice SA is that you can use it on the go.

Another reason the PriceCheck app SA might be preferred over uPrice SA is that the service includes retail stores, while the latter does not. Being able to scan the barcode is another bonus. If you are a general user looking for the best buy, it may not matter which you choose.

If you are a person who price compares often, however, and is on the go, the PriceCheck app SA would be the preferred choice. Both are good services and both will help you get the best prices on the items you need in a fraction of the time. You can use either of these apps for your day-to-day use and get the best deal.

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