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Online Casino Games on your Smartwatch

Win Real Money with your Smartwatch

If you are part of the population that already owns a smartwatch, we have some great news for you. If you don’t, perhaps reading a little further will convince you to join the crowd.

Did you know that you can now play your online casino games on your smartwatch? For such a small device, this seems a bit unreal. Developers have created specific online casino games that are suited to be played on your smartwatch screen. How cool is that! You can literally now play anywhere and at any time.

If you are a little behind the technological wave, you might be wondering what a smartwatch is.

A smartwatch is a watch with a screen. It connects to your smartphone and has the same functions as it. It can make and receive calls, send and receive messages, track fitness and heart rate and even take photos. These nifty little devices are quite a breakthrough, making wearable technology even more accessible, and easy to use for everyday people. And as with all other tech, each day sees improvements and upgrades to these devices.

Developers have now caught on to the smartwatch trend and are creating online casino games specifically suited to a smartwatch. It is quite a task to get a full gambling game to work on such a small screen, but it offers everything a normal casino game would have.

How to start

Most of the big smartwatch name brands are compatible with the online casinos that have been ported for smartwatch use. Apple and Samsung are the obvious forerunners, but you will have to check on the site itself to see if your watch is compatible. You will more than likely have to set up your online account using a smartphone or computer, as this isn’t offered on the smartwatch feature yet.

Once you have accessed the game on your watch, you are pretty much ready to play. The screen will show you which game you are playing, the slot reels and your account balance. Along with this, you will also be able to view the amount you wish to bet on each spin. It is quite basic and there isn’t too much glitz and glam, but the space the designers are working with is limited.

Where to from here

The majority of players are still excited about the fact that you can gamble at home on your smartphone or computer, so the uptake on smartwatch gambling might be a little slow. Once this phenomenon does catch on, it will grow exponentially. More and more people are buying smartwatches, and soon it will be one of the favoured methods of play. As this use increases, more and more game houses and developers will create games that are compatible with smartwatches.

At the moment, these casino apps allow you to play the slots, keep a track of sports betting, horse race betting, receive notifications and most importantly, win some real money.

Playing on your smartwatch still holds all the great benefits of playing on a mobile or PC. You will still receive new member sign up bonuses and rewards where applicable, as well as the usual loyalty rewards and bonuses. Once you are signed in you can play the slots, roulette and even some other table games where available.

Benefits of using a smartwatch to gamble

You can play on the go. Anywhere at any time. You can use your watch to gamble whilst doing pretty much anything. You will however need an internet connection to play, but that really isn’t hard to find nowadays.

Nobody will be the wiser as to what you are doing on your smartwatch, meaning you can gamble online at any moment in time. Tired of your partners soapies on TV – play some slots on your wrist! You have the privacy of playing that sometimes you may not have using a larger device such as a tablet of computer.

Enjoy simple game play. The glitz and glam on some online casinos aren’t for everyone. Because of the smartwatch’s small screen, the games have had to be scaled down to the basics. Some may enjoy this simple and easy to use interface.

The multitasking benefit is amazing. Your wrists are always attached to your body – so your smartwatch will always be too. Whether you are cooking, playing soccer or in the bath, you will have access to your favourite online casino games.

Games to play

There are many online casinos that have adapted their games to be compatible with smartwatches. The list is continuously growing, and soon the amount of games available will be astronomical. It will just take a little while for people to catch on. However, there are already favourites among the games that are released. Some online casinos just know how to please their players, and these ones have gone the extra mile to ensure their smartwatch play is extraordinary.


You can’t go wrong using such a big name in the online gambling scene. always offer players the best of the best, and even give out a R4000.00 sign up bonus. You can rely on their name to know that the smartwatch games will be out of this world.

2. Yebo Casino

Yebo Casino

We are lucky to have a South African casino sitting as the favourite smartwatch casino. They offer a sign up bonus of up to R12000.00 for new members. Players can also take advantage of the easy transaction options in ZAR –Mastercard, Visa and Skrill are all compatible with Yebo Casino. Enjoy their easy interface and wide selection of games on your smartwatch.

3. Springbok Casino

Springbok Casino

Springbok Casino- Play with R11,500 Welcome Bonus

Another South African casino on top of the list. This casino is a hit among South African mobile users, and is sure to keep them loyal on a smartwatch. With an R11500.00 sign up bonus, it is really hard to resist. They pay out within 2 days and have very safe deposit and withdrawal methods.

4. Rich Casino

Rich Casino

If you have a smartwatch waiting and ready to go –sign up to play today. Otherwise, treat yourself to an after-Christmas present and start playing your favourite casino games on the go today!