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Mobility no gamble in South Africa


There is not supposed to be any gambling websites or mobile games served up from within South African borders. In other words, in this country no one is allowed to operate a computer server that runs any applications that engage people in gambling. However, there is still a world of on-line gambling available to you from within its borders, provided you have an Internet connection. In fact, it is quite possible – and some claim it has been proven – that online casinos have a significantly higher payout percentage than local SA land-based casinos. The bottom line for South Africans is that they want to play at trusted and reputable casinos that accept the South African Rand (ZAR) currency.

Smartphone penetration has taken South Africa by storm, exceeding the number of users in many other third-world countries. Whether you have an Apple device, an Android device or anything in between, chances are that it will have the capacity to enable you to gamble on-line, using one of the well-established Internet and mobile networks in the country.

Call it Apple or Mac

Mac online casino sites have become a reality and casino Mac-based online games are sold in the iStore. Macs are generally more powerful than PCs, with graphics and speed that are often unrivalled even today. For South Africans on an iPhone, playing will primarily be initiated through a modern web browser, such as Google Chrome, or even Safari. iPhone “real money” casinos are not in abundance, but software does not always have to be downloaded to the phone, instead games can be played using the phone’s browser, while the software remains on the Intranet and is simply executed on a server somewhere else.


For South African Android smartphone owners, players have a good chance of being able to download and install a custom, secure casino app that offers a satisfying gambling experience. There are apps specially designed for Android devices and they offer the best possible way for a cell phone to access an Internet casino.  Downloadable real money apps from online casinos’ Android markets may take up space on your phone’s hard drive, but they are reliable and offer some of the best graphics and performance. You can generally be sure that the usual games like roulette, blackjack, and other major “slots” will be available to play on a variety of devices including Samsung Galaxy, Sony Xperia, or other Android smartphones. Online casinos’ Android customers have access to many betting games that leverage touch-screens and high-end graphics. Roulette will be specifically designed to work on your small online casino Android screen so there is no loss of gaming experience.

Android betting fanatics can even enjoy Mac casino games like blackjack or roulette on their Android smartphone or tablet for real money through dedicated apps. Some reports even say that many top online “slots” are quicker and easier to play on an Android device than on PC or Mac equivalents.


Whether Mac or Android, tablets offer a better playing experience than cell phones due to their larger screens and generally better hardware. Big-screen enhancements can be better appreciated and an extended battery life is guaranteed. Tablets are also perfect for tournaments and long ring game poker sessions.

Who is poking whom?


There was a time recently when Apple did not approve of real money poker apps and when no online poker sites have yet launched any native iPhone poker gaming software. Efforts have been on the go to create downloadable iPhone poker games for iPhones. The poker gaming industry has been offering several real money and free iPhone poker apps with features that include quick seating, chat, multi-tabling and tutorials optimized for handsets and tablets.

Some examples of downloadable poker games are PokerStars, Zynga Live Poker (not a real money poker app), Texas Poker, Mega Poker, Bold Poker and Jawfish Poker.

Many poker sites offer on-line games that can be played via your smartphone web browser. While these on-line play poker sites do not require downloads, some smartphone browsers may not offer full Flash support. Some examples of these sites are 888 Poker, Titan PokerBetOnline Poker, William Hill Poker, Party Poker and Switch Poker.

It looks like South African gamblers are all set to enjoy their favourite pastime on their mobile devices. Despite the local laws, they will have no problem accessing their favourite online casino and poker games on their iPhones or from their Android devices. For them, the gamble is no gamble at all!