12 Places in South Africa to Hang In a Hammock

There are many places in South Africa where you can live on a hammock. There are many merits of a hammock such as improved blood circulation, reduction in stress levels, better sleep cycle, and improved focus in work.

Places in South Africa to Hang In a Hammock

Booking a place in South Africa isn’t just about locations and prices. You also need to take account of a place where your mind is revitalized and invigorated.  If you take heed of all such places in mind, then below are some exhilarating places where you can hang in a Hammock in South Africa:

1. Pearl Bay House

Places in South Africa to Hang In a Hammock

Just like at any other beach without getting yourself dirty on the sand, you can relax under a good sun on a hammock. The sound of the waves crashing at the shore is a sight for thee sore eyes. The setting is seen in the West Coast of Yzerfontein. The Pearl Bay House is definitely for the tranquility and calmness.

2. Bungalow 52

Bunglow 52

Located at Clifton, Bungalow 52 is a place of absolute serenity. In spite of the modern amenities and facilities, the setting of this place is relaxing. It certainly would be an ideal retirement home for the old. Fancy a cocktail while relaxing on your hammock or taking a hike at Table Mountain.

3. Driftwood


Witness the serene nature around the Paternoster’s magnificent beach where you can find ecstasy in your life by laying back on the hammock and gazing at the relentless blue of the sea. The capacity of this place is about 8 guests, so choose wisely whom to bring along with you at the West Coast fishing village in Driftwood.

4. CampsBayGlen


The CampsBayGlen is the ideal place for one to let loose of the stress and strains from their daily chores. Located on the Atlantic Seaboard is on the edge of a small reserve.  This place also has a hammock lounge that overshadows the swimming pool.

5. Tanagra Guest Farm

Tanagra Guest Farm

The Tanagra Guest Farm is located in McGregor. Sleep off your afternoons on hammocks on this farm and get revitalized. Amenities include apartments, a loft studio and cottages as well.

6. Sea Breeze Kommetjie

Sea Breeze Kommetjie

There is a combination of hammocks, day beds, and Jacuzzi that make the Sea Breeze Kommetjie popular. Up to eight guests can be accommodated in this place with just some TLC. It is less than an hour’s drive from Cape Town.

7. Kennedys Beach Villa

Kennedys Beach Villa

The Kennedy Beach Villa is by far the most breathtaking place to relax on a hammock. It is a 5-star luxury villa with a picturesque setting. The hammocks reside deep within the milkwood forest which is dreamlike for those who visit the place for the first time.

8. House at Longbeach

House at Longbeach

The Longbeach house is a place located at the Chapman’s Peak at Noordhoek Beach House. Even though it is a 25-minute ride from Cape Town, the rural setting of this place is something you have to witness with your own eyes to realize its magnificence.

9. Wolfkop Nature Reserve

Wolfkop Nature Reserve

Right at the foot of Cederberg, Wolfkop Nature Reserve is a natural place for you to relax back on a hammock. The rustic, spacious and tasteful setting of this place is tranquil and serene. This place has a Jacuzzi, a fireplace, and bush showers as well for the customer’s content.

10. Pat Busch Mountain Reserve

Pat Busch Mountain Reserve

Surrounded by natural wonders such as mountains, streams, and dams, the Pat Busch Mountain Reserve is located in Robinson and is ideal for relieving the city stress in an hour or two. It also has facilities such as the spa baths and the outdoor showers.

11. 66 On Eighth

66 On Eighth

With the pretty views of the mountain, the hammocks in 66 on Eighth are somewhat of a natural setting. The garden makes the view 100 times more stunning and calming. Fancy a cup of tea, grab a book and live through the natural limy meadows of this place on the amazing Cape Whale Coast.

12. Treebia


The hammocks in Plettenberg Bay are perfectly placed. Guests can enjoy a book at the backdrop of the verdant valley and the flora. Located at the foot of the Robberg Peninsula and the town of Plett, Treebia is a place where you can let go of your worries and stress and embrace the life you have at the moment when the cool breeze grazes your face with a stroke of calming ambiance.

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