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Live Dealer Poker or Online Poker – Which is the Best to Play?

Poker is a card game that the majority of people would like to play. Like Blackjack, Poker is also a game of skill with some luck factor. Still, it includes some added elements when facing off against other players. It’s not enough to know simply the combinations. It is not possible to learn all the strategies off a cheat sheet. Poker requires a lot of attention and passion.

Unlike other games, in Poker, fooling other players is the main thing in the gameplay. This is what makes it more popular. Any hint of emotion can give the information to your opponents. So while it may appear that it is all over, there are still there are some factors to consider.

Online Poker: Better Convenience and Control

Online Poker: Better Convenience and Control

Depending on a random number generator may not seem that fun initially. Still, it is a great way to learn the game. If you’re a newbie for Poker, a few hours on the virtual poker can do the wonders to remember the various card combinations. Some understanding may not be that clear as it is just you and the machine playing. But once you master some of the aspects of the game, you can switch on to the live dealer version.

Yet another benefit to playing the regular, online version is that you can have full control over every round of your game. If you do not have enough time you may play only a few hands.

Control in your Hand

You don’t have to wait for others to make their moves, you can decide how you want to play or skip some of the moves. This may offer a few hours of break-in between for refreshment and other activities attending to real-life emergencies. You do not have to drop the table and hope you’ll have a spot when you come back. When you will be back the same round will be there waiting for you.

Play as per your Choice

Apart from this, convenience also a major factor, though live dealer poker has been eroding this benefit with time. Though, these days, both versions of Poker give you the option to play on your phone or tablet, letting you gamble on the go. But still often you might run into the problem of not having space on a live dealer table. This is an issue that simply does not exist for online, RNG-operated Poker.

Online poker also tends to allow for cheaper stakes. Whereas live dealer poker tends to be more expensive due to the added costs that come with that setup. The software provider needs to make sure a stable live stream setup, and they need to pay their staff. Although, when everything is computerized, the costs of each poker round can be quite lowered.

Live Dealer Poker: Vibrant Atmosphere and Amazing Experience

Live Dealer Poker: Vibrant Atmosphere and Amazing Experience

The most amazing aspect of live dealer poker is the experience of playing against other players. This you cannot get an online variant. Though you could implement AI players, and they would learn how to bluff. But any professional player could dance around those rudimentary bots. It’s far simpler to seek out other players, and engage in a thrilling battle of wits and nerves. This experience only a live dealer poker can provide.

Vibrant Communication

And as you’re playing against other players, you can communicate with them and the dealer as well. You’ll see players commenting on hands, sporty rivalries being created, and even friendships nurturing if people hit it off.

If you’re a regular poker player, odds are you’re going to start recognizing names. You’ll keep a log of your previous rounds, and how this time, you’re going to sweep the table.

Over the past few years, live dealer poker appears to have taken over as far as Poker Variants are concerned. Mostly, both online and live dealer poker revolve around Texas Hold’Em and Caribbean Stud. But to spice things up, then live dealer is the way to go. Releases like Three Card Poker and Hi-Lo have added fun coupled with a live dealer instead of a computer.

Live Poker is expensive with huge profit

With a higher upfront cost, live dealer poker also offers a more significant profit. While playing against a computer is one of the best ways to polish your skills. But often you’ll enter a table where you counter every other gambler and can sail your way to victory. If the casino you’re playing with allows for multi-table play, you can also avoid the long waiting times that live dealer poker has to suffer through.


The debate which poker type to choose may not end.  Both online and live dealer poker still have their respective places on the market. And while some benefits online Poker has will eventually be solved, others cannot. You cannot have a spot on a live dealer table for two hours due to a real-life emergency. Nor can you play against other players, at any rate.

Still, if you ask me, I would say live dealer poker will be the way to go moving forward. You will find a limited number of seats at tables by making poker games where an unlimited number of gamblers can play against a dealer. Still, these innovations will continue to evolve, improving the live dealer poker experience.

So you may not want to say goodbye to online Poker just yet, it will continue to reduce in popularity as time goes on. By the time VR becomes the major focus, you will see online Poker becoming a niche, rather than a proper competitor to live dealer poker as the scene is now.